To Live For Once (Set Me Free II) - Episode 7

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"Keep your legs up on the wall with a pillow propped under you." I swing my legs to the side of the bed and grab my trousers. Amaya's ruffled hair snaps up and I look away. Can't look at her when she's like this. I will want to take her again. I can't let myself like this. I have to remind myself why I'm doing this after all . Michelle. And this woman took me farther away from her.
"What do you mean by put my legs up?" She asks timidly. I know she's trying not to stare at my state of undress so I use the opportunity to slip into my trousers then grab my shirt from the bedside table.
"It should help with getting you pregnant." I finally reply her once I'm decent.
"Just get your damn legs up on the wall woman! And be ready when I get back. We're going house hunting." I bark and without a backward glance, I exit the room. Honeymoon's over!
"You think you can get under my skin huh?! Sadly mistaken!" A couple coming up the stairs sidestep me as I storm down. They probably think I've lost it.
I make my way outside the hotel and hail down a cab. I fire the address of the building I bought a few weeks ago to start a new branch of my company in Nigeria. I need a distraction and urgently

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. To get the taste of her body, the feel of it all off my mind.

It takes a little longer than ten minutes to bring me to my new office building. Watson, my personal assistant greet me at the elevator. His punctuality is the reason I had him transferred to Nigeria. Good thing his mother was a Nigerian and he jumped at the offer.
"Isn't it supposed to be your honeymoon?" He asks as soon as I reach him. I ignore his question and march into the waiting elevator. He walks in behind me.
"How's the hiring process?" I ask.
"All positions have been filled sir." I nod, pleased.
"But your father in law asked for a spot in the company sir." My snap to glare at him like it's his fault.
"Father what?"
"Mr Gabriel Sir. He called specifically to ask that a secretarial position be left open for someone he was going to send soon." Watson explains. My anger start to grow back up.
"Damn man!" I grind out. That was part of our agreement but now I wonder what he wants the secretarial position for. A spy perhaps.
"What Sir?"
"Just let him bring the secretary but make sure to report to me once he sends one okay?" The elevator finally opens at the top floor and I step out.
"That'll be all for now." I dismiss him and he happily take the elevator back down.
"Greedy man!" I snap once I get inside my new office. I'm so not going to let him and his daughter take more than my freedom from me. With this in mind, I call the realtor and demand the biggest house they can get me in an hour. I'd need my space if I'm going to keep my sanity with this temporary wife of mine. I try not to think of the fire in her eyes while I made love to her a while ago. I try. But I fail.


My head is still spinning from Rory's words before he stormed out, completely pushing me out of cloud nine. My legs are still propped up like a cow even after fifty minutes. I can't help it. I always do as I'm told.
"Hey girl! What are you doing in that position?" I shut my legs and wrap the sheets around me but not fast enough for Prudy's curious eyes.
"Was just playing." I say, my hand drawing nervous circles on the bed for my lie. Prudy who knows me so well roll her eyes at me.
"Fine. Rory asked me to." I mumble.
"He says it'll it'll umm" I blush beet red.
"It'll what?" Prudy narrowed eyes is not helping matters at all.
"Make it easier to get pregnant." I rush the words out and Prudy burst into laughter.
"I'm glad you find this amusing." I finally get off the bed and walk with the sheets securely around me into the bathroom to wash up. Of course Prudy follows me in.
"So you guys have consummated the marriage?!" Prudy squeals. My headache threatens to return. I grasp my head to try and abate it.
"Hangover? You really did drink a lot last night. I was worried. Good thing I worried for nothing. The guy is obviously into you. Already trying to plant his child inside you." Prudy says but I doubt if that's the truth. Did Rory marry me for a child?
"I'll get you some paracetamol and water. You should get ready. Your husband called to ask that I take you to your new home."
"What? I thought he said we'll go house hunting together." Prudy shrugs.
"I guess he found the perfect house for the both of you."
"Maybe he did." I say absent minded as Prudy walks out of the bathroom. I drop the sheets and enter the bathtub to soak my aching body. It's been through a lot the past few days. The hot water relax me a bit. I close my eyes in pure bliss.


"We'll take it." I say without even going through the house. It's big enough. Too big for two people actually which makes it perfect. Amaya's brows shoot up but she doesn't say anything. Thankfully. The realtor looks pleased with this. She'll surely get a great commission on this property.
"You'll need to sign some papers, Sir." She gestures to the papers in her hand. I give her a curt nod. Amaya doesn't pay us any attention.
"Why don't we go to the lounge for the signing?" The lady brush her clawlike nails against my forearm. My head snaps up to the suggestive looks she's throwing me. I give her my best smile with my lone dimple and all. I'm dashing. I know.
"I'll sign it." Amaya's voice interrupts our flirting and she flings the papers off the realtor's grasp. I stifle a laugh when she throw me a dirty look.
"Where should I sign?"
"Here. And here." The realtor says rudely.
"Here and here ma'am.

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. Know your place. My husband and I are giving you a lot of money." Amaya spits. The woman looks to me but I just shrug and focus more on the fiery wife I've gotten myself. Amaya signs both places.
"I'm sure that's all. Find your way out. My husband and I need to get on with our honeymoon." Amaya says.
"Enjoy your big honeymoon in this big lonely house your  precious husband specifically requested ma'am. I see why  he wants it now!" The realtor hiss and storm off. Amaya slowly turn hurt eyes to me.
"What's she talking about?" She asks.
"I don't need to explain myself to you." I grind out.
"That's enough. Just like you told the realtor, know your place." I snap and storm out on her. I expect her stop me with her fiery anger but there's silence even as I take myself upstairs to the master's bedroom. I guess she isn't as tough as she acts sometimes.

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  • Eunice Ache picture
    Eunice Ache
    Oh poor Amqya
  • Ameh juliet picture
    Ameh juliet
    Yeah right @ Eunice
  • Confy-Dencie picture
    I feel for Amaya ooo.. Nice episode dearie, expecting more episodes
  • Patience Peter picture
    Patience Peter
    Rory please don't treat my girl bad. She is very innocent. Don't worry u can't hide ur feelings for long
  • Pamela cube picture
    Pamela cube
    Rory is a douchebag.....he's punishing Maya for that greedy old hag's mistakes which is not fair!
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