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I walked on the treadmill as Kim did her crunches, my eyes on Kwame who was on the other side of the room staring at me, we happened to be members of the same gym located on campus, he worked on his upper arms with the dumbell, his eyes never leaving mine, Kim stood up and stretched then started her squats

"Is he looking?"


"Kwame...did I tell you we danced at the party?"

Now I understood why she insisted on going with me to the gym that morning, because she knew Kwame would be there

"Oh, yeah I guess so" I looked away and went to take my towel, I looked and he still had his eyes on me

"I have a huge crush on him and since you don't want him"

"He looks like a player actually"I said drinking my water

"You think that about every guy, was Christian any different?"

I paused "yeah, he was...he was different in every way"

"What then happened?"she asked

I paused again as I kept back the watercan"it's complicated, he thought I wasn't totally over my ex"I said while she stared at me arms crossed

"Well, weren't you?"

"I was....can we not talk about this?" I said remembering Rosemary, I'd tried to reach out to her over the years but she had refused to have anything to do with me, maybe she trully hadn't been my friend.

We packed up to go all sweaty when Kwame blocked us, sweat dripped down his arms and I tried not to stare

"Hey, you guys done already?"he asked 

"Yeah, we have grocery shopping later" I said 

"Me too, I mean I could join you guys"he invited himself crossing his arms

"Um that's not a good id..."

"Sure, the more the merrier right?"

"I'm sure you wouldn't want to be stuck with us girls grocery shopping"I said

"There's so many other things I'd like to be doing stuck with you girls but I ll stick with groceries for now.. I ll call you"he said to me and Kim nodded as he walked away

"What a pervert" I said moving towards the car

"He's so perfect, don't you think"she said at the same time

"I think he's a pervert, did he just say he would do things with us?"

"All guys say that, and you saying that because you don't like him, the more time we spend with him the more he notices you not into him and focuses on me"

"Yea, I wish he does"

We got into the car and drove off.

We walked down the aisle of the grocery store but I excused myself and went to the drinks section, he continued shopping with Kim for all of five minutes when I turned and saw him at my section, I was surprised because I did think I should give them privacy

"You done with your list?"I asked

"Not really, I needed some vodka"he reached for and took two bottles off the shelf, I watched him drop it into the cart

"I checked" he said"you don't have a boyfriend"he met my eyes

"Oh, um well, who told you that"

"I asked your friend, infact she did laugh at me"he said

"Uh"I pulled back my hair, I hated that girl with her blabbermouth, he pulled my cart to his and I stared at it, how do I get rid of him now that Kim had shoved me back into his claws

"Well I'm not looking to date"I said

"I figured, but why", I ignored him and dropped in six sodas

"I'm not going to take no for an answer Jas" he said,  and I still continued shopping

"There must be a reason why you tried to get me off your back"he said

"I'm not...I didn't try to do that, you're a great guy and all but I think it's better if we remained friends"

"Okay" he agreed and I was surprised"but that's not what you want"he said, I sighed as we rolled our carts to the cashier, he came closer and my heartbeat skyrocketed"I know when a girl likes me and when she is playing hard to get"he said into my hair

"Hey guys, you got everything?"Kim said rolling in her cart, I nodded as we paid, he followed us to our apartment as Kim had invited him over for dinner, guess she wanted to spend more time with him, I put away the groceries in the kitchen

"I'm not playing hard to get, I really do not like you that way"I said when he walked into the kitchen

"Then why do you find it difficult looking away when I look at you"he asked leaning on the counter

I rolled my eyes"you don't get to say that"I said"fine, I think you're hot"

He was silent"I don't want us to walk away from what could have been"

"There's nothing that could have been,  I know guys like you, you just want in my pants"

He paused"Well yeah I do want in your pants"I looked at him"don't you want in mine?"he said while biting an apple

"Gosh you're so.

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. ."

