Tales of Nene - Episode 5

Strange Encounters

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Amazed, the interior was an epitome of luxury as she sank in the soft seat beside the driver's. She quickly perused within the car using the rear mirror like a driver reversing. The ancient sculpture of a servant bowing to his master caught attention coupled with the fragrance that emitted. The lady obviously was oozing wealth thought Nene. She probably was in her late twenties . "My name is Anita, she unfolded a rumpled paper, "I have searched for this street but it's nowhere to be found", a woman directed me toward this point and here I am stuck grumbled Anita ".”Lucky to have found me I know the street so well, it's beside mine” I didn't get your name" said Anita. "I am Nene" "Great name I must say" retorted Anita. Are you from Edo state? Asked Anita "yes" replied Nene. My ex is from Edo state, He is the nicest man I have never dated, and we planned to settle down there when we get married but all those dreams are gone........  . 

Anita noticed Nene was paying no attention, lost in thought, she instantly knew something was bothering her. "Hello young lady hope you are good?" "Apparently" replied Nene," take the left turn its two streets away". "So, “how is Studies"? Asked Anita

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. I just gained admission to study accountancy that's is nice replied Anita hope you are prepared? Not really asked Anita it's really a long story ma........

As Nene narrated her ordeal Anita felt sorry and had great pity, Anita seemed like an elder sister Nene never had.  What surprised Nene the most was the friendly attitude demonstrated by Anita. "God will definitely make a way, you would resume school and your father would be healed".  The pair exchanged contact, "I will keep in touch" Anita zoomed off as the car disappeared into the darkness. The rapport seemed like they have known each other for years. 

After the encounter with the uncanny lady Nene was left astonished and had a light feeling in her heart. She saved her number as "Comforter".

Aunty joy sat by the bedside in which her brother, Mr. David's laid.

 She occasionally visits accompanied by her husband. That early morning the hospital arena looked deserted, Mr. David's looked pale, apparently his health was dwindling, veins intertwined appeared under his skin,  he could hardly complete a sentence without coughing, "I am afraid, if nothing is done in few days  there....." spoke the doctor. 

The coldness of the well lit room was a gave vigor , the scorching sun sapped strength, the marble floor made her shoes make sounds the hallway which was about five kilometer to the reception that had symbols hanged around .The company looked as that void of human activities but she thought otherwise due to the sight of hidden cameras. The aesthetic of the environment was topnotch, this gave Nene hope of a positive outcome. The receptionist dialed, "Afternoon Sir, One Nene David's have an appointment". A man on suit with a Tag that display MD sat in a confident posture that gave an impression of pride. "Your father is a very good man, he doesn't deserve this, I will make sure the perpetrator of this inhumane act must "dance to the music".

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. He tore a leaf from the cheque book, “This is a cheque of one million naira, please manage this for now". Her anxious face became grin, Nene couldn't believe her eyes, her dad had once told the family about how benevolent he was, she went down to her kneels thanking him with tears of joy. “Get up my daughter I am only playing my role. Nene was full of bemusement.

Steam evaporated into thin air, the aroma of the tea wafted the air, a lady with long eyelashes dropped two teacups, "feel at home" said the MD. Nene gulped gently trying not burn her tongue. The Managing director telephoned the lady to clear up the place and inform the receptionist not to honor any invitation or appointment.

"Nene my dear in this world equations must be balanced". Nene stared at him like one speaking Spanish trying to figure out the motive of the seeming logical phrase.

 You see if “X” is omitted from “Y” the equation would not balance. At this point the MD stood up, hanged his attractive jacket on his seat, “This handsome cheque is yours but I am afraid everything comes with a price. Nene coiled something in her heart hoping to be wrong. He adjusted his glasses and frowned which made his eyes smaller like peanuts. She took effrontery and asked "Sir what do you mean by price"?


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