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N-Power 2020 Registration (Batch C) - How you can apply

Kiki's p.o.v

"I've had enough of you guys bossing me...."He yelled picking up the gun and telling Peter "You craw   l over here......" Peter tried talking but got shut up by a shot fired at his hand. He looked at his goon in disbelief. "Now crawl over here and stop stalling....."His goon said. Peter Immediately..crawled trying to nurse his bleeding hand
N-Power 2020 Registration (Batch C) - How you can apply

. "All my life ... you have been bossing me around...not any more!Not any more! Naw I want you roll on the floor roll!"he screamed. Peter immediately started rolling...I closed my eyes in fear... my heart beating intently....Oh God ..I don't want to die now... I begged in my heart. "You've been blackmailing me all my life...not any more..."He said putting his feet on top of Peter's crouched form. Peter looked at him glaringly... irritated he used the butt of his gun to hit his head. "Face the ground...."He ordered and Peter obeyed. "So this is how power feels like...I always wanted to kill you after raping my sister but you black mailed us with the videos... now I want you to beg....beg!"John screamed as if deranged. "P...PL...please"Peter mumbled. "I can't hear you"John screamed

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. "Please"He said louder. "Still can't hear...can you?"John asked me. I nodded no in fear. "Please don't kill me"Peter said feels good to see the devil looking so helpless.... "So who's boss around here"John chuckled placing his other feet on his body. "Me?"Peter said. "Wrong answer!!"John said and shot his head. "Who's the looser"He asked. "Me"Peter weakly said. "Wrong answer!"John said and shot again. I looked at Peter's lifeless body...I wanted to cry and scream ..i felt so weak. "And you?"John snapped. "Do you want to die too...Get going Juliet." I nodded and managing to gather my strength ran out. I ran very fast expecting to be stopped by another goon but no one even looked at me. I ran street after street .... I wanted to cross the road when I saw a car coming too late....I closed my eyes... waiting in defeat when someone pulled me away.
" wanted to commit suicide...I've been looking all over for you.."Alfredo said looking into my eyes. I whimpered and then I saw it...The gun in his pocket and his wink... I've somehow gotten myself in another trouble.......................


***Jack's p.o.v
Mercy looked at me and Anderson and holding her deep breath started pulling me up! "You're helping him ....I'm your lover"Anderson growled. "Take my hand"Mercy said. I looked down the building at the cars and gulped. "It will be okay..... just give me  your hand"She said. I nodded...and threw up. "Such a baby"Anderson rolled his eyes. "I have acrophobia"I muttered closing my eyes and removing one hand. I almost fell but held on tightly with the other hand. "Give me your hand...."Mercy said. I tried raising it up...but she couldn't reach. "You Know what..I'm coming there..."She said pulling her slippers and moving to the very she could pull me up...I looked at this fearless woman...who pulled me up and I breathed... looking at the building and threw up again. "Now your hand ..."Mercy said to  Anderson. "What!"Both of us said in shock. "he's the villian I know but everyone deserves a second chance...Now give me your hand..."She said. Anderson raised his hands and she started pulling him up. "I'm such a terrible soul...I...I...killed someone and you're saving me..."Anderson said. "You know what guys...I lied... my boyfriend told me something else before..he Happy... find someone new... and in the course of our revenge I've developed feelings I can't let go..."Mercy said holding on to his hand. "I...I... love you"Anderson said and I mentally rolled my eyes. "I don't know why...But I know you're a good person...Andy...I love you too"She said and pulled him up... "Groose".....I said watching the lovers kiss. I heard my phone vibrating. "Hey Anderson where's my phone?"I asked. "Table"He said. I nodded moving closer to it and picked it up a video call from an unknown number in WhatsApp. I answered it.
"Hey howdyyyyyyy!!! "I recognized the rat face and voice anywhere ..Alfredo! "I got Kiki.."He waved the phone and I could see her unconscious form on the floor. "Kiki!!"I screamed. "Come and get her!"he sticked his tongue out. "Where?"I asked and he Curt the call. "I Know where...I recognize that building anywhere..."Anderson said and I realized he was right behind me. "Are you sure"I breathed. "I'm on YOUR SIDE And I swear with my life!"he said. "Stop stalling and let's go beat some Amateurs"Mercy winked. I looked at her right now and can I say I love this woman!!!! 


Alaine's p.o.v
"Someone is trying to kill us..."I coughed as she tried Jamming it against the door. "It's all for Jack....I... need to tell you something. Jack... Something terrible happened when you went and dad took him to a doctor and ensured he lost his memory...they bleached him to a new form and got rid of any of his or your photo... Jack is Jack and Mrs evil...she wanted  him because Jack is not her son... we are not her children.....Mrs Morrison had an affair with Dad and first had me...but I was mental and so Mrs Divine wanted me dead. Same with you....She thought Jack was hers because she had a son when Jack was born... but the babies were Mrs Millerson is our mom... and mom's real baby is Alfredo! I found out about him recently. Mrs Millerson was gonna kidnap would black mail Dad's property... she's evill...she doesn't care if her son Dies in the process"She coughed. "Why are you telling me all this..."I cried.

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. "You Know when you shot me...I had a hole in my heart and with all this smoke..I'm not gonna survive...."She coughed. I looked at the smoke and asked her. "What about the" 
" yes!"  she said smiling. "You can still make it...the address is.... The uncompleted buliding in Adheta..."She breathed. "I can't leave you..."I said as the fire entered the room. "It's too late"She said,her eyes rolled and she went stiff. "Sister!"I coughed and looking at the fire....I ran out the room through the the stairs...I ran so fast...I didn't stop breathing till I was out. "There's a fire in the building so how did you get out.."One of the news  casters shoved her microphone in my face. "There's a fire and my sister is dying in there...get the fire truck..."I screamed and stopped a taxi."Uncompleted building in Adheta...."I wispered...he nodded and I entered. Revenge...I swear...I'm going to get Revenge..for my sister....for Jack...for everyone!!!!!!!

one more episode to go
I will miss you guys and this story Sha

lemme not post for a while and put suspense....(Winks)


N-Power 2020 Registration (Batch C) - How you can apply

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