Deciet - Episode 2

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Kiki's p.o.v
Let me fill you in on my background. my name Is Kiki and I live with my family at twenty six. I'm not the first child and definitely not the last but the rest were whisked off into marriage. That makes you wonder how many children are we?we're sixteen. After my dad died I had to work hard to take care of seven of my younger siblings. I multitasked . I work in one of the biggest companies as a receptionist and I also delivered coffee to the top bosses. Immediately work closed I went home to complete like five dresses cause I'm a seamstress. Then finally I'll cook dinner cause age isn't on mom's side and she has been recently having health issues. On that particular day I was feeling a serious headache and she was about to deliver the cup of coffee before taking a permission slip. My head was pounding and I was still struggling with balance and I didn't even notice this guy in front of me till I spilled the coffee on him. "oh my gosh I'm so sorry!"I apologized, holding myself from laughing instead. The look on his face was so priceless, whoever he was thought he was Mr perfect. He is actually cute and everything you'll desire but he's so  not my type I'm NOT I reapeat I'm NOT into Playboys.

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. "Do you know how much I bought this suit it costs you and your family put together!"he shouted angrily and my face broke into a frown

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. I could be poor and need money desperately but I'll definitely not stand anyone insulting my family. "Mr or whoever you think you are I already apologized for spilling the coffee so why do you have to bring my family into it... I'm warning you now I'm not very quiet if you try and call my family names I'll make you regret your existence!"I said angrily walking away. The look on his face was just priceless,he was as if he wanted to explode. His face could have been red and blown off if he was a cartoon. I walked away,I knew I was getting into trouble but what do I say I looove trouble.
*Jack's p.o.v*
I just couldn't believe I was just insulted by that poor thing,I was about going after her and giving her a piece of my mind when Dad scolded me"Where did you go to I've been looking all over for you?" I clenched my fists. I looked around if I could sight her but dad said"The meeting is about to begin let's go..." I followed dad cursing silently while adjusting my tie.
We entered the board room and the meeting began.
"... Before I'll go any further I'll like to introduce my son who'll soon be the managing director of this company..Jack come up here!"Dad ordered.
I cleared my throat and was about to begin my speech when my eyes came into contact with THE eyes. A file full of important papers fell and scattered all over the table but I stared at those eyes with intense hate and it was returned.. For ten minutes my gaze was not broken as all the anger of the years came coming back till dad woke me up from my reverie"Jack!"


20 Scholarships for African Students 2021-2022 (Apply Now)

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