The Anecdote Of The Idanre Hill - Episode 7

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Felicia and I bent down slowly to see some hand writing on the stones like it was custom-scribbled
Schhhhhhhh! Do not read the letters out
Chief Ojomu warned us before he got back up
Uprightly, I looked into my watch realized it has stopped its anti-clock wise motion. My watch was normal now but fast like it was being fine-tuned forward. Chief Sir, I don’t understand what is happening anymore . Look at my watch. It was.
Then we heard a loud noise coming from the eastern side of where we were, that I found a mob of women with sticks and leaves in their hands beating another woman to a pulp
“ka ra o le o, Oloye (Long live the Chief)
They all chorused when they sighted Chief Ojomu
What is happening? Why all of this Chaos at such a time of the day? Do you realize we are still in the festive mood?
We are sorry my chief. We never meant to be disrupting the peace of the community but this woman here had been found a witch.
What! A witch?
How could you have accused someone a witch at face value? I asked
My Chief, an aged woman knelt down before Chief Ojomu.

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. This woman and I had a little misunderstanding yesterday evening and she told me she was going to deal with me

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. This morning when I woke up, I found my second daughter dead in her apartment.
What! Chief Ojomu exclaimed
Yes my Chief. According to the elder’s proverb sir, “A witch confessed yesterday, another child died today. Who does not know that it is the witch that cried yesterday that killed the child that died today? It is evident that both scenario are connected
Yes! The other women chorused in allegiance 
Why don’t you take her to the king’s palace instead of taking justice into your hands? Felicia asked
Chief Ojomu looked at Felicia and I with a countenance of anxiety
In a case like this, we need not take the case to the king. We have a place called the “Iboogun foot print”. It’s an ancient foot print pattern that plasticizes feet of various sizes. Nonetheless, it weilds more powers than you could ever imagine
What other powers does it exhibit? I asked
The “Iboogun footprint pattern identifies supernatural being
Supernatural being? I don’t understand. Felicia asked
It detects witches, wizards and people who have other strange powers. Take her to “Iboogun”. Lead the way. Chief Ojomu commanded while the women continued their walk down to the Iboogun foot print.
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