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Alaine's p o.v
I looked at Jacinta.... anxiously I didn't just kill my blood sister... what to do? what to do? I panicked, screaming running out of the room. I need to get away from here...far away what was I thinking? I just committed murder. "Taxi!"I called as the car came abruptly to a stop."A.k. avenue...."I said immediately I entered . The driver nodded and drove off. I was still thinking on the way" do I find him and tell him Jacinta killed mom and I killed her arrrgh!!!what did you get into"I thought. The driver horned twice to bring me back to reality"Madam we do reach!"he said and i alighted. "Take"I said giving him a one thousand naira note. I did not bother waiting for my change as I rang the doorbell and Mrs Nwamaka opened the door beaming. "Isi!"she yelled excitedly. "It's Alaine ma"I said. "Did you change your name? anyway don't mind me come In"she said opening the door and as I was still looking around she called "Dolapo!" "What!"I heard a angry scrowl coming from the room. "Alaine is here"she yelled. I saw Dolapo coming down thinking it was one of her other friends..called Alaine but she stopped shock at the sight of Me and hugged me tight. "Isi!!!"she screamed opening the door excitedly"Please do come Moommy you left  her to stand outside?"Dolapo queried and I concluded that she was not respectful at all.."Don't mind me.....I told her to come in but she was just admiring the house..."her mom laughed

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. "Isi this one you came to visit me .....we must throw party oh....infact what do you want?you must take something....."Dolapo coaxed. "Fanta"I laughed. "Fanta baby ..... you have not yet changed"She laughed getting up to go to the fridge. Dolapo had grown up to be extremely beautiful and sexy.... at her kind of age I wondered why she would not be married and no relationship ring...."Take"Dolapo interrupted giving me beer. "Ah.....I don't drink oo ..."i said. "THERE'S no Fanta in this house....Fanta is for babies..."Dolapo jeered. "Let me leave.... you girls to gist"her mom said getting up and leaving. "Ok now that mom is out of can trust me what's amiss?"Dolapo asked.

Jack's p.o.v
i looked at Kiki as she woke up anxiously screaming"Peter don't do this....." she seemed very tensed and worried, what exactly was she dreaming about. "KIKI it's me Jack are you okay?"i asked as she nodded staring into space. "Kiki talk to me!"i shaked her. "I'm okay"She wispered,gosh she was weak. Just then her stomach rumbled confirming my suspicions she was hungry. "Don't worry Kiki....I'm going to get you something to eat"i promise. She looked around and raised her brows"In this forest?" i smiled. "Do you love fishing....cause we're going on a trip"i yelled,she tried to get up,i supported her and we walked slowly to the river. "You seem to know your way around...."she notes. "Ya ....i grew up around here"i said as we got to the river banks. "Wooooooah!"she screamed running about excitedly,the Smiling moon reflected amazingly on her face bringing out that beauty. The water gurgled,the Crickets chirped a melodious tune as the owls hooted in support. The night was perfect. "Excuse me!"I said removing the band tying her hair. "There now you're all beautiful...."I said as a flush escaped her cheeks..... Did she just blush?Did she look at me the way I looked at her?Oh Kiki I need answers to these questions turning and churning inside me.

