Tale of two brothers caught in  a tangled web of love, deceit, hate and conspiracy which threatens to separate them forever.

Is blood really thicker than water?

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    • Brothers - Introduction

    • "Raymond" he looked up "Raymond I swear this is the last straw, I'm tired" Isabel said as she walked into the consulting room, she presently was  on he...
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    • Brothers - Episode 1

    • Richard laughed with his friends, as they cheered hitting glasses, it was the bachelor party of one of his homies Chuks who was getting married the next day to his fiancee, Jennife...
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    • Brothers - Episode 2

    • Isabel walked around the emergency ward and took up the case note of a patient to make notes, she was one of the junior doctors and was usually the first on call to see patients be...
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    • Brothers - Episode 3

    • Jemima walked into the room and laid on the bed, playing with Raymond's tablet "You better not alter anything there" he said  "Why you s...
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    • Brothers - Episode 4

    • Raymond was hanging out with his brother and friends in a club, his bosom friend Chris had decided to tag along.  He would like to think they had settled their diffe...
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    • Brothers - Episode 5

    • "Raymond, I can't believe I came back last week but you barely have my time" Jessica said entering the house after Raymond opened it "You know I've...
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    • Brothers - Episode 6

    • Richard was going through a file in his office, he suddenly closed it and gave it to his secretary Amaka  "Give it to accounts to go through before I sign, have...
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    • Brothers - Episode 7

    • Isabel got out of bed and wore her robe, glancing back at Richard who was still sleeping, it was two weeks after their anniversary and she wondered at the game he was playing when ...
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    • Brothers - Episode 8

    • "Are you okay?" Jessica asked Raymond when they were left alone at the backseat of the car while Richard and Isabel sat in front...They had decided to hit the club after ...
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    • Brothers - Episode 9

    • She couldn't recall how it all began...neither could he.  One moment they were talking about his presentation and she had come around the desk to take a look at ...
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    • Brothers - Episode 10

    • Isabel was in the gym with Sandra and Jessica, they had met her in the gym by chance with her friend Trina and had decided to take the class together.. "The only tim...
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    • Brothers - Episode 11

    • Raymond stared at his brother who reclined on his chair moving back and forth as they waited for the others to settle down at the meeting, it comprised of all the share holders of ...
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    • Brothers - Episode 12

    • "So I'm guessing you've packed all your lingerie and all, you sure not gonna let Jessica best you in this" Sandra said over the phone, it was the day before they ...
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    • Brothers - Episode 13

    • *sorry all for the delay, was really busy and had writer's block, happens to everyone... Well back to the story "Are you sure we are on the right track...
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    • Brothers - Episode 14

    • Isabel had woken up the next morning as early as 5am to be in the kitchen as was her routine "Was sure smells nice in here" Raymond said as he st...
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    • Brothers - Episode 15

    • They were all laid outside the cottage on different chaises, Isabel adjusted her hat over her eyes to shield herself from the sun rays as she looked at Richard who had been busy ty...
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    • Brothers - Episode 16

    • Raymond walked into the terrace where Isabel was hugging herself with tears in her eyes "I can't do it Raymond...I don't even know what to do?" she said...
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    • Brothers - Episode 17

    • "How did it go bro.." Chris asked immediately he got into his apartment, he had been staying there in his absence, Raymond didn't want to even imagine all he had done...
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    • Brothers - Episode 18

    • Isabel just finished sobbing in the bathroom, she cleaned her tears and got under the shower, she let it run down her body as she thought about her life in the past months, how she...
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    • Brothers - Episode 19

    • Isabel walked into the kitchen then turned to look at Richard, arms crossed "Why is she still here Richard, its been three weeks" "These things t...
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    • Brothers - Episode 20

    • Isabel ended the call and decided not to go, she didn't need anymore reason for Richard to hate her besides she hadn't forgiven Raymond for what had happened between them.....
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    • Brothers - Episode 21

    • Jacob was released and came back to work. He was assigned to work on the figures he had initially altered, It took a month before they were able to get back in business but they we...
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