The Twist

How would you feel when everything you planned from onset crashed in front of you when you were about to enjoy the benefits? Mark Stephen, a handsome, rich and renowned actor found life so exciting when he married Amaka, the only daughter of Chief B.C Okpara, the Cement Billionaire. But what life offered him as a Playboy isn't what he expected when he discovered that his entire world was a hoax from the beginning. cool down and enjoy the story. you won't be disappointed. .

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    • The Twist - Episode 1

    • The dark room was smelly and dirty. Big spiders and rats peep at their new companion with disapproval as he shuffled his feet and leaned against the stained wall. ...
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    • The Twist - Episode 2

    • Dr. Uche was on his way out when Mark stirred his new SUV towards the hospital car park and stopped. He came down and whistled Dr. Uche's name. "Wait a...
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    • The Twist - Episode 3

    • Dr. Uche could not hide his disapproval concerning Mark marrying Amaka. He knew how many suitors Nkiru rejected just to be with Mark and each time he mentioned this to Ma...
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    • The Twist - Episode 4

    • The fading rays from the setting sun fall on the glass table of the hotel room where Mark sat waiting for Ndidi. He looked out of the window and glanced at his watch,&nbs...
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    • The Twist - Episode 5

    • Ke the restaurant waiter carried a glass of cocktail to Amaka's table and placed it gently in front of her. "I believed you love this food madam?" ...
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    • The Twist - Episode 6

    • Mark drove home that night feeling on top of the world. The passive way Ndidi made love to him a few hours ago intrigued him. The act of love making had always ...
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    • The Twist - Episode 7

    • Odyx Computers and graphic studio was situated right opposite Hotel Celebrities. A towering 8 storey complex with a big swimming pool and underground gymnasium. ...
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    • The Twist - Episode 8

    • Amaka picked a piece of chicken with a fork, stirred it in a cream sauce and put it in her mouth. She watched Stella who was equally enjoying her own meal opened a bottle...
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    • The Twist - Episode 9

    • The mattress was soft and warm. Mark turned on his side for the 5th times and continued to think about Ndidi. What made her not to show up today must be very im...
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    • The Twist - Episode 10

    • Ndidi was busy learning how to make sketch with a computer mouse when Angela Odili's secretary, told her Mark the famous movie star was looking for her. She wasn'...
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