Tales of Nene - Episode 2

Joyous moment

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"A bill needs to go through how many stages to become a Law? 
a) Four b) five c) six d) seven" 

This was the 48th question out of the 50th. 
Nene had never come across this question, “maybe I was sleeping or late to class when the government teacher (Mr. Kay) was treating this topic" Nene muttered to herself.

Nene had decided not to put her eggs in a basket, she had obtained Obafemi Awolowo University pre-degree form to rely on incase first choice of university denied her admission . It’s been three hours of practicing, sleep was beginning to creep in.

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. Let me finish kia kia Nene grumbled.

Nene wakes up every morning about 5:00am to assist her mum to wash and grind beans.
Mrs. Davids sells akara at a nearby junction, this was her little way of supporting her husband's cab driving business, because it wasn't fetching enough money for the family.

The stress of waking up every morning to wash and grind beans usually make her late for classes, she often miss government class which was always the first subject on the timetable or if she manage to get there on time she would submit to sleep.

She decided to surf internet in order to aid herself. The phone screen was the way she left it after Paul’s call

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. Something told her to scroll down .To her greatest surprise Screen was emblazoned with "Congratulation Davids Nene you have been offered admission in University of Benin for a 4year programme to study Banking and finance........ “

She couldn't believe her eyes, she screamed so loud that people dashed from everywhere, rushed to rescue thinking it was an attack.

All the neighbors including Mama Sandra who was the (Davids family) Official family trouble maker rushed to her two room apartment. Nene kept jumping from one sofa to another without saying a word. Everyone stood around motionless, their eyes sternly gazed on the scene like a champion’s league final match.

Sodiq the fourteen year old boy who lived downstairs whispered to his friend " E be like say this one don dey kolo o, abeg make we find rope before she naked o". Sodiq always made flattering, unpleasant and mocking comments on dating her anytime Nene was out on her way to tutorial, she found his remarks insulting and planned to give him a resounding conk of the knock.

Basking in the euphoria of Joy, she didn’t realize she drew a lot of attention.

She recalled a song which she sang during childhood

She began to sing

He has done for me 2x

He has done for me 2x

What my father cannot do

He has done for me

What my mother…………

" Why u dey shout like say dem Put fire for your head ?"

asked mama Sandra placing her left arm, on her hips putting on a wrapper that barely covered her sagging breasts which Sodiq was using to do some physics practical in his mind . I just gained admission to the university replied Nene. 
They was an uproar .Everyone celebrated her, beats, chants, and all sorts filled the atmosphere.

Sodiq decided to carry out his evil act, at least she would be distracted, he thought 
He skipped towards Nene gave her a firm hug, gripped her stupendous backside. Immediately Nene realized his action, she tried laying a heavy conk of knock on his newly cut hair (abolo) that would have resounded like the London bell but he smartly dodged? He dashed out of the room with the speed of light. 

She was now sweating profusely,

Nene got back to her magical and miraculous phone, 
Hello mummy, I have gained admission .........
eehn? Replied Mrs. Davids.


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