Deciet - Episode 10

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Peter's p.o.v
"Oh guy she really said that to you?" Cosmo asked in shock. 'As in she doesn't know how dangerous I can get... believe me I don't want to unleash the evil side In me' i replied. "So how is work and your new boss?"He asked further. "Exactly what I wanted to say... Cosmo. . Jack is the bosses son"I wispered as I looked around the bar. He's in town?Cosmo asked and I nodded. "Why didn't you tell me earlier what's if he's a threat!" Cosmo gasped. "Believe me he's not he's busy screwing an employee around and even if he becomes a threat we can always get rid of him!"I said quietly. 'That's my guy' he smiled as we raised our glasses for a toast "To life" We smiled, clicked the glasses and sipped our drinks.

Kiki's p.o.v
I sweated and waited anxiously as the food got ready. I served the first spoon  to taste and smiled satisfactorily. "Let me taste"Dolapo said pushing me away and tasting the food. She tasted it and declared"More spice" but I ignored her. I told them to serve the food and it was a problem to find customer but immediately a
lady came she intended to buy small quantity but I watched her with fear as she ate the rice finished it and ordered for more. She even uploaded on her Instagram page that she was having a great time at Hillux restaurant .Soon it was flocked with people  and everyone wanted to eat rice.

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. The food was getting finished I had to recook another rice. I don't know how the news people get alerted cause it turns out the lady is a celebrity who was going undercover. The newsmen took many pictures of me and declared our restaurant "The best in the new city". Many new people flocked in and I just smiled at the change and Dolapo was like that was how it was when she first came here. "She's lying .. she's jealous"Chacha wispered to me and I can't just say how much I love her.

Jack's p.o.v
I was at work snapping and staring at the workers. "Get to work and stop lazying around!"I shouted to the gateman. Gosh today was really bad and I was passing the effect to him. I was still shouting when I got a call from Dad. "Why are you just a fool... instead of lazying around...Get to work cause we have competition."


20 Scholarships for African Students 2021-2022 (Apply Now)

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