Kiki's p.o.v
THIS was so perfect as I looked In Jack's eyes I saw a reflection of what I want to believe the way he looked at me as I ran screaming childishly in the beach. Yes I'm childish but I love it..."Excuse me"he said as he moved closer,I closed my eyes in fear but He tore the rubber band holding my hair. Does he know how many hours it took me to arrange that neat hair in the band."There now you're all beautiful"he said,did I just blush. I looked away trying to avoid his gaze because now my heart is pounding nonstop. I want to scream out the words I'm still trying to I saw Jack towing a boat towards me with two paddles. "We aren't going to go exactly deep right?"I ask biting my lip. "Are you scared?you can just hold my hands!"Jack offered and I nodded as we entered the little boat as I picked up a paddling stick and tried paddling. "Kiki......You paddle the other way!"Jack said trying to hide his laughter. "Ohhhh..."I said trying to hide my embarrassment as I paddled left to right,he also paddled the same way. We stopped at the middle, I'm so exhausted my eyes are starting to droop. Jack releases the fish hook down the river. "Don't you need something as bait?"I asked,"A can of worms ...right down"Jack smiled. Again I was feeling what I was trying to avoid I couldn't even look him In the eyes.  I sneaked a look at that moment he looked at me and I averted my gaze. GOSH WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME TODAY....I bit my lips nervously as I saw him doing the same,his eyes looking at mine. We kept on looking at each other till he decided to look away. Dissapiontment flushed my cheeks as I tried to hide the blinking tears. Suddenly I heard a loud crash. What's that?I screamed."It caught a fish!"He screamed excitedly trying to steady his net,the way he was rolling his net up,he was so funny. His teeth was gritted in determination as he fell and got up determined to catch that fish. Finally when we saw the so_called fish causing the trouble I started laughing again...... It was so Tiny and little wonders such a small fish could give the Almighty Jack Miller a trouble. Jack cursed silently as he released the fish from the hook and threw it in the river. 
He caught a bigger fish the next time,it was so big and i was scared"Jack get it away from me!"I yelled as he held the fish from the neck and pointed it at my face. He stopped kidding and we paddled to the river banks. "Jack I'll kill you!"I said running after him.

Jack's p.o.v
"You have to catch me first!"I stuck out my tongue playfully as she ran after me. I let her get close to me and then stylishly turn before she can catch me. She stopped running breathing fast "Are you okay?"I ask concerned. "Gotcha!"she said holding me and she slipped on a stone and we fell on top of each other. The wind took our sorrows away, refreshing she was smiling and I was breathing hard. This was just like all those Zee world films when an invisible song will be playing in the background and the hero and heroine will stare into each other eyes for hours. I didn't want it to end for once I want my life to be simple, revolved around this child woman. We continued looking at each other till Kiki got up akwardly"Hmmmn let's make that roasted fish...."she said and I nodded. We got to the boat and saw the fish was wriggling his way to the river."Oh no you don't!"I said raising it up and we got to the river banks. Kiki gathered some woods, while I picked up two stones and tried jamming them together. "What are you trying to do?"her brows was raised. "make a fire"I said. She broke out laughing halariously"Haa haa hoo C'mon Jack that fire stones doesnt work with stones it's a myth"she said. I ignored her, trying to hit the two stones together suddenly a spark. "Fi....Did you see that.... it was a fire. ...."she screamed excitedly. I nodded and hitting it hard again, no response. I used my strength and clashed two stones together and suddenly "Fire....."She screamed excitedly, someone was having fun. I opened the fish and removed it's gills and washed it in the ocean sharing it into two equal parts,I put it in sticks and gave Kiki one. "Hope you love roasted fish.... cause it's dinner.. "I said. She laughed and put her fish in the fire"this is just so crazy." She shifted,I did,we were so close now she rested her head in my shoulders...we took warmth in comforting each other in the perfect night having roasted  fish for dinner.

UNKNOWN p.o.v(I repeat this is not Jeff....

Read " Fell In Love With A Bad Boy " by the same author ( Lo is )

. This is a new character)
I got down from the plane exhausted.Arrrgh....all those terrible airlines.... Nigeria has not yet upgraded....the first class lounge was for beggars... I looked at my nails angrily. This nails I painstakingly fixed yesterday worth 100 dollars is looking like crap. I guess I have to fix a new one. I looked at one of the airport attendants as I threw him my bag"Don't steal a thing in there everything over millions....."I warned as I came down. Yes this stupid Nigerians stopped whatever they were doing and stared at me mouth wide open. Yes!This bitch is back!!!
I'm fair,with pink hairs,pierced nose and lips rings,my heels.... and my hot gown which showed my cleavages. Yes I'm gonna strut that ass and Boob that momma gave to me.......
"The bitch is back for revenge ........."

The story is getting hotter while Jack and Kiki is falling in love my favourite bitch is back for some dramaaaa. That's my Drama baby.
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    Still with you Lo is Well-done
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    TNks Dolapo.... take a seat the ride is getting bumpy....
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