Deciet - Episode 24

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Divine's p.o.v
I heard the shot alright but I couldn't feel life seeping out of me. I opened my eyes then i saw Jacinta bleeding cursing heavily under her breath. I ran to my husband who just made an hero entry and sobbed in fear. "You! You're still hurting me after everything I went through!" Jacinta screamed bringing out two more guns from her pocket . "drop down the guns and let's negotiate like normal humans!"Charles said. "Negotiate so you know how to  negotiate? You abadoned me for twenty six fucking years because I was abnormal .. you think I don't know?" She yelled at Charles who fell back on his feet. "Honey!"I ran to help him."Just so you know before coming here I alerted the police in case you'll do something stupid and they are on their way!"Charles gritted under his teeth. "Gives me less time to kill you doesn't it chacha..."she said and I saw her aim too late as she shot the chandelier just above us. I held Charles and we tried running away but the force of the falling weight left us crashing down..........

KIKI'S p.o.v
"Dosage I'm addicted..... cocaine!"I screamed rolling on the floor

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. "Cocaine!"Jack screamed as realization hit his face. "That bastard injected you didn't he?"Jack asked his fits folded in anger.   "Yes!"I nodded and he moved as if going towards the door. "Where are you going to?"I screamed my insides churning. "Fight that bastard!"he said walking away. "I'm dyinnnng!"I screamed. "Here!"he ran to the fridge nervously"Have milk! take some fibre!"Jack really seemed confused. I drank the whole can of milk and threw up on Jack's shoes."Grooose!"he screamed in disgust. I felt like crying instead I laughed."Hehehehehe hehe !"I laughed as he ran to pull his shoes. I threw up more on the floor.  "I don't feel so good.... I think I'm gonna see those chocolate again!"I ran to the bathroom. This is what cocaine has made my life_a pretty mess.

Peter's p.o.v
I looked at the little princess sleeping dried tears mark on her face and that frightened face. I didn't get half as satisfied as I thought I would ...I need kiki.I called her phone but again she wouldn't pick. I'm also frustrated... because I can't get through to jack our ultimate sacrifice. I looked at the sleeping princess.... sorry I'll do this  one more time I have this  Lethal sexual appetite.

Jeff's p.o.v
I got the missing piece and immediately I put it on the puzzle the door came wide open. "Wooow!"I looked around at the place full of diamond. I saw a camera and started replaying everything when the boss  was willingly admitting to his crime. perfect! I put the camera in my pocket and ran out because the door was slowly closing. I ran out the cave breathing heavily. What an experience for life! Fresh air no more cave!"Frrreeeeedom!"u screamed in delight. I stumbled on a huge writing cursing under my breath but the reflecting moon showed me the message alright. "IF YOU WANT TO SEE YOUR MOTHER OR SISTER AGAIN...... DESTROY THAT EVIDENCE!" Damn.... mom... Alero.  They knew I was on to something.   What do I do? What do I do?

Dolapo's p.o.v (You haven't forgotten about me have u)
That man just walked into the restaurant and threatened to fire me. He doesn't know who I am ! I Puff in more smoke as I call "Simon!" "Yes ma"He answered. "Sit!"I said. He sat.

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. I puffed in some spoke and realeased it. "I want you to find out every single thing! you can about Jack millerson..... his childhood! where he came from?What he does  for fun?His friends his enemies And everything.... He messed with the wrong soul!"I screamed. "Ok ma!"he said writing it down. "Now get out and shut the door behind you!"I scream. He ran out sulking, yes Jack wouldn't know what hit him.

Kira's mom p.o.v
"I've been telling you that my daughter's are missing!!!"I screamed angrily at the distraught policeman. "Madam I have told you to go and come twenty four hours time"he said irritated. "This is a pandemic season just note! if anything happens to my Kiki  and Kira I'll ruin you!"I screamed holding his shirt, tears cascanding down my cheeks. "Security!"he called as two men ran inside. "Leave me I'll leave but threat!"I said walking away in anger. 

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