Deciet - Episode 32


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UNKNOWN p.o.v (Associated with Jeff) 
I discarded the ash tray and looked at the room suspiciously. Shiela hurt and bounded with chains was still struggling. Picking up the glass of whiskey  I drank it down to the last drop and put the glass down.
"Shiela I've been humiliated... hurt and disgraced and I want revenge...."I said staring at her . She mumbled some incoherent words..."Oh how must have I forgotten...I tied your mouth too"I said as she gave me the look of hate she could muster. I walked to her and forcefully removed the covering. "Owwwwwwwwwwww...."She screamed. "So shiela what should I do?"I ask her. "First of all stop being an idiot.... you have killed everyone that trusted you...You killed Job.....Jeff and his family and my twin.... and now you want to kill someone else.... you're lucky I'm restricted.... I'll ruin you.... I swear I f*cking hate you"She shrieked angrily. I smiled satisfactorily as I brought out a knife and smeared it on her kneck. "Alfredo what are you doing?"She asked hesistantly.  "I want you to help me find revenge. .... if not I'll chop off your head"She saw the look in my eyes and whimpered. "Ok..

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. Darling... I'll help you get revenge just put the knife away"She begged. I smiled throwing the knife away looking out the window"We strike tonight"
My name is Alfredo or as Kiki knew me before....Kroger.... I want her badly and if Jack or anyone is getting in way...... they're so dead .

Kiki's p.o.v
I cried as I narrated my ordeal to Peter. "You mean... you know exactly where Jack is and Anderson a.k.a miracle wants to force you to marry him.... Kiki you are not really safe.. I need yo get you home"he said as he drove faster. He gave me some crackers and Juice and I took it afterwards i slept. I had a bad nightmare and i screamed waking up. The car was parked and Peter was not in sight. We were in the middle of nowhere. Let me rest.... perpharps Peter decided to ease himself. I yawned again, geez I must have been sleeping for long because I feel sore. I saw the pack of something coming out and decided to place it properly. The bottle caught me fancy because it was designed colourfully. I decided to take a closer look when i saw the words"SLEEPING DRUGS.... EFFICIENT FOR UP TO 24 HOURS.... FASTEST WORKING PILL." I remembered how Peter had insisted I sip every single drop of the juice. He had other intentions.... I had not finished the juice but hid it under my chair because I was tired. Opening the container,I sniffed it. It had this strong smell, fishing out my bottle I sniffed it. Peter had added little quantity so I would not suspect a thing. What am I going to do? I tried opening the door but it was locked from outside, then my leg kicked against something. I squinted and picked up the familiar object,this was Kira's hair packer. I had no doubt, it was first mine and nothing that old would have exactly this make today. The crack was even there,I remember throwing it angrily against the floor and how it broke. Mom had to refix it to get peace of mind. Peter is very dangerous...what do I do? I bit my lip as I heard rustle among the bushes. I immediately closed my eyes pretending to sleep. I heard the door open as I felt a finger above my chest. JESUS!IS HE TRYING TO R*PE ME?WHAT DO I DO. "Ateewweee!"I sneezed as my eyes flickered open. Don't blame me,you can't control these things. I yawned and pretended to sleep but Peter's voice said"Kiki I've been watching you for some minutes.... I know you are not sleepy do wake up!"It was more of a snarl. What should I do because I'm too scared to open my eyes.......

JACK'S p.o.v
The sun Shone through the beams of my roof,a sharp yet beautiful light that Shone through the pupils of my eyes as it flickered open. I closed it again... too bright. I finally opened my eyes, yawning and looking around me. Gosh.... it's morning I must have slept off. Then I looked around the room and saw Mercy sleeping around me, her hands encircled her bosom. "No no no!"I screamed realizing I was undressed as I rushed to wear my boxer. "Morning Sweetie..."I heard a voice as I turned to see Mercy smirking. Oh my gosh.... How would I face Kiki?How would I forgive myself...I looked at Mercy disgust and hatred seeping in."Get away from me you filth"I screamed as she got up from the bed moving closer. "I wasn't Filth when you took control yesterday night...."She said starting to twerk. If it was the old me or any man they would be affected but I just pushed her away in anger. She fell flat on her face and I stared at  her with hate. "Jack..."She breathed. "Get out before I'll do something I'll regret...."I warned. "What has come over you"She gaped at me. "Please cover your br*asts....They don't affect me anymore.... and I'm in love... It will be hard for you to understand... since you're a desperate wh*re but I love this girl so much.... My Kiki and I'll kill for her. You have come over me and Anderson so don't get me angry..... just leave"I screamed. She tried gathering her things but then I pushed her again, she took her bag leaving her phone wearing one heel when I dragged her out and throw her out of the room. "Here are your things.... don't ever come back"I warned throwing her iPhone x on the floor and I don't care if the screen is broken. I slammed the door, went inside and threw her remaining heel and right now I don't care if she's injured in the process. "Jack..."she cried. I threw her pant at her saying"I knew something was smelling in here please wash it  properly before you give us Corona virus..." Many people were coming out of their rooms, videoing everything.... but I don't care. Mercy was disgraced as she tried getting up,I walked up to her saying"Didn't I tell you to leave?" My grip was so strong in her hair. She tried to pull it away and kpraaaa we heard her hair torn,the one she had used bond on. She was hairless... I watched her cry as more hatred burned in me.  I walked away from the crowd, trying to calm down when I bumped into a lady. "Could you please help me to zip my dress?"She asked. I muttered trying to zip it when  the zip came apart and her dress came down,she was not wearing anything and i gulped when she pushed me on top of her and screamed"R*pe...R*pe!" I tried getting up when I noticed a mob of angry crowd approaching.

 Dolapo's p.o.v
I entered the room, turning on the lights. It was empty..Thank God Alaine didn't find it... I looked around again when I noticed a hair flicking out"Who's there!"I screamed picking up a knife from the table, i moved closer my eyes on the target when I heard a cough. "Dolapo"Mom breathed. "Mom in a minute..."I said but I heard more strong cough and muttered under my breath as I turned away, dropped the knife and walked out of the room. 

*Alaine's p.o.v*
I breathed a sigh of relief as Dolapo walked away. I heard her coming and tried to hide in between the walls but I guess my long hair giving me away. "Thank you almighty..."I breathed as I got up doing the cross sign. I shuddered at the sight of the room. It included people who had wronged Dolapo and her plans to assinate them. Her latest plan was of a fair man as I turned closer to look at his name I saw a letter J. I heard Dolapo saying"So mom I can leave now"I immediately ran out of the room entering the next room before she opened the door. "Ahaaaa... got you" I  hear her say as I imagined she bent down but didn't see a soul and cursed under her breath locking the room. I let her leave before crawling to the room.

*Dolapo's p.o.v
I saw Alaine enter the room and ask"Where are you coming from?" She looks at me and fidgets. "Hm.... I went to...

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. The bathroom.... yes i went to the bathroom"She smiles. "There was one right on this room...."I say with eyebrows raised. "There was.... oh no... I would have saved myself...I wouldn't have to climb those stairs....that long way just to get... get to... to... the bathroom"She sighed. Alaine was always a terrible liar I watched her as she laid on the bed and closed her eyes. She's hiding something and I'm going to find out even if it's the last thing I do.....

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