Tales of Nene

"If i could turn back the hands of time to correct my past i would do". This were the words of Nene Davids as she stared the ceiling alone in the thick of the night holding a knife trying to commit sucide.

With  a promising start, the end seem unpleasant, where did she make a mistake?

life had no reason to be unfair to her,

The biggest mistake was to give all of her heart  to a man

This was the wrongest decision she made in her life

Her life is so shattered 

Where could she start from?

let's see how this misery occured.


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    • Tales of Nene - Episode 1

    • Reluctantly, she picked her phone. Paul had called thrice earlier to ask if her name was on Jamb website where the admission status was being uploaded. The more she check...
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    • Tales of Nene - Episode 2

    • "A bill needs to go through how many stages to become a Law?  a) Four b) five c) six d) seven"  This was the 48th question out of the 5...
      • Views (3,633)
      • Comments (10)
    • Tales of Nene - Episode 3

    • Watery eyes, caused by smoke from burning firewood made Mrs. David’s uncomfortable. Passersby’s would think there was a serious activity going on. Some people gossiped ...
      • Views (3,298)
      • Comments (4)
    • Tales of Nene - Episode 4

    • You need not to show fear, the man of the house must overcome situations and be bold irrespective of any situation, let us trust the almighty one that can do all things and we will...
      • Views (3,177)
      • Comments (3)
    • Tales of Nene - Episode 5

    • Amazed, the interior was an epitome of luxury as she sank in the soft seat beside the driver's. She quickly perused within the car using the rear mirror like a driver reversing...
      • Views (3,129)
      • Comments (2)
    • Tales of Nene - Episode 6

    • He gave an awkward smile. The room was silent as a graveyard, except for the ticking of the wall clock. "You will have to offer your body to me if you are to get this cheque&q...
      • Views (2,932)
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    • Tales of Nene - Episode 7

    • The evening prayers took longer time than usual. The slapping of the slanting rain on the windows, the cool unpleasant breeze, trees wavering and object hitting substances disturbe...
      • Views (2,768)
      • Comments (2)
    • Tales of Nene - Episode 8

    • The scorching sun sapped strength. She went for a shade, under a nearby almond tree. The  anxiety prior to resumption had died down.  Three days had gone with nothing sig...
      • Views (2,793)
      • Comments (3)
    • Tales of Nene - Episode 9

    • The cool climate was beginning to fizzle out. Mr. Jones' phone number appeared on the screen, she immediately rejected the incoming call, she thought on what could be going on ...
      • Views (3,182)
      • Comments (1)
    • Tales of Nene - Episode 10

    • The barking of a Dog echoed, it got louder as they neared. Fear parched her throat, Nene slowed her step. She gazed around, she was amazed, She couldn't believe her eyes. "...
      • Views (2,844)
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    • Tales of Nene - Episode 11

    • Ose got a seemingly distress call from an unknown caller in worried tone. He hurriedly washed himself off his greasy smeared skin and handed over the unfinished task to a colleague...
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    • Tales of Nene - Episode 12

    • The receptionist scanned through the hard covered note. Ose breathed Impatiently, the reception was almost empty except for few persons awaiting to see the doctor.  ...
      • Views (2,725)
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    • Tales of Nene - Episode 13

    • The taxi swerved towards the famous Yaba motor park, filled with various space bus, most of which were white in colour, several people rushed, intending to cajole father and daught...
      • Views (2,407)
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    • Tales of Nene - Episode 14

    • The street leading to Mr David's younger brother house was as silent as a graveyard, both girls  were sighted outside of the gate, they welcome them and assisted in c...
      • Views (2,553)
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