Tales of Nene - Episode 4

The David's fate

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You need not to show fear, the man of the house must overcome situations and be bold irrespective of any situation, let us trust the almighty one that can do all things and we will be more prayerful, everything will be alright”. These were the exact words of aunty joy as she rested her soft warm arm around Ose’s shoulder. The man on blue prevented all from getting to the hospital lobby which had doors with tags on both sides . Ose eyes were bulgy and red as blood, sleep eluded him, he couldn’t comprehend who his father had offended to warrant him in such a critical condition, though his father was a hot-tempered and arrogant man but he never went beyond his limits. He tightened his fist as he imagined how he would pounce on the culprit. The thought of the pain in which Mr. David’s will be going through prevented him from praying.

 All sorts of visitors filled the waiting room those who were rejoicing on successful delivery, those who rejoiced over successful surgeries, and those who were in panic awaiting doctor’s remark, nurses looking smart on their white dresses, patient awaiting to be attended to, cleaners, those mourning over deceases, and some who purpose were unclear. Fear wafted over the room, occasionally a doctor would come to inform people their fate.

Her heart pounded her chest, she quivered, goose bumps immediately appeared on Aunty Joy skin at the sight of a body covered in white clothing carried on a stretcher to the hospital mortuary

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. The hall was quiet, someone just gave up the ghost. There was instant  pandemonium, some wailed, some mourned, some wept, some prayed, some lamented…, there were mixed feelings. The body weren’t to be announced until an hour.

Mrs. David’s woke up from her short sleep as a result of the noise from the hall she dashed to Ose, who was at alert awaiting the announcement of the deceased. Who was that on the stretcher? Screamed Mrs. David’s. Ose remained dumped while aunty joy shrugged. The trio were filled with tension. Let’s us pray suggested Aunty Joy the held hands “Our father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come…….. ” amen they concluded in unison as their pastor joined them.

At this point the deceased was being announced, there was a great sign of relief, and they hugged one another.  A huge man with broad chest and well-polished shoes walked briskly out of the lobby with a stethoscope dangling on his neck “representatives of Andrew David’s and Nene David’s report to the doctor’s office”.

“I have a good news and quite an unpleasant one”, the doctor adjusted his glasses and cleared his throat, then further brought the file closer to his face. “Nene has been revived, she just need a little rest and medication”. All gave a bland expression, “he could have been in a better condition if he was brought in on time, he has lost a lot of blood and the situation is critical, something need to be done quickly or else…. The dagger struck ruptured his heart and a surgery is needed within a week. Oselobuaaa! Cried Mrs. David’s. Pastor Peter held her tight as she threw her scarf on the floor.

The room was silent, Nene focused her eyes on the colorful rubber tile pattern, she caressed the bible on her lap, “my faith wouldn’t fade this time” muttered Nene.  It was barely two weeks to resumption, Nene had been occupied with thoughts of tragedy, a quarter of the sum needed to perform the surgery was yet to be gotten. The university had released a mail on the dismissal of students who fail to pay the necessary fees before resumption. All hopes of resuming school were slim, Chioma her best friend called three previous night to inform her on the number of designers tops and jeans she had bought for campus use. Helpers weren’t responding, the only person who promised to help was a relation who reside abroad. It has been three gone after the doctor’s instructions.

The Sun assumed an unusual colour upon sunset, Nene decided to take a stroll after a stressful day in order to clear her head. No sooner had she walked 50 meters when a Middle-aged woman approached in an eloquent tone inquired. ” Excuse me young lady I am in search of…


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