To Live For Once (Set Me Free II) - Episode 3

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"Thank God! You are okay." Prudy hurries to my side as soon as I enter my room. I don't register what she's saying though.
"Do you know how worried I was? You've never gone out alone in a long time." She snaps. I just give her a love sick puppy smile and literally float on cloud nine to flop onto my bed.
"Hey! Maya?" Prudy flop beside me on the bed and shake my lightly. A giggle leaves my throat
"Hey! You are scaring me! Did you hit your head while you were running from your father?" My eyes snap to her and I grin.
"Don't be silly." I tweak her nose playfully . I think she thinks I've lost it. I think I have as well.
"I did it." I say in one breath as I sit up on the bed. Prudy sits up with me. She's still staring at me like I've grown six head.
"Did what? Lose your mind? I know I said you should live a little but this is not looking good. Do we have to call a doctor? Or your father?!" She's starting to panic.
"Prudy stop. I said I did it."
"Did what?!"
"Kiss a stranger." The memory comes back in a flash and I blush beet red. Prudy's mouth clamp shut then open again like a fish outside water.
"I kissed a god-damned gorgeous stranger!" I squeal.
"Don't joke with me girl" prudy warns

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. I just shake my head, barely able to contain my excitement.
"You kissed a stranger?!" It's Prudy's turn to squeal. I have to throw my hand over her mouth to quiet her.
"Shh. Father!" I shush her. She bat my hand off her mouth.
"You kissed a stranger?!" She whisper yells this time. I preen under her look of proudness for me.
"He was breathtaking, Prudy. You should have seen him. And when our lips touched! My God!" A shiver goes through me at the reminder.
"There's goosebumps all over your body." Prudy laughs.
"It was that good. Is a kiss supposed to feel like heaven? I don't remember it being like this." I say thoughtfully.
"I can't believe you were acting porn while your father was breathing down my neck at the grave yard." Prudy says. I give her an apologetic smile.
"No. It was so worth it. I don't think I've been this proud of you. Now tell me more. Did he kiss you back? Did you ask for his number, did you give him yours? Spill girl." My face falls a little.
"He was shocked when I just pressed my lips to his. He kinda pushed me."
"Jerk! And you let him get away with that of course." Prudy snaps.
"Hear this. I stomped on his feet and stormed off."
"No." Prudy's eyes goes wide with surprise and I giggle.
"I might have lost my mind." I intone​.
"This is unbelievable."
"I know right? But I've never felt this alive Prudy! The blood roaring in my ears even when dad's goon almost got me! It was like a drug. I want more." I say bright eyed with excitement.
"More kisses?"
"No silly. I mean yes, I won't mind that but I meant I want more adventures before Dad gives me off to the highest bidder." I say.
"I second that motion." Prudy gets off my bed and drags me with her.
"Where's the list? What are we doing next!" My face falls again
"I think I lost it during all the bustle of today. I can't find it."
"Don't worry. I still got most of the things in there in my head. Nothing can stop us now. I'll write them down again." She pick a pen from my table while I play my day again and again in my head.


Dad, China just called. The video conference call has been postponed till tomo--" My words hang in my mouth as I notice a man sitting with him. I mentally cringe at how I must look right now. I'd just gotten out of bed to get the email from dad's China investors. I've worked as my father's secretary long enough to know that as soon as I get any information, I was to update him. Hence the running out of bed part without at least getting my wild hair in check. I try not to pat down my hair to a resemblance of order. Father hates fidgeting. I just bow my head instead, to hide the redness of my cheeks. I start to back out of the room hoping father doesn't call me back. I should at least put on a bra. The cold air-conditioning is making my unruly nipples stand out. I begin to relax when my dad doesn't reply me and I'm almost out the room. Just few steps and I can run upstairs.
"Amaya, meet your fiance." My head snap up so fast, I go dizzy. My eyes meet my father's first and his eyes dares me to object. I thought I had more time! Time to do my own thing. How did he find a suitor so quick. I slowly drag my eyes to the set of eyes appraising me and I nearly lose balance. It's him! The man who has plagued every of my dreams and thoughts since I saw him. I stiffen at once. Does father know about our meeting? Or maybe he came here to look for me! Oh my God! Different feelings fight for control on my face.
"Wife-to-be huh?" His rich voice drawls slowly and I gulp down painful air. My nipples answer him though. I quickly fold my arms under my armpit to hide them.
"I have to go now." He says to my father but his eyes doesn't stray from me. I bounce on my feet nervously. The look in his eyes, hot with something I can't decipher.

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. He finally breaks eye contact and I'm able to take in breath of fresh air.
"See you at the wedding." He says before walking out while I continue to stare out after him.
"Well don't just stand there, get the wedding planner on the phone." Dad snaps me out of my trance. I shake my head lightly but don't move to do his bidding. I have to ask.
"What?" He asks.
"The man who just left..."
"Your suitor. I guess he took a liking to you after the stunt you pulled." My mouth falls open at this.
"Nothing you do gets past me, girl." He walks past me to the bar and grab an envelope which he throws at me. I manage to catch it.
"At least you caught a decent man. I didn't think it possible." Dad says as I pull open the envelope and take the contents out. My heart leaps into my mouth. There are photographs. Of me and my stranger. Kissing. My eyes snaps up to my father's.
"I knew I'd seen him somewhere before." He mumbles more to himself than to me before he leaves me standing open mouthed.
 My stranger came for me?

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