The Anecdote Of The Idanre Hill - Episode 6

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I saw her few distance away, lying comfortably as though she was on her bed, day dreaming about her prince royally positioned on the banana leaves expertly spread on the ground.
Felicia! Felicia! Wake up! I lit her slowly as I watched her yawning like a 2 year old toddler.
Boss, what’s happening? Felicia asked
I don’t know as well. What was the last thing you remembered?
Errmmm…it seems we were…
Oh! You are awake! It’s been a long journey . Welcome
We turned back only to see an old aged man in the stature of Charles Olumo. Felicia and I looked dumbfounded at who really the man was.
Where are we? I asked stammering like a two year old baby
You are still in the same location as you were! You are still in Idanre
But…but this was not where we were
Where is my watch? What is the time? I asked no one in particular. I looked into my wrist watch and found it was ticking anti clock wise at a fast speed. I got afraid!
My Children! Take this to calm your nerves
He signaled to one of the boys who were behind him and headed over the two calabash of palm wine to us each. 
Take, drink and you shall witness everything you want to know about the history of the great Idanre Kingdom.
We took from both calabash and drank like our lives depended on it. Apparently, it was a rare brand of palm wine I have never tasted before all my life

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. Felicia and I got up scrambled to walk behind the man who was at a slower pace.
You are welcome to Idanre once again.

I am Chief Ojomu, the third in command to the king of Idanre.

Today in Idanre, we celebrate the Odun Apon.

What is Odun Apon? Felicia asked while I looked around. The Odun apon is a yearly festival and it is meant for the youths. A certain stone named “Osokogbe” would be carried or lifted abreast by any male child who wants to get married. Any male child who fails to lift up this stone abreast is unfit to marry. Therefore, he may wait for when next the festival will be observed.
So in a nutshell it is safe to say, it’s a screening exercise? Felicia asked
Something like that.

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. Chief Ojomu said while he gestured at the hysteric dancers who were dancing hysterically to the beats of the drums, while other were drinking from the calabash, another were found waiting in rolls to lift the “Osokogbe” stone.
This is the Arun River. The river where the people of Idanre gets their water supplies from. Chief Ojomu briefed us as we walked by. We could see some maidens inside the river fetching some water in their pots. Some watched us with disdain, others wore a smile as though we had poo on us. I exchanged a hand wave with them bidding them farewell on the walk amidst the chant of “Dansaki o, Oloye” (Long life Chief) 
Don’t be distracted Mr. Those people you see are dead to the real world as we walked a few kilometers from the town, still upon the mighty rock, suddenly Chief stopped
You see that structure over there?
Yes, Felicia and I chorused
That is our own ark of Noah
The biblical ark of Noah? How did it get here? I asked ignorantly
It’s not the exact ark. It’s just our own prototype where we go seek refuge during the time of war.
Can we go over there to see the inside? Felicia asked
No, no, no. There is no much time for that. I only have limited time to show you around here.
We kept on walking distances away from the town to a stop on a story plateau that could be likened to a desert.
Come over…Chief Ojomu beckoned us
This is the place where you can see the readable letters of the flood. Can you read that? Chief Ojomu asked
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