The Twist - Episode 5

From Amaka's P.O.V

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Ke the restaurant waiter carried a glass of cocktail to Amaka's table and placed it gently in front of her.

"I believed you love this food madam?"

Jake asked her and Amaka nodded.

She bit off a large chunk of meat from the chicken in her hand and chewed with relish.

She looked up at Jake and asked between mouthful.

"Are you new here?"

"Yes madam. 4 days old."

replied Jake.

"I guess as much because I have been dining here for a long time. Anyway, I am Amaka"


The waiter said.

"Jake you look cute."

Amaka said and drank her cocktail.

Jake nodded his appreciation and walked back to the counter.

Two fat men with protruding stomachs sat a few distance away from Amaka.

From the vast mirrors on the restaurant wall Amaka saw them regarding her with interest.

Its no longer a new thing to her since she got married to Mark.

Her husband is one of the most popular young men in the country and she enjoyed the comments of her numerous friends anytime they saw Mark on the screen.

"Amaka you are so lucky to have such a man as your husband. Look at him, he is a superman!"

they will intoned to her.

But unknown to them, her husband is no longer the charming, loving, funny and awesome movie star she married to four years ago.

For close to a year now they have been living like strangers under the same roof.

He was too dedicated to his job and was always too worn out to make love to her.

Mark excuse had been his tight schedules and his actions left her in utter dissipation.

She knew Mark hate fat ladies.

He tried his best to stop her from eating but what else is there to do again if not enjoy their money?

She is happily married and ought to stay happy by enjoying herself.

Though She is feeling the strain now and could not even remember the last time they made love.

'when was it? 3rd February... that was their wedding anniversary.'

And since then Mark have been keeping late nights and working 24 hours a day just to keep off his matrimonial home.

One of her friends once told her any man keeping late night is probably cheating on his spouse.

'Is Mark cheating on her? He won't dare it! She will make his life miserable!'

She looked at the waiter again and smiled.

He is very handsome and agile.

'Will he be good in bed?'

This kind of thoughts has been lingering in her mind now for some months but she was afraid of the out come.

She craved for a man every now and then.

Each time she lay down on her lonely bed, she will fantasized about able bodied men taking her in their powerful arms and crushed her on the soft bed with their brutal love making.

She felt a wave of tingling sensation ran through her body as she thought about what she is missing.

The waiter passed in front of her with beer bottles and placed them on the table of the fat men.

She watched him smiled as he dialogue with the men.

'This awesome man will be fun in bed but how will she lure him to her bed? she can't go to any hotel with him. it is too risky. Can she visit him? its possible! She will first try and be sure he love fat ladies before making a move'

She said to herself and sighed.

She was brooding over this thought when a slim teenager dressed in singlet and bum shorts walked into the restaurant and sat down on a lone chair.

Amaka quickly looked in the direction of the waiter to see his reaction and was relieved to noticed Jake was still attending to the fat men.

Amaka waited, staring at the young girl and hating her every minute that passed.

She envied her slim figure and felt a pang of jealousy as the two fat men stared at the girl with appreciation in their eyes.

When Jake wanted to approach the girl, Amaka hasty called him to come over and collect his bill.

"The food is wonderful. it tastes special. Maybe because you are the person that served me"

Amaka told Jake and wink at him.

Jake smiled pleasantly.

"The commissioner had his lunch here yesterday and was so impressed. He said our meals are pure masterpiece"

Jake said proudly.

"Exactly. they are not supposed to be eaten, they should be framed and hung in museums"

Amaka added.

She saw the girl stood up from the corner of her eyes and she quickly asked the waiter to come closer.

She whispered to him she will like to appreciate him with a surprise and that he should please drop his account details.

As Jake was about to thank him she grabbed him on the neck and still whispered she will like to see him again but not in the restaurant.

From the corner of her eyes she watched the girl left the restaurant in anger.

She smiled and winked at Jake again.

The two fat men saw this and called the waiter.

"So you don't know your job? are you aware a costumer was waiting for you over there?"

bellowed one of the fat men.

Jake swung around and realized the young slim girl had left.

"It's like you are new here. Let me tell you, if you want to keep your job, you have to be up and doing. Not chatting with costumers when others were left unattended."

The other fat man chipped in.

Jake was unhappy.

They are probably saying the truth.

He was lucky to have this job and if these men complained to the manager he may sack him.

He apologized to the men and went back to the counter.

Amaka stood up, adjusted her robust stature, picked up her lizard skin hand bag and beckoned on the waiter.


She dropped a big lump of money on the table.

"Keep the change and don't forget what we discussed.

Here is my card."

She handed Jake her complimentary card, stared indifferently at the fat men, started her twin coloured Rolls Royce coup right there with the car remote and walk out of the restaurant a fulfilled lady...
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