Deciet - Episode 35

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Kiki's p.ov
Jack came into the screen alright but his eyes wasn't the eyes I saw love... it was of fury. He was drinking alongside some men who had a strange mark on their wrists. The head of a python or something like it was inscribed permanently on it. I always wondered how Peter got this mark but he always seemed dangerous when I brought up this topic. "Is this real blood....."I heard Jack ask one of the men who nodded . "To be part of our great have to drink it and you will be protected." I closed my eyes as Jack drank the bowl. That means he was part of a very notorious brotherhood.. Jack isn't a good person... he's bad. I closed my eyes when the footage continued .. he was celebrating on his way home when he saw a girl who tried running when she saw him. "you're hot"Jack said as he wispered something else in her ear. I heard the girl, screaming for help but Jack and someone else the camera won't show... took advantage of her. I closed my eyes again. "Peter please I've watched enough for one night"I begged. He walked out of the doorway, laughed and switched off the television. "I really love you kiki... just give me a chance"he pleaded. The pain burning at my insides I wanted to scream at him that he was part of the brotherhood but I was speechless

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. My feet was dropping off and in that moment of silence I didn't notice anyone releasing my chains until I feel hard to the floor. "Kiki!"Peter screamed crying. "You're hurting yourself." I looked at my legs which was already bleeding by the fall,my body had put all it's weight on the wall and was taken unawares by that sudden release. I didn't seem to care if I was bleeding.... I want to cry... be hurt... that Jack who I have  unknowingly fell in love with is really cruel but now my body refuses to accept the truth. My heart is beating constantly because it can't contain it.... "Kiki..."Peter said as I felt lips brush against mine. He is taking advantage of me... I should scream... I should run... but I just feel numb...

Jack's p.o.v
"Mercy...."I gulped. "you really tried kicking me out and disgracing Me...who the heck do you think you are..."she said as she kicked me so hard I screamed. "Why did you come back.. you were fine in your bitchy country...."I muttered as I felt another kick, my eyes were beginning to see stars. "I came back for revenge...Jack..."She smiled and sat in one of the chairs. "What... ruined my life and separated me from my best friend...."I said. "Seems like you don't recognize Me... I'll go change clothes while Amaka here will tell a story....."Mercy said as she walked out. WHAT THE HECK WAS GOING ON.....
"It was a perfect night"Amaka began and I placed all my attention on her. "Her world was perfect... life was sweet.. what else would she think when the love of her life had just proposed to her...over all  the rich Girls... he chose her.  She had run out of the restaurant he had proposed, out of excitement. She wanted to poke herself in private to see if she was dreaming, Everything even the dirt on the road seemed beautiful as she night dreamed of how life would be perfect...with him at her side as her husband. Have the children of their dreams and raise them together. She was so preoccupied she didn't Know she had strayed away from her lover. She tried taking her steps back but since it was night time she missed a path. She was still trying to figure out how to leave when she saw two cult boys.. the first one eyed her as if she was a commodity on the shelf.. he held her hands and freely roving  his hands against her br*asts he wispered against her ears You're damn hot...he wispered..she sensed danger and tried screaming but he covered her mouth and pushed her against a tree....." I had heard enough "That was me... wasn't it.....the ist guy?"I asked, Amaka did not reply but continued"Because she was helpless... the best night of her life turned bitter as she was brutally r*ped and left bleeding by two men.."Amaka finished. I closed my eyes,what have i done I've wronged an innocent girl and destroyed her life. Just then the door swooshed open.

Alaine's p.o.v
"Ma please my brother's life 
is in danger"I pleaded. I sensed her resistance but she let me in. "Sit here"She motioned me to, behind the couch. "so tell me all you know and I'll add what you don't Know.."she said,but she sounded more like a programmed robot.  I told her everything and she smiled,a smile that didn't quite reach her eyes. "Your older sister is called Jacinta... she is...   she had health issues... your mother was worried it will have a poor effect to the millerson name so she took her to the pyschatrist home... but Jacinta was more of a burden and so your mom wanted to kill her.... as for Jack when he didn't see you... he entered a coma........."She was really talking fast and I wondered how she could breathe then i heard "It's enough." Emerging from  behind Mrs Morrison was no other than Dolapo holding a gun. "You didn't think... I was actually stupid...."She chuckled at me. "i didn't suspect you until this morning.... you must have followed me outside because they is no way meow can make that noise. I entered the room doubting.. and I saw you sleeping when I left you were sleeping at the left side bed but when I came you were at the right side bed and there is no way... you can roll from one bed to another... so I watched you from the bathroom hole and when you thought no one was looking you opened one eye... looked around and opened both. I was cooking indomie but I told the same maid I commanded to tell you where mrs Millerson stays. He told me you destroyed my car tyres....I had to be smart and pleaded Oblivion. so I came before you and claimed to be you.... don't look at me you sleep talk... she told me everything and the truth dies with me"Dolapo said as she shot mrs Millerson at the chest thrice and walked away. "Auntieeee!!"I screamed as i ran to her holding her hands. "Jack.... Jack...."She breathed. "Ma please save your strength...we need to take you to the hospital.."I begged tears going out of my eyes. "Jack....."She protested breathing rapidly. "Jack is..."She said and went numb. "Mom...."A young girl in the doorway screamed as she dropped the paper bags of oranges. "It's not what you think....."I pleaded. "she was fine when I left what have you done to my mom......."She screamed

