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 I pace around the motel room waiting for Jessica to show up. I'd tried calling Watson to no avail. I hate this feeling of not being able to do anything. But not for long I hope. I'd made sure to get everyone out of the motel including Amaya's friend and Michelle. Michelle had insisted on staying with me but I can't risk her and her baby. I'd managed to convince her by asking her to help bring the police as soon as possible
N-Power 2020 Registration (Batch C) - How you can apply

. I can't really depend on the cops but anything to get Michelle away from Jessica. The hole in my thigh and the angry welt around my wrist is testimony of how crazy Jessica has become. I can't believe she handcuffed me to the damn sofa! The pain I had to go through to pull that sofa with just my wrist, just to get to the keys she casually threw to taunt me.
 I almost broke my wrist getting that key but the thought of what Amaya could be going through was inspiration enough. To think Jessica wasn't even here yet. This is where the tides turn in my favour. God please. Protect her.
  I take a steadying breath and walk back to the window to check for any sign of Jessica. I see my car coming in the distance and adrenaline rush to my brain.
  I'm barely able to stop myself from running downstairs to get my woman. Barely

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. Instead, I move away from the window and pull the gun I'd purchased days ago. It wasn't what I was used to but it would have to do. I have the element of surprise on my side.
   With thickening anxiousness, I wait behind the door and count the seconds it takes to wait. Tick tock tick tock tick tock. I hear nothing. Not even footsteps. I resist the urge to check out the window again. I can't have her spot me. She has to think I'm still struggling with her cuffs at the cabin. I chew hard on my already chapped lips.
"Get the fuck up!" The deafening silence is slashed through by the sudden yell from downstairs. Jessica! I find myself holding my breath. Just to catch any more noise. I tiptoe to the door and press my ear to it.
"My baby. It hurts." My eyes bulge out. Amaya! She sounds like she's in pain.
"Fuck the plan!" I grind out and pull the door open. It creaks no matter how carefully I try to open it. I ignore the silent creak and dash out. Amaya!
 My eyes harden at the sight of Amaya sprawled on the floor. She's writhing like in pain. I hesitate at the top of the stairs. If I take one more step, Jessica will surely spot me. I should just shoot her from here but she's too close to Amaya. I could hit her instead. My blood runs cold when I see the gun in Jessica's hand. No!
"Get the fuck up. I'--"
"Put your fucking hands up, Jessica!" I interrupt her angry outburst. Both women's eyes fly up to me. Amaya's show relief then panic. 
"Rory!" She yells and before I can do anything, she's up on her feet and dashing towards me. I find myself running towards her as well. More like limping. I swallow the pain in my thigh and run for her.
"Stop!" A gunshot into the air stops both of us in our track. My heart jumps into my mouth when the slimy bitch grabs Amaya and pull her to her chest.
"No!!" I yell and dash for Amaya's hand.
"Don't you fucking move." Jessica spit from behind her. Her unsteady eyes move from me to Amaya. She put a hand across Amaya's neck with her gun pressed to Amaya's gullet. I gulp down painful air.
"It's over Jessica." I point my gun at her. Amaya visibly shake in her hold. I lose my mind a thousand times at the tears falling down her cheeks.
"Its over?!" Jessica bursts into hysterical laughter.
"Please Jessica. Drop your gun. Please."
"I should? I'd rather put a few bullets in her first." She shrugs casually while Amaya whimpers.
"Rory" she sobs out.
"Don't do this, Jessica. Isn't this enough? Haven't enough blood been spilt already? Just let us go and you can have your life back. I won't hunt you down. I promise."
"You promise? You promise! Didn't you promise to always protect me?!" I can see her getting angrier.
"Jessica---" I take one step closer.
"Not one more step!" She fire a shot in front of my foot and I jump back.
"Please stop. That's enough. Please." Amaya cries out. I raise both of my hands up in surrender.
"You win Jessica. You win. Just let her go. Please. She can't be going through this. She's---"
"Shut up!" Jessica pulls the gun away from Amaya's gullet just to press it into her stomach. Amaya whimpers again.
"Don't!" I scream, my hands coming down on impulse to grab Amaya but hold back at the last minute.
"I shouldn't?! Did you even mourn my death?! No. You pushed me to my death and continued with your life. Got your self a pretty little wife and now you want to have a kid?"
"Rory--" my eyes click on Amaya's and an idea hits me. I have to try it. Jessica keep ranting about how the sea she fell into was freezing cold and she had to swim for hours. I shake my head slowly, and with my eyes I try to convey my mind to Amaya. She frowns slightly. I mouth for her to go down.
"What do you think you're---" Jessica catch our eyes.
"Now!" I scream and pull my gun up. Jessica catch on to our plan and grabs onto Amaya. Amaya surprises me by slamming her head into Jessica's nose and jumping aside. I take the shot. It pierces into Jessica's shoulder before she can move.
"Arggggghhhhhh!!!" Jessica fires a shot of her own to my horror. Amaya's eyes widen in shock as a scream is torn from her stomach. Jessica staggers back and clutch her injured shoulder.
"No!!" My gun hit the floor as I rush to catch Amaya. I cover her with my body and put pressure on the wound in her tummy. Tears blind me.
"No! No! No! Baby wake up. Amaya, please!" I sob and shake her limp body.
"I told you I'll make you watch her die." I wrench my eyes away from Amaya's still face and pin Jessica with a murderous look.
"I'm going to kill you." I pull myself up and lurch at her. I see her pull that damn gun of hers up again but I don't even care. I can't think straight right now. Amaya's not moving. There's a hole in her. Because of me. I couldn't protect her.  Three gunshots rent the air and I freeze up. Jessica's stun eyes do not break contact with mine until she slump to the ground in a bloodied mess. My eyes follow her lifeless ones. What just happened?!
"Rory!" My eyes pull up to see Michelle running towards me.
"Rory!" She envelope me in her arms. Her sobs pulling me out of my reverie.
"Amaya!" I pull away from Michelle and fall back to my knees in front of the still body. There's blood everywhere.
"Amaya? Wake up now okay? Please. Baby?" My voice sounds distant even to my own ears. I shake her gently. No reaction from her. I get nothing. I pull her hands up to my face.

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. It's too cold for my liking. I sob into them.
"I'm here baby. It's forever. Don't leave me. Please. Amaya?"
"Move!" I feel strong hands try to pry me away from her body. I fight them with everything I have left even though my strength is already depleting. It's like I'm dying inside as well.
"Let them take her. She needs an hospital." I think Michelle says but I don't relent. I don't let go of her hand even as they pull her body into a stretcher and cart her to the ambulance. I cry and pray all the way to the hospital.

N-Power 2020 Registration (Batch C) - How you can apply

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