The Twist - Episode 23

From Ruby's POV

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The busy streets of Orile were cramped with hawkers and and petty traders.

Some of them stared at the strange girl cladded on blue overall jumpsuit.

Her hair was untidy and she clutched her handbag on her chest as she walked slowly on the side walk.

Ruby was hungry and very tired.

Her only objective is to meet Jake and tell him everything.

He will understand her current situation and advice her on what to do.

He will be at the restaurant serving those rich and fat slobs.

At the thought of those tantalizing foods Jake usually brought home, her stomach made a horrible noise.

She was terribly hungry.

She reached the lined one room apartments, paused in front of Jake's door and fumbled her handbag for the spare key Jake gave her.

She opened the door and went in.

She quickly peeled off the overall and enter the small kitchen in search of food.

The small spaghetti she found in the pot has gone stale.

She looked around and heaved a sigh of relief.

The yam resting by the cupboard seemed to be sent by God.

She checked for palm oil and saw a small quantity.

This will do. She thought.

She lit the stove, put water on the fire and peel the yam in quick succession.

She went to the bathroom for a cold bath.

By the time she finished bathing the yam will be done.

The chilly water suited her and helped calm her jumping nerves.

She remembered how the man ruthlessly drove inside her and shivered.

She knew the face well.

She had seen him countless times on televisions, mostly on home videos.

She knew her madam got married to Mark but she have not seen him face to face.

The horrible experience made her to hate the man and even most of his movies she so much admired.

She can't bear to see him again.

She will quit the job.

There is nothing there to do again.

If her madam insisted on knowing why, she will be left with no choice than to tell her what happened.

But before that, she will wait for Jake to come back and confide in him.

He is an expert in tackling such issues.

He will tell her what to do.

She finished bathing, checked the yam and proceeded in making palm oil sauce for the meal.

She will eat and wait for Jake to come back.

She can't wait to see him after her experience last night.

From Jake's POV.

Jake lay on the bed panting like a lizard.

Amaka had made him to make love to her again and again.

He was tired and feeling faint.

Amaka was lying face down on the floor.

She was equally worn out but seemed to be crazy in the head.

She will soon regain her breath and forced Jake to take her one more time.

Jake managed to stand up and wanted go to the bathroom for a quick bath but changed his mind.

He did not want to waste any more time here.

He glanced at the clock, The time was 3pm.

His one thought was go home and stay away as far as he could from this fat, insatiable maniac lying on the floor.

He put on his clothes and made to go out when he felt a firm grip on his ankle.

"Where are you going?"

He heard Amaka's voice asked.


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. I... I wanna go home. Its already 3pm."

stammered Jake.

"What are you saying? This is your home. What else do you need? I purchased everything you need here and stuffed the refrigerator with food."

Amaka said and raised up with a groan.

She staggered a little; her bones creaking loudly.

"Phew! You are a real stallion!"

She said and blinked her eyes severally.

She was behaving like a drunk.

"Please ma I have to go.

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. There are some important items in my house i will needed here. I promise to come back as soon as possible."

Jake pleaded.

Amaka stared at him with a smile and kissed him.

Jake flinched and drew back.

"Are you afraid of me? A few minutes ago you were sweating on top of me and howling Like a lunatic. Now you wanted to run away. And stop calling me ma"

Amaka said and Jake smiled with difficulty.

This lady knew what she is doing.

She won't kill him, not in this life.

If her idea of a job is making love to her like this, from dusk till day break then she must have her head examined.

"I am not running away baby. Trust me, I will be back."

Jake assured her. Amaka sighed and combed her hair with her fingers.

"Maybe I will go home too. My daughter must be missing me so much by now. Though her guardian is still there with her, I haven't spend enough time with my daughter since she came back."

She checked her handbag and gave Jake a hundred thousand naira.

"Have it for your upkeep. You can use the car. Check if there is enough petrol in it."

Amaka said. Jake collected the money with a smile.

Well, well.

Maybe he will keep this job after all.

If something as profitable as this keep on coming to him on daily basis, then no need running away from this pretty lady.

He pocketed the money and left.
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  • Benedicta Osei Arhin picture
    Benedicta Osei Arhin
    Too short dear, just as I was enjoying it, you paused
  • Amina Onaghise picture
    Amina Onaghise
    Jake and amaka, mark and Ruby, this is getting intense.... keep it coming Pls. thumps up
  • Best Stevenho picture
    Best Stevenho
    @Benedicta. I'm sorry for that. check the next episode. you will love it more. thanks for the endless comments
  • Best Stevenho picture
    Best Stevenho
    @Amina. oh yea. pretty coincidence. Don't forget to check the next episode. thanks for the wonderful comments. keep it flowing dear
  • Namugosa Rhoda picture
    Namugosa Rhoda
    What a mix up for ruby! This story is too good! Carry-on Steven.
  • Ngozi Awagu picture
    Ngozi Awagu
    Okayooooo,kwontinue Mr Jake, I no talk anything at all
  • Best Stevenho picture
    Best Stevenho
    @Rhoda. thanks sweetheart. I appreciate
  • Best Stevenho picture
    Best Stevenho
    @Ngozi ... thank you my sister. keep the comment box busy pls
  • Fagbire Omowunmi picture
    Fagbire Omowunmi
    The love of money is d root of all......... Hmmmm
  • Best Stevenho picture
    Best Stevenho
    @Fagbire. exactly
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