The Twist - Episode 22

From Stella's POV

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Read " Unholy Condemnation " by the same author ( Best Stevenho )

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Stella was fuming with anger.

How dare Amaka ignored her calls? And she even off her cell phone! What the hell! She stood up from her seat in the sitting room and moved outside to the small sit-out for some morning fresh air.

She think clearly whenever she was alone with the cool breeze.

What on earth made Amaka to ignore her calls? Is Jake really that good? This is getting out of hand.

It's obvious Amaka is shutting her out of her life.

She has found happiness with that good for nothing waiter and have the impudence to ignored her calls.

It is now certain Amaka will no longer have her time as long as she is with Jake.

Well, maybe it's time for her to go for the last kill.

She began to pace up and down the small passage.

Her brain creaking as she think of the best way to make a big grab from the Okpara's Billions in Amaka's disposal.

Her first thought was to send a handsome guy to seduce Amaka and probably redeemed her from Jake.

Then while he service Amaka, they can split whatever Amaka give to the guy along the way. Who will she send? There is no decent gigolo in Lagos.

They are extremely greedy and insatiable.

No, they are not trustworthy at all.

The person can denied her the money, he may even expose her just to gain Amaka's confidence and trust. 

A gigolo is not the solution.

Amaka may even preferred Jake to who ever she will send.

Robbery? No sane human being keep money in the house.

Everything now is going digital.

And Amaka only make use of cash if the need occurs.

Kidnapping? Yes kidnapping.

It is a federal offence but worth the risk.

Amaka is the only child of C.B Okpara and the man is a millionaire.

His wife died in a plane crash when Amaka was in high school in U.K.

Since then her father had developed this undying love for her and won't like to loose his only daughter.

Yea, kidnapping seemed the only way out.

They will demand for a good amount of money.

100 million? The man is rich, he worth billions and can afford to dish out such amount without blinking.

Yea, 100 million will be cool.

The take will be 50-50

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. She will contact Romeo.

No one else can handle such an operation better than Romeo.

He had been her boyfriend during her university days and also a notorious cultist.

Though she was dating him for protection then, she did not hesitate to cut him off immediately she graduated from higher institution.

He recently contacted her through facebook and had congratulated her when he heard she was happily married.

They chat occasionally on messenger and she had noticed he is now into big time dealings.

She will contact Romeo and lay the proposal in front of him.

He will know how to execute it perfectly.

Feeling elated with her ruthless plan, she happily went inside for a chilled glass of fruit juice.

The thought of owning 50 million naira have quickly made her to be thirsty.

From Bashir's POV.

Bashir stared at the phone in his hand.

Things aren't moving well in the house.

He was worried. His madam's phone was off.

He hoped and prayed silently that nothing happens to her.

If Amaka did not come back That will really get him into serious trouble with the chief.

He saw the handwriting on the wall immediately his boss started keeping late nights.

His madam always moved around the vast mansion looking bored and obviously tired of calculating how much she worth as the daughter of the richest man in Nigeria.

His immediate past boss, Chief C.B Okpara was a shrewd man and extremely efficient.

He hired him as one of his escorts when he visited the president years ago and after the visit, he had employed him as one of his guards.

He followed him almost everywhere he went to.

From his office and the pleasure times he spent on his yacht to his business trips abroad.

He was having the fun of his life when luck struck against him.

His pleasure trips ended the moment Amaka got married to this handsome movie star.

Chief C.B Okpara had included him in his settlement to the bride and warned him to keep an eye on his precious daughter.

He hated Mark then for ending such a sweet career.

But as his new boss he had no choice than to obey orders.

Besides, working for these millionaires made him to experience what being rich was like.

Despite the fact He earn twice what the federal government is paying him; he practically do nothing than to sit around the big compound, swim, jog and visit the gym occasionally just to keep fit.

The seasonal quarrels between the couple worried him.

He liked Amaka, he had known her close to 8 years now and knew how generous she is with her money.

He felt her pain each time he saw her sitting like a mute, staring into space.

But now the conflict is getting out of hand.

She suddenly started going out constantly and coming home late Just like her husband.

She left since yesterday and have not returned back.

His boss now called him to baby-sit their only daughter.

Well, let's hope nothing happens to his madam.

Chidimma was watching cartoon in the sitting room with a packet of biscuit and a glass of cold milk in front of her when Bashir entered the sitting room.

She turned swiftly and greeted him.

"Uncle Bash good afternoon. Have you seen my mummy?"

"Not yet, she will soon be back"

Bashir replied with less confidence.

He stood there admiring Chidimma.

She was so engrossed in the Cartoon program she entirely forgot about him.

The name Bash made him to love the kid.

"Do you need anything? Something like food?"

"No, I can take care of myself. Just call auntie Ruby for me. I want her to help me change my blanket"

Chidimma replied and faced the television again.

Bashir did not know what else to say, he shuffled his feet for sometime and left the sitting room...
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  • Debby Treasure picture
    Debby Treasure
    Is this one that is two episodes in one
  • Best Stevenho picture
    Best Stevenho
    @Dabby, lols. I usually make it one episode each 24 hours. but I am updating two for today. check the next episode please. thanks for the comment though.
  • Pamela cube picture
    Pamela cube
    Hope uncle Bashy is not a paedophile,seems no one is trustworthy in this story!
  • Best Stevenho picture
    Best Stevenho
    @pamela. oh no... he is a trustworthy guard
  • Pamela cube picture
    Pamela cube
    Whew..... I'm relieved to hear that!
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