The Twist - Episode 3

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Dr. Uche could not hide his disapproval concerning Mark marrying Amaka.

He knew how many suitors Nkiru rejected just to be with Mark and each time he mentioned this to Mark, he flares up and said he did not ask her to reject anybody.

"I made it clear to her that she is free to date if she feels like. Why reject rich men when she knew she can extort money from them? Now she is rejecting rich suitors for my sake . Uche I have a future to think about and this is my time.

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. Not even Nkiru can stop me"

Mark had bursted out. since then, Dr. Uche had tried his best to contact Nkiru but to no avail.

Mark on his own part did not understand why his friend was against his move.

Is Nkiru that important? She can find another man out there and to crown it all; He is now extremely rich.

He is labelled the new sensation of the moment.

He once attended a birthday party of his nollywood friend and the M.C had said since they have someone like him, no need calling on other guys because he worth more than 10 rich guys.

Had it been he did not make it, they would have replaced him with equally 10 rich guys to make the party lively.

He smiled when he recalled the incident.

If they think he will go back and stick to Nkiru just to fulfill his love promises to a girl who cannot even hold down a decent job, then they are in for a surprise.

Amaka have already told him she was pregnant and they are now expecting a new baby.

"No, she will not kill my career. I am already one of the most popular celebrities in Nigeria and the next in line to own an empire"

He said to himself.

The social invitations and the way people respect him now matters to him a lot.


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. Uche is happily married to a beautiful princess and his wife Stella approved of his marriage with Amaka.

She had encouraged him to enjoy his marriage and forget about Nkiru.

"She did not fit you at all. How can a superstar like you involve yourself with such a low life? Amaka is everything a man wants in a woman. Tall, slim, extremely beautiful and rich!"

Stella had told him one evening she is arguing with Dr. Uche.

He now have a family of his and should allow his friend to build his own family.

Mark had remembered how Stella congratulated them and bought a big art work as their wedding present.

Stella fancy Amaka and had been a big help in their wedding planning.

His marriage was the talk of the town.

His rich father in-law had spent a fortune and Mark still wonder why someone need to spend so much in a wedding.

They had travelled to France for their wedding shopping.

Bought expensive jewelry, bespoke suits and diamond encrusted wedding gown.

The cost of these items were so expensive that Mark nearly fainted when he calculated the entire cost and convert the money in naira.

"56 Million naira!"

He had exclaimed to Amaka.

"Do you realize we can build a good house with such amount? why spend so much in a single wedding?"

queried Mark.

"Listen sweetheart, this is my wedding we are talking about. Do you realized I am the only Child of Chief Sir Benedict Chiagozie Okpara? the number one man in this country? the owner of Bestcop cement, Bestcop hotels, Bestcop housing estate, Bestcop shipping lines, Bestcop aluminium, the oil mongul? are you aware that so many of your colleagues in the nollywood industry will be there? my father's business associates and top oil billionaires from different parts of the world?"

Amaka said and Mark stood there in awe of this heiress to a multi billion naira chains of wealth.

He had left the entire shopping to his wife who really knew how to spend money.

During their time in Paris, he often sneaked into their hotel suite when Amaka is busy swimming or chatting with her endless new friends she met in Paris, he will brought the entire items out and stared at them for hours.

Thinking how much they will fetch him if he is to sell them after the wedding.

Their wedding was something to talk about. the grand reception took place in his in-law's 80 foot luxurious yacht.

He had enjoyed every bit of it and subsequently received a special invitation to come over to Los Angeles for his first Hollywood debut in a TV series.

Everything is working fine for him.

He later started enjoying the immense wealth and power his marriage brought to him.

He bought cars and begin to build his own hotels.

His father in-law love him like a son and left his entire investment to his care.

He is happy the way things are turning out but there is Nkiru.

Dr. Uche kept reminding him about this girl; Telling him to go and settle things with her.

He had obliged and searched for her everywhere.

Went to their village but her people sworn they have not seen her or heard from her close to a year now.

He had given them the cash amount of 5 million naira as their settlement just to be fair to everybody.

But deep inside him, he still want to see Nkiru, if not for one thing but to give her enough money to move on with her life.....
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