Deciet - Episode 11

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Jack's p.o.v
"Dad what do you mean by competition?"I ask. "Well son... while you're occupying nothing bout that office another restaurant (Hillux)is claimed best ... and now were second best. Our Jackson's restaurant is loosing customers because of some celebrity that gave it a review. They said something about a new chef we have to find out thier secret and if possible change the chef to our side . I'll send you the address!" at that dad curt the call. Geez! I knew we also had a restaurant but the food was so great that we were second to none over mom's secret recipe. So who is that new chef and why does he/she have to come when I'm boss Arrgh I hate responsibilities. I checked my pocket,took my keys and left the premises.

Kiki's p.o.v
I smiled in awe as the second helping soon got finished when we went close for break. "Finally time to rest!" I thought as I reclined on the chair and closed my eyes. Suddenly I heard a voice, oh no! 
"Is she in?"
"of course she is" then that annoying giggle.
Kill me! I thought as Dolapo entered and told me "Your boyfriend is here!"it was more of a scowl than a word. How did Peter find out I work here? well word travels very fast

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. "Tell him that I'm sleeping"I frowned.

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. "Well that's not the truth and lying is bad,"Dolapo smirked. "Do whatever you want to but get him out of here!"I screamed. She sashayed out and I heard her say.
'Yes she doesn't want to see you!' 
I bit my lip how stupid could she get? at least Peter went away after all. I sighed in relief maybe it's time to get him a police restriction.

Jack's p.o.v
I drove angrily going to meet whoever I wanted to meet. What is the easiest way of finding out thier secret ingredient.... 
"Hi! I was wondering how  you cook so nice"
I hit my head hard too easy.
"Hi! I'm into ingredients myself.... What are some you use"
No too stupid I mused.
"hi! I'm no Plankton but what's your secret formula!"
Arrgh too fake. maybe i should tell him/her to work for me but how.
"You Excell at cooking... I have a branch that shall increase your knowledge".
No too fake.
"Come work for me. I'll pay you double"  too greedy.

I'll say whatever the holy spirit wants me to! I resolved and parked the car.  I entered"Welcome to Hillux hotel sir can I have your order?" I look up to see that same face. You'd gotta be killing me. She dropped her jotting note and pen in shock as we stared eye to eye.

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