To Live For Once (Set Me Free II) - Episode 4

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A month later

"Uncle Rory!" William's little girl comes barrelling into the room while I fidget with my tie. I abandon the tie and let it hang across my neck before I turn to stare the little girl down. She smiles shyly at me. The little girl has it bad for me and I find it cute.
"It's just Rory little girl." I correct for the up tenth time.
"Mummy Michelle says you are Uncle Rory." The little girl insists. I try not to wince at Michelle's new title . I can't believe I'm getting married on the same day as her. Same time. Same place. If this isn't torture, I don't know what is. And it was all her grand idea. If only she knew my reason for walking to the altar, she'll not support this. Which is why I can't tell her. This has to happen for her happiness.
"What are you thinking?" The little girl's voice brings me back to earth.
"Aurora. You shouldn't bother your Uncle Rory." William comes in at this moment. A big grin on his face as he calls me Uncle. The little girl runs to her father's side.
"I was just talking to him." She says.
"Go on now. Your mother is waiting for you

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. She has your shoe now." William instructs.
"The Cinderella glass shoes?!" The girl squeal and William nods.
"Yay! Bye Uncle Rory. See you next time!" Aurora says before barrelling back out. I can't help but be amused by her antics.
"Ah! He finally laughs." William jokes and my smiles falls.
"What do you want?" I grumble.
"You don't have to do this." He says as he takes the few steps to get to me and gets to work fixing my tie. I keep my face straight and let him do his thing.
"I don't have to do what?" I take the bait and ask.
"I know why you are getting married so quickly." He says flatly. My body stiffen but I keep my gaze impassive.
"Everyone knows that I fell in love at first sight. I couldn't wait for someone else to snatch my love like the last time so I had to make her mine as soon as I can." William pat the tie down before moving back to keep some space between us.
"And this love happened to be the daughter of the man who helped me get my company and Michelle back?" I just shrug.
"You took the deal to give the man a heir didn't you?" He asks like he didn't hear me.
"This isn't for you." I find myself saying.
"I know. But would Michelle be happy to know you sacrifice your happiness for hers?"
"It is just for a year. So Michelle doesn't need to know. She won't find out because you won't tell her." I grind out. He raises his hands up in surrender.
"Thank you man. For always being there for her." He says and emotion clog my throat. I almost say it's because she's the only woman I've ever loved but I just shrug again.
"I hope we can get along. For Michelle." He stretches his hand out to me for a handshake. I eye the hand warily.
"You got her because she chose you. There's no hard feeling." I finally say and take his hand.
"I probably got her because I'm better looking." He jokes and I smile.
"In your dreams." I tell him
"Good luck."
"I don't need luck. I just need to f*ck her then leave her after I plant my seed in her." I say bitterly.
"Ouch! Don't you feel bad for her?" William wince.
"I don't. She's just like her father." William goes to say something but the wedding planner comes in and interrupt him.
"It's time." William gives her a nod and she leaves.
"I guess we have to go now. Our brides await." William says cheerfully, his smile nearly blinding me. Of course he's happy. He's marrying the woman he loves while I'm chaining myself up to a devious woman. I won't let her and her father get me down though.
"Let's go." I say and walk ahead of William, ready to get this over with.


 "You look so beautiful!!" Prudy fawn around me. A face splitting grin on her face.
"Girl I'm so happy for you. You got your man. That must have been some kiss for him to come ask for your hand so soon." She squeal.
"I know right? He seemed angry about the kiss that day. I can't believe I'm getting married and to him. My luck is finally looking up." I say.
"Yes girl! You deserve this. Look how you are glowing. Love really looks good on you."
"Your husband is already on his way to the altar. You should move out too." The wedding planner dad employed peeks her head through the door to inform us. I nod nervously at her.
"You are a beautiful bride." The woman barely in her thirtys says and I blush.
"Thank you."
"Welcome. Now, let's go."
"We'll be right out with you." Prudy speaks for me. She must notice the bead  of nervous sweat on my brow.
"Hey! Don't spoil your make up." She dab at my forehead lightly with powder.
"I'm nervous." I say.
"Why would you be? It's a love match. You should be excited."
"I know. But I haven't seen him since that day in our sitting room with my father. Father says he had to go out to the States where he was based to attend to some business. What if he doesn't like me anymore?"
"Come on. Don't be silly. This wedding wouldn't be happening if he doesn't."
"You sure?"
"Of course." She assures me. I take a few calming breaths.
"We never had any dates. This seems rushed." I say.
"Don't give your self stroke with worry. He's waiting for you at the altar. I have a good feeling about this marriage. He looks nice from the pictures your father gave you and if there was foul play with the wedding, your father would at least tell you."
"Would he?" I ask her. She shrugs.
"Too late to start questioning everything now. Let's go."
"Shhh. Come on." Prudy grab my bouquet and pull me with her out the door. I try not to fall on my high heeled shoes.
 We reach the door of the big hall and I meet the other bride I was told was getting married with me today.
"Amaya?!" She hugs me before I can say anything. I vaguely remember seeing her with Rory the day I kissed him. I'd thought she was his wife or girlfriend.

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. She looks happy to see me though.
"Oh you are a beauty! Rory has told me so much about you!" She squeal as she release me.
"Really?" I am surprised.
"Of course. I'm so happy he met you. He deserves happiness now. Promise me you'll make him happy."
"Ummm of course. I promise." I say awkwardly. Prudy shrugs beside me.
"The music is on. The doors will open soon. Let's cover your veils." The wedding planner startle me with her presence as she gives her instructions. My veil is slowly pulled down my face before the doors start to open. My heat beat accelerates. This is it Amaya.
"Walk with me, mother." I whisper as my eyes catch my husband looking so ravishing in a tux in front of the makeshift altar.
"Amaya." My dad comes to take my hand from the door while the other bride takes the hand of a cute little girl in a beautiful white dress so alike hers.
"Don't slouch." My father doesn't fail to remind me as he walks me over to the altar and hand me to the ravishing man looking only at me.

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