To Live For Once (Set Me Free II) - Episode 49

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I pick my way through the overgrown bushes leading to the lone building where Watson is holing up with Rory's wife. I'd thought to let him do away with the inconsequential woman but I don't think that'll be fun. I need to keep my promise of letting Rory see her suffer and die so Watson's part in this story is done. I spot the uncompleted building a few steps away and notice Watson sitting in front of it with his head in his palms
N-Power 2020 Registration (Batch C) - How you can apply

. I carefully make my way towards him. I prefer to reach him without his notice in case he's on to me and knows I'm playing him but his head suddenly snaps up from his palms. Our eyes clash. I wait a beat, my hand fingering the gun secured behind me. He behind to rise and I slowly draw my gun out.
"Jessica! You came. I--" 1,2,3. That's how many shots it takes to cut off his speech. A lone tear drops down my cheek as he slumps to the dusty ground. I barely hear the shrill scream coming from inside the building. I stagger towards Watson's limp body and fall to my knees beside him.
"You've suffered enough. Rest now, sweet brother." I say like a solemn prayer and with my hand, help pull his eyes close. The blood staining his white shirt makes my head spin and I feel nauseous for a second

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. I have the urge to wipe him clean. Just to do one last thing for him. I notice my hands shaking and I scrub them against my trousers to steady them.
"He's better off dead. He's better off dead." I chant repeatedly.
"Help!! Somebody help me!!" My mouth form a thin line at the desperate yells coming from inside. I push myself up to my feet.
"Help!" Amaya screams again from inside. Of course I have to help her. I follow the sound of her voice into the furthest room in the house. She's blindfolded and both hands and legs tied together but I don't feel an iota of pity for her.
"Watson? Who's here? Please help me?" She sense my presence in the room and starts to fidget with the ropes binding her. I watch her struggle for a few seconds before I move to squat beside her.
"Please help me." Her hand clamp on my lap. I use the barrel of my gun to pull the blindfold down from her eyes.
"Thank tha--" her eyes adjust to the light and land on me.
"Hi Maya." I grin at the way her eyes bulge out of their sockets in shock. I think she's trying to say something but nothing's coming out of her hanging mouth. I trail my gun up her neck and push it into her open mouth. This seems to snap her out of her shock as she tries to scramble away from me. I roll my eyes at her pathetic attempt. I grab the rope binding her legs together.
"I have to bring you to your husband,you see? I kind of made him a promise I have to keep." I say calmly. She should understand that I have to do this and behave right? But of course she doesn't? I didn't expect her to anyways. Her tiny legs comes up to kick me but I catch her hurt leg and snap it to the other side. She scream out in excruciating pain which only serves to fuel my satisfaction.
"Please let me go. Please. I won't call the police on you. Please." She sobs. She's so weak. I can understand why Rory would like Michelle. Okay maybe a little. But this weak doll like woman. I don't understand one bit why he loves her.
"Please. I--" tired of all her sappy begging, I slam the butt of my gun into her head. No more time to waste. I pull her unto my shoulder and carry her out to my car.



I had woken up during the drive to wherever this woman was taking me. I can't even scream for help as we pass various cars on the road. The tape makes it hard to get any words out of mouth. I just lie in the backseat shaking and sobbing while she hum this ominous tune that has me praying for help. I sway a little when the car swerve off the road and into a side street. The car slows into a stop and I crane my head to try and figure out where she's brought me. My heart rate spikes up at the sight of the motel's entrance. What is she doing here? Somebody help! I scream in my mind. Michelle and Prudy are up there. Rory could also be up there too. I can't have this crazy woman take them too. I watch tentatively as she turn the ignition off and turn to face me.
"Now this is how it's going to go. I'll untie you if you promise to behave. Nod if you agree." She instructs while waving the gun around as if to say, my behavior will guarantee that the gun stays idle. I slowly nod my head. If I can get out of these ropes, maybe I can do something to stop her. She can't hurt the people I love. I'm not letting myself be the bait to get to Rory. Rory. Is he okay? I feel hot tears fall down my cheeks.
She must believe my promise to behave because as soon as I nod, she pulls out of the car and walk around to join me in the backseat. The ropes are untied in seconds. My eyes watch the motel's premises for any sign of a human being. It's pretty late already and it's dead quiet. Not even the crickets disturb the stillness of the night. Melissa or whatever she calls herself notices my wandering eyes and her hand clamp my cheeks harshly. I hiss in pain.
"Let me warn you. Any funny business on our way out and you'll regret it. Do you understand me?" She sneer. I don't want to agree to this. I can't. My silence only seem to anger her. The cold barrel of her gun push into my thigh and I gasp.
"How many pieces will you be blown into if I fire this gun at such close range?" She asks, casually.  I shake my head and bite back a sob.
"Behave and we won't find out." She pull the tape off my lips and grab my arm.
"Get down!" She barks as I try to stand on one leg. I don't think I'll be able to use the other for a long time. That's if I make it out of this alive.
"Don't be a wimp!" She push on my back with her gun and I limp in front of her into the motel. It's dead quiet inside too but I notice the usual dull lamp coming from the owner's table. I know he keeps a Hunter's gun under that desk and wish he'll notice  something's wrong. I can't even see his head above the counter though. I clear my throat a bit loudly  and even though it echoes in the room, there's no movement from the table.

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. He's not in there.
"No games!" Melissa grinds into my ear as she push me forward. I'm aware of the gun pressing into my back but I can't pull myself to take the stairs to my room. I stop in front of the stairs.
"What are you waiting for? Move it!" She slam the gun into my back and I let out a sharp cry and pretend to lose the strength in my legs. I slump to the ground and writhe in pretend pain.
"Get the fuck up!" She yells at me.
"Please. I can't. My baby. It hurts." I grab my side and writhe on the floor some more.
"You think I'm playing?! I'll put a whole in that stomach if you don't f*cking stand up! Get up!" She draws her gun out and my blood runs cold. I can't have her hurt my baby.
"Get the f*ck up. I'--"
"Put your fucking hands up, Jessica!" Both our eyes turn to the cold voice from the stairs above. I hear someone gasp but it might just have been me.
"Rory!"  Relief flood me but then I spot the blood on his jeans and it quickly turn to horror. I make a run for him.

N-Power 2020 Registration (Batch C) - How you can apply

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