The Anecdote Of The Idanre Hill

This story is 100% fiction and it does not have any resemblance to anybody dead or alive. 
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 This story shouldn’t be reproduced in any form or means without the permission of the writer. (Ola-Olowo)
This story is totally a fiction and it was written based on what the writer was able to gather from the citizens of Idanre, Ondo State.
Copyright 2019
This is for all lovers of history. This story is not meant to thrill the readers but to open our eyes to what is happening around us and to educate the new generation about some exciting tourist events that has happened in the past.



Water is the essence of the life support of all living things on earth . Our existence hinges on the availability of water. In many ways how one could say that civilization is centered around water and its versatility.
The realization of how important good water for people takes roots from the myths of ancient cultures as precisely ablution with water was important in various ancient cults. Ideas of the salubrity of water were connected to the general “scientific” knowledge of the society. The first known philosophical thinkers and researchers also recognized the importance of water for the public health.
When one thirsts, water aptly weilds its rekindling power. You want to cook? Water is an essential medium. As the great Fela’s songline goes; there is almost nothing you can do without the use of water.
Sango, the god of iron that invokes the thunder across the sky had 3 beautiful wives by his side and according to the Yoruba myths also has powers to create a course of water to appear.
Of all the three wives, namely Queen Oba, Queen Osun the second and lastly Queen Oya. Sango loves Osun the most because of her outstanding culinary skills. 
Oba, the second wife who wants to regain her slot as Sango’s favorite decided to ask the first wife how she managed to enchant the great leader Sango with her meals. Whereas, Osun didn’t want to lose the special attention and love Sango has for her to Oba. In the midst of the court game, Osun resents the first wife, Oba whose children are heirs to Sango’s kingdom as Osun decides to play a trick on her. She tells Oba the reason Sango loved her so much was because she cut a piece of her ear many years ago and cooked it in a meal for him.
Oba is pleased and thought of Osun foolish having to disclose such a secret to her. She thought within to herself “If Osun is getting so much attention by preparing a meal with only a piece of her ear, how much more she would get if she outdid her rival. So when it was her turn to do the cooking, she cut her whole ear in the food she prepared and went on to present it happily to Sango.
Not long after he started eating, Sango notices an ear floating in the soup. He became furious and accuses Oba of an attempt trying to poison him. He was so mad that he invokes thunder up on his household causing his wives to flee.
On their heels, Oba falls and transformed into the river Oba, Osun also falls and become the river Osun. I am not sure what happened to Oya but these two rivers exist up to today in Oyo and Osun states. It is said that they form turbulent rapids at their tributary. 

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