Christian - Episode 17

Missing you

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Tunde pushed me against the door and kissed me immediately we got into his room, he was anxious as he took off his shirt in a flip

"Gosh I missed you"he said taking my lips again

I put my hand on his chest as he got to my top button as the flashback  of me leaving the number on the floor of the parking lot came to mind, I felt stupid now doing it but felt then that it had been the right thing to do, Christian and I have gone on for too long in circles

"Are you alright?"Tunde had asked in the car noticing my silence, I looked at him

"What I'm fine"

"I'm so sorry about that call, but I had to take it, my roommate wanted to know when I would be back in school"

"Oh ok"my mind was still elsewhere"can you um take me home?"I asked, I didn't want to go anywhere else, I had a headache thinking about what Christian might have been up to

"Uh I was thinking we should go to my place, my Mom's missed you"

I think it was he who missed me but I didn't want to go, all she did was scrutinize me if I was the right woman for her only child, but I didn't blame her though I'm sure she must have figured I was only dating him to please my father

"I really have a headache"

"We won't be long"he insisted, and he already turned towards his direction

"Um.."I  knew he missed me as we hadn't had any alone time since I arrived, and it was important that we did, we were in a relationship afterall, I didn't say anything else as we drove into his father's compound, I was so used to by now but it was a pretty huge duplex, his mom and Dad were home and they as usual wanted to discuss with me, they held us for 30 minutes, asking about my trip and school, Tunde squeezing my hand all through anxiously, he excused us upstairs, away from them..

"Can we like stop for a minute" I said

"Why?"he asked pulling me back into his arms

"I'm not like comfortable, your parents are downstairs"I said

"Do you want us to go somewhere else"he asked

"Like a hotel?"he nodded

"We could spend the night"

I chuckled"what about the candles?"

He paused wonderingly "what.."

"I'm a virgin remember, I intend to remain so..."

"Sade"he said"I want you, haven't I been patient enough..."he paused "how long are you going to hold off on me?"

"Long enough, I'm not about to have s*x with you in your room"I said moving away

"What's wrong with my room..."it was not the room but the wrong person... I thought 

"Can we just  talk about something else"I tried to change topic

"Something else like what.."he pulled me back to him"I can't think of anything else but about how much I want you "he took my lips in his but I pulled away momentarily

"I'm not just in the mood.."

"Serious?"there  was silence as he stared at me

"You still think about him don't you?"

"What.." I turned to look at him

"Don't play dumb, Christian, I knew this was a bad idea" he sat on the bed and roved his hair

"What are you talking about?".

"Christian is still in your head, how do I compete with that, forget it, you can leave"he laid back

"Um why you pissed because I said no"

"It's not because you said no"he paused" you acting like I'm forcing you to do this, am I?".

"It's not . anything like that"

"Then why won't you let me touch you, taste you....get into your pants"he asked plainly, because you're not the right guy, I am being coerced by my parents

"Is that what this is about, bedding me ..?"he stood up and walked to where I was

"You know I love you more than that, it's just.. I really looked forward to us getting to second base in our relationship, I just felt it's time"

"Well it's not..for me"

"Where did everything go wrong with us Sade, we liked each other, we dated for two years, we were the best couple in school, we were happy...until Christian..."

"its not, it has nothing to do with that..."

"It has everything to do with that"he blurted, visibly pained

What was this, Christian thinking am hung up on Tunde and vice versa

There was a long silence before he said

"I think we should break up"

I swallowed, I clearly wasn't expecting that"Uh.."

"Because I can't do this, I want sex, except you want me to cheat on you"

"Are you going to force me after I said no?"

"If I least let me make you want it"I held his gaze, I didn't want this to escalate more than it already has, both of us were obviously not in the right state of mind

"Let's talk about this some other time,  I have to go home"  he looked disappointed but for only a second before he stood up

"Fine" he took up his car keys and we left the room in silence, we didn't say goodbye to his parents as we go into his car, he didn't say anything to me either, when we got to my house I looked at him

"I'm really sorry..I .."he didn't look at me neither was there any reply, I leaned to kiss him but he didn't respond, I got out and shut the door, he drove off immediately, I didn't know if we were really over or not but now I had to face my nemesis of why I left the number in the parking lot.



Rushed chapter, more to come later, this story is not yet written hence the delay


Please comments on how you think it would end

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    Wow. Please go on, dear. I'm loving your story.
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    Quite along time , it's lovely
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