"Go out with me, just once"

"And do what?"he moved from the counter and faced me so I leaned on it exasperated

"I want to date you, I want you to be my girl" I stared long at him

"You're undeniably fast"I said my hand on his chest to push him away

"You don't give me much of a choice"

"Let's talk about this some other time"

"What happened to now?"he said pulling back my hair

"When I kiss you, tell me if you don't feel something"

"I won't" I said, he kissed me, then deepened it

"Hey, "I looked and pushed him away as Kim found us "am interrupting something" she said coming in

"No you're not" I said, ashamed but Kwame put my hands around him, I didn't know what I felt for him, why I was fast forgetting Christian, the smirking bad guy who took my teenage heart in his hands and smashed it, Kim cleared her throat

"Well, here I thought I was interrupting"

She gave me a look of hatred

"Kwame was just leaving" I said

"I was?"he asked still holding me, I looked at Kim, she looked hurt, I didn't want my friend to be like that, but it was happening again

"I guess I should go, give you guys some.. privacy"she speed walked away

"So?"he said"did you feel something?"

"No" he waited"fine, one date" I said, he kissed me again and again till my head turned to mush, I had no idea what was happening or why I was feeling this way,  but I knew I needed to forget about Christian one way, there was nothing special about him


"Dad, I met someone"I said to him when I came back to Nigeria, he was silent as he read his paper


"No, he's from Ghana, his name is Kwame, he's also a law student"

"I don't want to meet anyone that is not David, you know your union is good for business, his father has a lot of companies and shares, you messed things up with Tunde because of that low life golddigger you were all over, now you're telling me about someone else"

I thought he would be happy, I thought he just did not like Christian, no, he was in for the money, he was going to sell me his only daughter to the highest bidder.."Dad.."I began

"I don't want to hear it, it's time you made yourself useful in this family, I have nothing else to gain from you apart from your marriage to David"

"But I don't even like him, I've tried, he's just so arrogant and full of himself, I would never see myself married to such a man", we never agreed on anything during the one month he demanded for, most of the time I wanted to kill him, and bury him somewhere he won't be found, my father glared at me as if he had read my mind

"you said you didn't like Christian, I found someone else and I'm going to marry him" I said

"Do what you like and I'm going to disown you" he said, I glared at him with tears in my eyes, I had done everything to please him,  even gone abroad to study, but me being a girl child would always be an issue, I stood up and went to cry in my room, I missed Christian, I missed him a lot, even though I had so much fun with Kwame, Christian mearnt a lot to me, he was the man I wanted to spend my life with.

Kwame gave me a foot massage as I laid on the beach, we had gone out together, my friends and his, Kim had finally accepted we were together and gone on to the next guy

"So what did your father say?"

"That he wants nothing to do with you"

He chuckled"Most father's would kill to have me as a son in law"

"Here goes the humility I spoke about" I said

He flipped me over and knelt over me"but it doesn't matter to you does it"

"It's not the first time I'm going to rebel"I said with a smirk, he leaned down to kiss me

"Hey, you both get a room"one of his friends shouted, he leaned away

"Speaking of, we should"he pulled me up to my feet and we walked away from the group

"So are you going to go back to Nigeria after we graduate or practice here?"he asked

"That's the plan, Nigeria, I have nothing for me here"

"But I'm going to be here"he said

"You are? I thought you would go back to Ghana"

"Nah"he was silent"my Dad's here, only my Mama's in Ghana"

"Oh"I pulled back my hair, he had never asked to meet any of his family but I guess it still was early stage, we had only dated for three months, he stared at me as my hair flew back with the wind, he put my hands on his waist

"I love you"

"What.."I said

"I'm not going to repeat that"

"Why not, you said you loved me"I blushed

"So you heard"he said

I didn't know if I should tell him back, if I'd be lying, so I kissed him instead and hoped beyond hope that Christian wasn't waiting for me.


Christian or Kwame who ends up with her? find out in the next episodes

. .

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