Deciet - Episode 3


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Jack's p.o.v
...Till dad woke up me from my reverie"Jack!" I coughed and adjusted my tie. I forced a smile on my face but why would I be happy when my greatest enemy Peter was sitting before me, grinning from side to side. Why would dad hire such an asshole in this company when they are so many jobless people out there . Don't ask  me what Peter did to me cause I won't tell you ,we have a long history way back. "jack!"Dad said gruffly,"Why does this boy always seem to be lost in thought nowadays!"Dad wondered aloud. I coughed and smiled"Good evening guys!" 'Good evening boss"This voice belonged to one of the workers, she was very loud and also curling her hair and battering her lashes. "So like My dad said I'm soon going to take we'll work  hand in hand.. I don't like lazy assess and mistakes... any single mistake should get you out of here"I smiled. I looked around and that was when I found that crazy girl from earlier. Her face was full of worry and fear as she realized the situation before her. I chuckled,I know the perfect way for revenge. "Jack!"Dad called griffly yet again

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. "Before this meeting get adjourned do you think anyone should be given either a promotion or termination? From the few minutes you were wandering around I know you must have noticed one or two"Dad  asked. I smiled "As a matter of fact I have... you!"I said pointing to the lady earlier.

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. '
"you seem to be responsible.. she shall be the new personal assistant!"I smiled. I looked at her and she gave me the hell what are you doing look. 'That's  Nice..Kiki has been of our hardworking workers...Kiki you're officially the new P.A' Dad said. so Kiki was her name. "WHAT!"I turned round to see Kiki exclaiming in shock.

Kiki's p.o.v
Immediately his father said he was the hier I knew I was finished.  In that panicked driven state,I scattered some files and tried picking them muttering "Sorry!". I just have to go look for another part time job anyway .The way he was looking at me depicted hatred. I was just waiting for the order to leave when his father asked if he knew anyone to be terminated or promoted. I closed my eyes waiting to be called to leave when he said to me"You seem to be responsible you shall be the new personal assistant". This was madness and his father was agreeing to it  saying I was responsible. I held my head wondering how the tables had turned, unable to take it any longer I exclaimed in shock"WHAT!"while all eyes turned to look at me.

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