To Live For Once (Set Me Free II) - Episode 8

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"She had to make me angry!" I snap at the empty room as I pull out new blanket from the wardrobe. At least the realtor did her job right. Almost all necessities are already stocked in the house. A slow smile creep on my lips as I remember the realtor's flirting and how Amaya reacted to it. Know your place, she'd said . Unbelievable. She must think she has a right to dictate my life now that she's tied me to her. I'm getting angrier by the seconds.
"Damn her and her conniving father." I throw the blankets on the bed. The house is so damn big but I feel like the walls keep closing in on me. I've never liked being told what to do and now I have to be under the mercy of a woman I've been forced to marry. How long can I take sleeping in the same bed with her? I pull my hair in frustration.
"Can we talk?" I startle a bit from the silent voice. I didn't hear her come in. I eye her up and shrug.
"What do you want?" I get busy tucking the blanket into the bed, paying her little attention.
"Umm I--" Her stuttering​ totally grates on my nerves.
"Will you spit it out? You are giving me an headache." I snap. I see her cringe at my harsh tone.
"What did you mean?" I abandon the blanket and finally face her.
"Mean how?"
"Downstairs." She clarifies slowly and I roll my eyes

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. She looks like she's going to run from me at any slight movement I make. Is she scared of me? I can't figure her out! One minute she's spitting fire, the next, she's curling into herself like a weak baby. Probably just an act on her side. I won't let her get under my skin.
"I meant exactly what I said. Know your place."
"I'm your wife." She points out.
"And? Your job in this marriage is to get pregnant. You do that right and we'll both be free of each other." I spit.
"Wh--what? I don't understand."
"What's there to not understand!" I snap at her act of ignorance. You took my freedom from me! I want to scream in her face but I hold my self back. My face completely void of emotion as I grab her arm. She recoil away from me.
"You spread your legs every night for me  until you get my child inside you. Do you need me to be more blunt?" The tears gathering in her eyes surprise me but I still keep my expression blank.
"You--you arggh!" Her sudden scream make me drop my hand from her arm like I've been burnt. Her face is contorted in pain as she stagger back. I catch her on impulse.
"It hurts. Make it stop.." She's breathing so hard, sweat beading on her forehead. Her hands go up to clutch her head.
"Amaya?!" I yell as her legs suddenly gives way under her and she collapse into my chest.


"Mommy!" I jerk out of bed and groan at the sharp jolt of pain that threaten to split my head in half. A wet napkin drops down to my lap.
"You're awake!" A groggy voice says. Rory's hand comes up to feel my forehead and my heart rate picks up at once. I think I just stopped breathing. The effect this man has on me is just too much.
"Your fever is down." My eyes snap to his. I notice he looks a little tired and worried? My eyes catch the dull ray of moonlight coming in through the glass window and my brows furrow in confusion. I look back to Rory.
"Fever? How long was I out?" I ask.
"About 10 hours." My mouth drops open. 12 hours?! Is this because of the alcohol last night? I've never been drunk in my life? Is this normal? Or maybe the tumor is back! My heart skip several beats at that.
"I called your father." Rory's voice breaks through my thoughts.
"What?!" I scream. Rory cringe at my high pitch voice but I can't stop worrying about what my father would say. He'll surely scold me for stirring trouble on the first day of my marriage.
"I guess you are feeling well enough to scream like a banshee." Rory says drily. He rise from a small chair beside me and I wonder if he stayed up till this time watching over me. My heart flutters at this.
"Did you stay awake to watch over me?" I ask him silently. He looks down at me with those expressionless black eyes of his and shrugs.
"Just made sure you didn't die on the first day of our marriage." The meaning of those words no matter how apathetic​ they are said, brings butterflies to my stomach. I feel cared for. I can't remember when the last time I've felt like this was and I smile gratefully at him.
"Thank you." I take his hand and caress it slowly. Rory looks at me warily.
"Oh. Ok. You should rest more. It's almost midnight." He says clearly uncomfortable. I think it's cute. I slowly let go of his hand but my eyes don't leave him as he takes his shirt off and slips under the blanket on the other side of the bed. It's too dark to see much but I can still remember how hard every part of him had looked just this morning when he took me. My skin flush hot at the memory. The butterflies in my stomach have a glorious stampede while my heart swells. I stare at his broad shoulders, my fingers tingle from the desire to touch him.
"Goodnight." I whisper to his back instead as I let sleep take me again. The feeling of content clinging to my subconscious mind.

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. He cares for me.


 I wake up to an empty huge bed and panic about where the wife has gone so early in the morning. The alarm hasn't even rang yet. I'd felt her warmth​ beside me all through the night while memories of holding her made me nearly lose my mind. So I'm sure she slept beside me till dawn. Did she get more sick? I quickly get off the bed and grab my shirt from the bedside table. I notice it has been folded and arranged neatly. Is the house keeper already here?
 I check the bathroom for sounds before making my way downstairs. I'm wondering where to start looking for her in this large house when the smell of baked goodies reach my nose. It smells so good. My stomach growls from lack of food the previous day. I don't think I've eaten anything since my wedding.
 I decide to make a quick stop at the kitchen to meet the house keeper since the kitchen was just beside the stairs before I find Amaya and the spectacle I'm greeted with both amuses and stuns me.

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