To Live For Once (Set Me Free II) - Episode 5

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 My eyes are just about glued to Michelle as she walks up to the altar. She looks like an angel descending earth in her white dress and tiara. She smile water at me as she not so subtly motion to my bride in front of her. That's when I manage to take my eyes off her and unto my bride. My mood immediately changes as her father put her hand in mine . She looks up at me with love sick eyes and my skin crawl. There's nothing sincere in that look and I know it.
"We are here today to witness the lawful...." I zone the pastor out as I stare at the wooden design behind the altar. It interests me so much more than the proceedings of my own wedding.
"Sir?" My attention snap back to the pastor.
"I'm sorry what?" I see William shake his head mildly at me. He should mind his business.
"The rings." The pastor repeats himself and I nod curtly and produce the cursed handcuffs that will bind me to this woman.
"Both couples shall now face each other." We are instructed. I go through the motion. First Michelle and William are asked to say their vows and I watch my bride swoon over William's words just like Michelle. I roll my eyes

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. The pastor turns to us after they finish smothering each other with vows of eternity.
"You have any vows to say?" He asks me and I shake my head.
"We'll take the normal vows." I say. I notice my bride's face fall but I don't care. I just repeat after the pastor and go through the process of slipping the heavy Platinum rings on.
"I now pronounce you husband and wife! You may now kiss your brides." The pastor proclaims. The crowd goes wide as William pull Michelle to him and plunder her mouth and I just about cringe.
"What are you waiting for? Kiss her!"Michelle who looks flustered from the kisses snaps at me with gleeful excitement in her eyes. She looks content. Joyous. I am satisfied with being able to see her back to her self. A year of my life is a small challenge.
"Kiss kiss kiss kiss." The hall goes wide with the chant and my bride fidget under my withering stare. Michelle chant the loudest as I pull Amaya towards my body. I hear her visibly gasp. My eyes look straight at hers for the first time as I seal our lips for the briefest of moments. I start to pull away but Amaya's hold of my neck tighten as she pulls me down again. Her lips brush mine tentatively at first and I do the mistake to gasp. The little minx take the opening and push her tongue inside my mouth. The brush of her tongue against the roof of my mouth draws a groan out of me and I snap my head back, finally breaking the kiss.
"I like her!" Michelle cheers as she jump excitedly. My eyes goes back to stare at Amaya. She looks embarrassed as she looks everywhere but at me. I look back to the other couple.
"Good luck, man." William mouths off and I resist the urge to flip him off.



 I grab another glass of wine off the passing waiter as I steal glances at my husband. He seems lost in conversation with the other groom while I sit beside him not knowing what to do with myself. It's my own wedding reception but I feel like a second wheel. I watch the other bride who I now know is called Michelle as she whispers on and off into her husband's ears. Their hands have never left each other since the beginning of the ceremony. I feel jealous. I down the contents of the glass I'm clutching and grab another from another waiter.
"Hey, slow down with the drinks." Prudy comes to my side to whisper. I giggle softly at her.
"Friend!" I squeal a little too loudly. I think I'm drunk. I've only had four five glasses. Or maybe six. I laugh at myself again.
"Give me that." Prudy pry the drink out of my hand.
"What are you doing?!" I snap at her.
"I should be asking you that! Your father has been watching you." She snaps back. I briefly catch my father's disapproving frown before I face Prudy.
"I'm just enjoying my wedding. He wouldn't talk to me!" I pout and point at Rory who's still talking to the other couple.
"Don't be silly. You both have forever to talk to each other. Maybe he's just shy or something. You guys don't know each other well. Give him a chance." She advise.
"Of course. I'm happy to let him talk our reception away."
"You don't look happy." She points out
"Of course I am! Right hubby?" I snake my hand through Rory's arm. He stops talking and looks at my hand hooked to his.
"You're drunk." He says and I feel like he's my father with the disapproving frown on his face.
"I'm not." I snap my hand away and stand up.
"Maya--" Prudy tries to hold me back but I dodge her hand. I sway with the alcohol in me and crash into a tray of drinks. I slip on the cool liquid and fall  flat on my face.
"Amaya!" I think Prudy yells. Oops. I sit up on the floor with my soiled dress and turn into a giggling mess.
"Maya? Let me help you up!" Prudy tries to pull me up and I do nothing to help her. I see my husband give me another disapproving frown with a shake of his head. I don't have to look at my father for his matching frown.
"Rory! Help her up for Christ's sake!" Michelle snap at him.
"Me?!" He looks appalled.
"No, me you idiot!" She snaps and my giggling bubbles out of me. This is so not a laughable situation. Prudy looks warily at me as Rory finally gets off his seat and picks me off the ground like I weigh nothing.

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. I feel a bit light headed with the motion but I quell the feeling with that of my throbbing heart.
"Crazy woman." I hear him mutter but I just shut his voice heart and focus on the beat of his heart against my ear.
"You should have carried me like this from the start. I like this." I say quietly. My husband doesn't say a word but keeps up his stride till he stops at the elevator. He doesn't put me down till he gets up to our honeymoon suite.
 Butterflies assault my stomach as he drops me gently on the bed. I clench my eyes shut and pretend to sleep. Even with the alcohol in my system, my stomach clench in anticipation. I stiffen when I feel his hand on my legs.
"I'm just taking your shoes off. For now." The last part holds so much meaning and my eyes snaps open to see a head of curly hair as he busies himself with getting my shoes off. Once both shoes are off, I close my eyes before he brings his head back up. I try not to move when his hand gentle turn me to my stomach but my head swim when I feel his hands on my dress's zip. A harsh rack of nausea hit me at this moment and I jump out of bed too late to vomit all over his lap.

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