My Encounter With Kate

I have a track record of having my way with any girl. I have always been the cynosure amongst my pairs. Maybe because I was very handsome and quite intelligence.

I met Kate , she was charming and I was confident I was going to win her heart, just as I always did with every other girl.

But for the first time in my life, I questioned my competence and charming look. It was true love, Kate was everything I wanted in a woman.

My desire for Kate was more than gainful lust or proofing a point . I indeed found true love, I couldn't deny that and she was inresistable, she didn't reciprocate, the task to  convince Kate  began, it was my personal goal to win her heart within a limited time. I had just twenty one days In the fast paced NYSC camp. 

My name is Osas and this is my story.

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    • My Encounter With Kate - Episode 1

    • I walked helter–skelter around my room impatiently, feeling so uneasy, waiting for the hands of the clock to tick 10am. Rumour had it that it would be the exact tim...
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    • My Encounter With Kate - Episode 2

    • I was flabbergasted, I couldn't believe my eyes. It was my least expected state. I was hundred percent assured that i was going to be posted to Delta state.  My ...
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    • My Encounter With Kate - Episode 3

    • My elder sister had to change plans; she travelled earlier than she ought to. It was her second time returning home since the beginning of her services year, she informed the ...
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    • My Encounter With Kate - Episode 4

    • I felt uneasy, a young lady and I were that only one whose parent was present. I wrote my name on the manifest that was on the seat closest to the door, I was number seve...
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    • My Encounter With Kate - Episode 5

    • I had to listen carefully to be sure of the song being sung. I was in a mix of confusion and surprise. I stood there not knowing where to go. The moon was almost not in sight, ever...
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    • My Encounter With Kate - Episode 6

    • She didn't looked apathetic, she intended to wipe the  dust off my feet,  i declined.  People had started to troop in, grasping any empty seat in sight...
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    • My Encounter With Kate - Episode 7

    • We were seated in a circles eating rice when we started discussing the event of the previous night,  Felix the Corper whom we travelled together in the same bus assisted me in...
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    • My Encounter With Kate - Episode 8

    • The pulpit was made of a wood, two golden cups beside two lit candles was on it.    The congregation muttered "hail Mary" and "our fath...
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    • My Encounter With Kate - Episode 9

    • It rained for three consecutive days and when it shone it was extreme. No sooner had we started the morning drill when it started from a little shower to a heavy downpour. We were ...
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    • My Encounter With Kate - Episode 10

    • My Motive for attending the evening mass wasn't to worship God neither was it to listen to the word. All i wanted to achieve was just to set my eyes on this girl; Kate. &n...
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    • My Encounter With Kate - Episode 11

    • Over eighty percent of corpers were out for the night program. The room was very quiet because a Corper claimed to have seen a Soldier approaching near and the consequence for bein...
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