To Live For Once (Set Me Free II) - Episode 6

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"What the--!!" I snap as torrents of vomit spray all over my lap.
"Hey!" I poke her lifeless body splayed partially on my lap. She doesn't even move. I have to place my hand on her pulse point just to make sure she hasn't choked on her vomit and died. That would be a way to end this contract though. I snap my mind out of the gutter and sigh long and hard when I feel a pulse . She's alive. Yay!
 Something wet drip unto my legs.
"Ewwww" I lament as I spot the vomit on my shoe. I bring my eyes back to the drunkard on my bed. Can't I just snap her neck and pretend she broke it while under the influence? Come on Rory, don't take the coward's way out. Surprisingly she looks more gentle while asleep. Of course I don't believe for a second that her gentle looks mean she's a good person though. Won't she choke on her hair? I awkwardly brush it off her face slowly but freeze when she rouse and turn away from me to curl into a ball.
"I'm happy." She mumbles sleepily then sniff. Is she crying? I quietly peep over her turned body. She's still asleep but a stray tears creep down one eye. She can't possibly be asleep. What a drama queen!
"Hey, go clean yourself up if you have strength to shed crocodile tears." I poke her back continuously

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. She doesn't even rouse this time.
"Oh you are going to play dead huh? Let's see how you can sleep when I throw you inside the cold shower." I snap and shake her shoulder.
"Mom." She grab my wrist and pull it to her chest. My eyes go wild as I freeze. Only the sound of both our breaths can be heard in the dark room.
"Are you awake?" I whisper without moving a limb. She just cuddle into my hand. Her warm bre*st brush my knuckles and a certain part of my anatomy stands at attention. Go down, boy! She keeps pressing my hand into her breasts. My heart beat spikes up, I fear I'll have an heart attack soon. Get it together, man! You have touched better b*obs before. My wretched eyes as if on cue trace the line of her body till they settle on said boobs. 
"Sh*t!" I fly back on the bed at the sight of one of her b*ob splaying out of her dress.
"Don't go." She mutters again still holding on to my hand. Okay, I can't do this. She's drunk for Christ's sake. I gently pull my hand away amidst sleepy disapproval and flee the room. Damn woman getting under my skin on the first night. I won't let her. I bet she's currently giggling to herself inside the room on how she has me roused! Manipulator! Just like her father. Tomorrow morning I start my end of the bargain and thrive to put a child in her womb. God helping me, the first try works and it's a male child.


"Oww oww oww" I clutch my head as the light rays of sun rudely pull me out of the realm of sleep. For a moment, I'm disoriented and start panic about where I am but then the events of yesterday slowly crash into my brain and my panic turn to horror then trepidation.
  I'm still in the dress I wore last night, meaning nothing happened.
"Stupid woman. You ruined your wedding night!" I bury my head shamefully in my palms. But where did my husband go?
 I try to be quiet as I sit up on the bed. It's quiet apart from the banging in my brain. Has he realized what kind of mess I am and bolted?
 I listen for the sound of the shower running in the bathroom, anything to tell me he hasn't left me. Silence is the only thing that greets me. Of course he's not in there. He must have left.
 Feeling dejected and slightly dizzy, I pull myself into the bathroom and fill the bathtub with hot water. While the tub fills up I slowly strip my sullied dress off. The cool fabric slips off my shoulders and pool at my feet. I'm about to bend to pick it up when the bathroom door pulls open. With a startled cry I try to pull the dress back up but end up ripping the fabric as it wounds around my leg and I slip on the bathroom floor.
 I yelp in shock as I close my eyes firmly preparing for the inevitable pain when I hit the tiled floor. God, is this how I'm going to die? N*ked and on my honeymoon?
"You are going to hurt yourself you stupid woman!" Strong hands grab my waist and I'm pulled flush to a hard body. My eyes slowly flutter open. I'm a bit disoriented, my headache much worse as I try to focus on the man holding me.
"Oh my!" I startle when the first thing I see is bare shoulders. I slip again but this time he holds me up.
"Would you stop fretting!" He bellows in my face. I try to keep my shocked eyes to his face. I really do not want to look down. I also do not want him to as well. I'm still naked.
"Wh--wh-- what are you doing?" I stammer in horror as his gaze leave my face to sweep down. I press my b*obs into him more, just to try and conceal them. His eyes flash up to mine for a bit and I see humour​ dancing in them.
"What do you mean by what am I doing? I'm doing my job." He growls.
"What?!" He swallows my surprised yelp in a bruising kiss but pulls away too soon.
"You talk too much." He drawls slowly tracing his finger down my neck to stop at the swell of my b*obs. Liquid fire burn from below my stomach as I try to hold on for dear life with my shaky hands.
"Hands. Off." He pulls both my hands behind me as he flips me over to face away from him.
"Ro--ry." I gasp brokenly while he does this insane thing to my neck, my legs feel like jelly.
"Hold on tight." He whispers into my ear as he position both my hands on the bathtub. I realize how open I am right now try to stand up.
"I said hold on!" He snaps harshly.
"But what?"
"I want to touch you." I bite out.
"No touching." He says and my head snaps up to stare at him.
"I told you to hold on." He tries to get me to turn around.
"No!" I snap. I push his hands off me. The charge in the room is palpable. We stare each other down, I keep my gaze steady, not wanting to lose in this game of will.
"Stubborn woman!" He growls and before I know it, I'm being pulled unto his shoulder and carried into the room like a sac of beans.
"Put. Me. Down." I grind out.

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. I don't know who this feisty woman I am around him is but he sure makes me raving mad.
"Gladly." He throws me unto the bed and soon covers me with his hard body. Something brush my lap and I stop fretting, my eyes snapping up to his. Black orbs of fire burn me with a fierce gaze. I'm hypnotized.
"Ro--ry." I gasp. I see him grimace before his head comes down. I pull my head up for a kiss but he stops bare inches from my lips. I hear him mutter something inexplicably before he ducks and his mouth land on one of my bo*bs instead. My body arch up in pure pleasure.
"Oh my God." I gasp when his hand brush my thigh softly. My hands fly up to hold him. With a groan, he takes both my hands off his back and trap them above my head.
"No touching." His voice unrecognizable drawls before he does unspeakable things to my body. I'm in Central cloud nine right now.

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