Shiela's p.o.v
(Guys we will use the literary power of flashback....)
she was listening to music on her headphone but in as much as she tried to hide it, a smile was glistened on her face. I dropped the story book I was reading and looked at her eyes. "Sharon...go on... you have been smiling all day.... what's his name"I smiled. "What's wrong with you... there's no one...."she frowned. She continued pressing her phone. But she continued laughing at intervals, I looked at her with one brows raised. I'm curious... I must find out I thought as I sneaked behind her and snatched the phone. "Give me my phone...."She ordered running after me. "Come and get it!"I stuck my tongue at her as I ran to the kitchen, she tried catching me but I hid behind mom. "Girls... what's going on..."mom asked "She's with my phone..."Sharon reported. "Shiela... give your older sister her phone....."mom drawled."In a minute mom"I screamed as I ran out the kitchen. "I'll break you into pieces if I don't get my phone...."She screamed dramatically,I giggled. I looked at the message just as she took the phone back. "There's no one..."I asked with brows raised. She didn't reply but laughed as she looked at her phone. "YOU'RE SO PRETTY...I HEART.... you....."I drawled dramatically as she threw a pillow at my face. "I hate you...."She screamed. "Yet.. your cheeks is red.. you're blushing...."I taunted. "MOM...."she screamed. I laughed, looking for her trouble was heaven.

Next two weeks
She came into the house humming...."So what did he do to make you smile..."I asked. "Shiela if you have witch... you better confess"She said. "Tell me jare"I said as I looked at her. "We're official..... "She showed me her ring. I screamed, she laughed. "What's going on... do you girls want to tear down this house..."mom scolded. Sharon showed her her ring. "you're official..."mom screamed as she hugged her. She was the best single mom in the world and It was the best family in the world as we all hugged.

*A month later*
"when the crowd roars on... I bring on the thunder...cause you got my back and I'm not going under... you're my girl.." I looked at Sharon as I sang our favorite Austin and Ally series... my voice was the only revolting voice in the house. Meanwhile.. if she was singing... she would have pulled down the walls. "What's wrong..... he has cheated on you?"I asked as I held her swollen face and a tear fell down her cheeks.  "Oh my gosh are you crying... I'll kill that bastard..."I held her close to my chest. She cried more. Finally she said"I found out he's.... he's a notorious criminal... I don't care... Shiela I love him.. I'll change him... I'll let him see that what he's doing is wrong and that he should surrender.."She sobbed weakly.  "Shiela don't go anywhere..."I begged"You'll see someone else you love...."I said as I cuddled her till she slept and I carefully carried her to the bed. When I went to check the room later she was not in sight, she had gone to meet that bastard. I looked at the clock, slept in the couch, waited but alas she never returned.... her dead body was found 6 days later in the bush. He had killed my only sibling and I swear to get revenge no matter long it takes... even if it costs my life.

He looked at the figure standing before him as  copius tears fell from his eyes. No! he wiped his tears. He was not growing weak... he was still heartless this person standing  before him was a family figure but that was before he was betrayed. It's true when they say the one you love hurts you the most.

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. "I gave you everything... I gave you my love... i thought you were actually by my side but you want to implicate me... I gave you a fucking life well I'm sorry but I definitely do not condone betrayers. Saga finish him!" he roared. The tied figure pleaded and screamed for help but I closed my eyes as I did exactly what my boss told me to do ... threeee four shots in the heart and the betraying friend was lying dead in the floor. I shut my eyes as I walked out of the room. In this business there's no room for sympathy.....


This is where confusion comes in... don't worry guys I'll do my ceremonial explain the story from d beginning till naw..but Biko I not trying enough... I need encouragement ba

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    Good work but so many characters which I can remember them again
  • Kind picture
    Good work but so many characters which I can remember them again
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    Can't remember again
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    That's why.... I'll explain frm d beginning..till naw
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