Tales of Nene - Episode 7

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The evening prayers took longer time than usual. The slapping of the slanting rain on the windows, the cool unpleasant breeze, trees wavering and object hitting substances disturbed.

Nene rubbed the notes collected from Dr Jones subtly, the imagination of Dr Jones thrusting, sweat touching each other was belittling. Every time she tried to erase him (Dr . Jones) from her memory it was difficult. The door opened, it was Mrs. David's.

Nene hid the notes under the pillow. "Nene!" called Mrs. David's. "I am sorry this bad situation occurred during this period, do not regret, though everything seemed scattered but I am sure things will turn out for good, "I am sorry that as a mother I have failed to meet your basic needs".

Mrs. David's extended the African print wrapper down her legs to reduce the effect of the cold. "I work hard always to ensure that I give you the best". As her Mum spoke Nene had empathy, she saw a glimpse of Ose in the curve of her lips. She spotted wrinkles on her mother face beginning to appear on her face as a result of the stress.

She waited for everyone to sleep, her mum was, Ose wasn't. He sat on the cold tiled floor. He was engrossed, fixing the damaged antenna,  she observed him,  he now took the sole responsibility as the man of the house, she regretted telling him the good news late, which made him uninterested when he found out.

He was skilful

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. He concentrated keenly with his eyes fixed, his mind engaged. She watched him, she wished he studied mechanical Engineering.

Both were fast asleep,  Mrs. David's snored loudly, the room was dark,  occasionally, lightning struck which lightened the room, the ray from her phone shone radiated on her eyes. The network was poor which made the loading process slow. She pulled the first compartment of the drawer, brought out a packet, unwrapped it, it was moist and elastic with an inscription on the packet “condom” that Chioma gave her earlier.

She lay under the blanket with her belly downward, covered from head to toe. She imitated the instructor on YouTube how to wear it. She vibrated, shivers ran down her spine.

She was vigilant, her heart hammered her chest, she went to another dimension- someone having a practical use and then how to remove it. Her blanket swiped off, she knew she was doomed, because there wasn’t any reasonable excuse to give caught in viewing pornography.

Fortunately it was the stormy breeze. She sighed and packed the oily stuff, exhausted, she was fast asleep.

The serenity of Dr. Jones Duplex was rare in Lagos, they compound was lonely, filled with fleet of exotic cars of various sorts. The gateman delayed.  Few minutes past, the gateman invited her in. She was quite confident compared to the first visit at his office. She walked briskly. She paused for a while stared at her reflection in the mirror behind her. Knowing she wasn't going to come out the same way she came in. She restrained tears from flowing.

She was amazed at the degree of wealth a man could possess, the walls were high compared to theirs filled with cobwebs which was within reach with a leap. The curtains matched the colour of the marble floor, the chandelier lights reflected on an artificial aquarium. A servant directed her towards the bedroom.

On her way to the bedroom, something struck her mind, she thought on what to tell her relative especially her mum about the source of the money.

 A steward served champagne in tall glasses. She refused. Dr Jones brushed aside some hair covering her eye from her face “you look beautiful than the last time we met".

He switched the light, the room was dim. He went under the blanket. She pulled her blouse, he licked the lips at the sight of that rounded breasts. Her pink pant laid on the floor. He smelled of “disgust”. The white hair on his chest and pot bell was disgusting.

 His weighed as much as a bag of rice.

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. With every Slip into her, she felt guilty. It was painful. She avoided eye contact. After a quick shower she went for the cheque, she hooked her bra. He fastened his belt.

On her way down the lobby, three ferocious, belligerent looking young ladies with an elder woman behind all marching with vigour. One took Nene by the Neck. "Husband snatcher" they scream they were slapping her in turns.

She knew her doom will engulf soon.  She realized it was Dr. Jones wife. Mrs. Jones brought out a transparent bottle half filled with a colourless liquid .She try to find her way out but the trio press her to the ground.  They tore her clothes, except for the under wears.

On pouring the liquid, the felt her skin literally burning continuously as if she was being set on fire. “Help"……..She screamed as loud as she could.

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