Deciet - Episode 16

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Kiki's p.o.v
The anger surging through  my veins was dominant."I don't care who you are or what you're capable of all I care is that I'm not interested in this marriage arrangement and if you dare to call this number again I will give you a piece of my mind". I concluded as I curt the call. Remind me to save the number so I wouldn't pick if he calls back . I was still resting when my phone rang again. I didn't bother to look at the caller identity I just screamed " I thought I told you not to call this line again". 'Babe are you all right'that was the voice of Isoken my best friend. "right now my mind is a jungle of emotions I don't know what's right and what's wrong anymore"I sighed. 'I expected that leaving with more than a basketball team I wonder how you will do it 'She sighed. "Isoken that's not even my problem now. I lost my job, my former boss is disturbing my life...Peter is there..and now my parents introduce a stupid man that's my fulture husband!"I screamed. 'Take it easy ehemm... this fulture husband is he very cute?'Isoken asked and I hissed in reply. "I am telling you of my problems ..Isoken must ask if the guy is hot, cute or has six-packs!"I groaned. 'So does he?'she asked stubbornly."I didn't notice talk to you later....."I smiled 'Dont you dare' She warned but I curt the call and fell on to the bed sighing in relief.

Jack's p.o.v
The next morning I woke up early and decided to go to where she works so I can have a better chance of meeting her in a good mood

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. I sat down looking around anxiously, but she wasn't forthcoming. She would really be late I concluded as a cute lady came to take my order. "Sir what do you want to order?"She asks smiling. I assessed her well,it's the time to do the charm."Wow such a beautiful voice and what's the name?"I ask smiling. "It's chacha"she blushed. I groaned inwardly,too easy. "so chacha... what do you think I should order I'm new here"I give the killer smile. "Oh" She seemed taken aback that I'll ask for her opinion"Our Jollof rice is sweet!"she smiled. I smiled,more of expensive... Have you looked at the menu a plate of food 26k I wonder how much they pay Kiki and if I can really be able to pay higher. "The rice is bound to be sweet when you have a new cook"I chipped in. "Poor Kiki... she didn't even last a day so Jollof rice it is"She said walking away. What does she mean by last a day here. I need answers to questions in my heart.

unknown p.o.v
"So what proof exactly?"I ask quietly again. 'I have made the boss to unknowingly admit to his crimes but the camera is a necklace I had to throw away.. Boss wanted to see the necklace so I threw it down the cliff by accident. You need to get that necklace.. before he does"he concluded. "How long?"I ask."I threw the necklace a year ago"he said.

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. I felt it,I know the action that will happen next cause I watch a lot of movies so I pushed him out of the way as he narrowly missed a shot.

Anderson's p.o.v
Fucker! I swore under my breath as she came out of the house. No one messes with me and goes Scot free..I started my engine as i followed her slowly. she's probably in no hurry to get wherever she's going to. she turns and I turn the car as if I want to revise but continued following her at a slower pace. She's not certainly dumb when she noticed my car was at her trail she started running fast and I had to drive with speed to catch up with her. She slipped and fell. I did a rough park and bundled her In the car before driving off.
"Let me go!"she screamed fighting me hard and biting my hands. "Fuck!"I screamed as I parked the car. She tried to open but the door were locked by me. I brought out a syringe and said"Look at the packet very well and master it's name cause once I give you an injection you'll become addicted for life". She struggled hard but couldn't leave my grip as I pushed the syringe closer to her skin till it pierced it and she screamed"Aaaaah!"


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