Tales of Nene - Episode 14

Arrived at Benin City

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The street leading to Mr David's younger brother house was as silent as a graveyard, both girls  were sighted outside of the gate, they welcome them and assisted in carrying the luggage at the same time questioning while they arrived late.

The water was cold, her shadow casted on the wall, the discussion between her father and his niece was inaudible.

The thought of the whole day ran through Nene's mind, she imagined how she would have managed the situation especially that she was a total stranger in this ancient city; Benin if her father weren't with her for the Journey, it took them three hours to locate the careless passenger after the cab driver who had driven him home arrived at the same area where he had taken off.

Mr David's narrated his awful experience to his nieces , their expression signalled irritation. Joy, Nene's elder cousin was displeased by the action of the stranger.

"Can you imagine he couldn't Identify his box, maybe it was a stolen one" so careless" snapped Amenze.

Joy cleared the dinning table before serving the trio  fufu with egusi soup, they ate while discussing about family activities . "Hope your documents are complete?" asked Amenze ."Yes" replied Nene

Joy inquired if they were satisfied, Nene looked at her father's face to determine his response before replying.

Amenze seemed to care too much,  Nene was impressed with the level of care and concern shown by her

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. Mr David's looked tired, he had a very stressful day he left for the guest room before leaving the girls they were three unoccupied room, the flat was never full except when their parents and other family member came for a function . 

Nene's Uncle had intentionally allowed  his daughters to reside there and not the school hostel so as not to leave the house empty .

Nene watched as Joy searched the shelf thoroughly, she brought a voluminous book with a white cover with the image of a seemingly human heart. 

Nene felt  pity for her, she was  bothered about the effort and time it will take her cousin to cover and understand the concepts contained in the book,  she thought of her own course of study as not being as stressful as as Medicine. 

She remembered when Joy Mum was full of ecstasy when her daughter was admitted to the University, how she had broadcasted the good news to family and friends. Joy was often referred to as, "Doctor" most especially by her mum, her mother was always proud of her, this made Amenze sometimes jealous, 

Nene remember an occasion when her family visited on a Christmas holiday, Amenze had just gained admission to study Business Administration, her Uncle announced the news to Mr and Mrs David's, they all congratulated her, in the thick of the Amenze's celebration Amenze Mum chipped in about how far Joy was doing in her field, she went further bringing a stethoscope she recently acquired for joy. Amenze had complained "Evey time Joy Joy Joy, hope i am not an adopted child" they had all burst into laughter except Amenze who managed to force a smile.

Nene laid on the soft matrass, she tried reaching her best friend chioma to inform her about her arrival.

From Amenze shadow casted on the wall,  Nene could see her removing her clothes, she was totally unclad for few seconds with her rounded bre-st dangling as she bent occasionally to pick and drop pieces of clothing , probably deciding what to put on before retiring for the night.

It was difficult for one to know that both were of the same age,  Amenze appeared much more mature and bigger.

Amenze threw a soft pillow to get Nene attention,  Nene could clearly recall how they played together when that were much younger,  how to shared a packet of biscuits during break, when they went home together to beg the ever brainy Joy who would assist them in doing their assignment.

The memories were still fresh. Amenze discussed her experience and gave some advise and what to expect to encounter.

Amenze snore which was gradually increasing echoed  in the room, Nene pressed the soft pillow against her ear seeking to minimize the noise to get some sleep. 

. .

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