The Anecdote Of The Idanre Hill - Episode 9

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How do you mean? I asked while looking at the watch on my wrist. The time was now ticking slower nor the normal rate.
The portal between the ancient Idanre and the contemporary world opens every 40 years. By the authority vested on me by the king, I, Chief Ojomu pronounce that you go to the real world, take with you tourists back to the present day Idanre and make them compare see how things were in the both worlds.
But how do you mean? Felicia asked. What year are we in?
My daughter, you are in the old world . This is over 1,000 year time space from the world you came from. Chief Ojomu said while dismissing the woman who were still looking at us
The bell rang again, this time it was louder
You must leave now before it rings the third time
But I love it here. Everything seems different, from our world. I said
You can’t love it here. See, my child all of these are orthodox past in the present world. It is over a thousand years from where you came from.

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. If the bells rings the third time, you will get trapped in and here won’t be able to leave here till the portal opens in the next 40 years.
Go! My child and don’t look back
Instantly, we started running back to the main village

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. The manner and speed at which I ran was what I couldn’t comprehend. How could I get trapped in the old world and I wouldn’t leave till the next 40 years? Oh God help me! I soliloquize

I looked into my wrist watch again and this time, it was getting back to normalcy. No, I can’t get trapped. Felicia and I increased our pace but it seems like a narrow escape onto the mausoleum which is still far away in the village. Just when I felt my wrist watch had stopped, I noticed what felt like a hand lifting Felicia and I off the ground to a reality where we met my feet ourselves in front of the mausoleum. We looked back only to find chief Ojomu in his spectral form in the same way we found a quintessence initially at us, we saw him bidding us farewell and here comes the third jungle of the bell which preceded the ground upon which we were to quake and swallow me.
Water, water! Get some water. The rest of the tourist guide had gone up the hills to give a hand to Adewale who has been on the search for a tourist who came along with him 2 days ago. However, just when they thought of giving up on the search, the door of the mausoleum opened (Its strange) and two bodies that look lifeless exhume the ground while the door shut back up
3 weeks later
Johnson’s POV
All that had happened at Idanre remained a mystery to me. I still find it hard to believe I was launched into a time space like Nakamura in the heroes, the master of time and space, back to 1,000 years to explore the history of Idanre hills. As the story had it, we were hospitalized but the doctors eventually reported medically okay but we remained in a coma for 10 days before regaining consciousness.
And for the contract… well! After submitting our write up to the company, we were awarded the contract for that year, while “The Anecdote to the Idanre hill” went on to win the bestselling book award in Nigeria. 
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