The Bet

In this game of love there is no victor or is sometimes all a game till emotions get involved.

Two things are sure...there is a player and there is a game to be played.

What happens when a girl falls for a guy who had made a bet on her?

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    • The Bet - Episode 1

    • The sitting room erupted with laughter as Mariam sat with her boyfriend Chris  who caught up with his friend Raymond who just arrived from Abuja after his youth service, they ...
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    • The Bet - Episode 2

    • *Please do not get confused with the names, its a totally new story, different from Brothers Jessica stared at Mariam from the bed as she got ready for the party, she and...
      • Views (12,905)
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    • The Bet - Episode 3

    • Laughter erupted from Raymond's balcony as he entertained his friends Chris and Maxwell who was also a doctor... "So how is your program coming along, have you s...
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    • The Bet - Episode 4

    • *So sorry all for the delay.. Very busy with work... * Jessica dropped her bag on the kitchen counter wondering where her mother went.. there was  food on the gas co...
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    • The Bet - Episode 5

    • "You're going out with my brother on a date?" Gina asked in class shocked "Its not really a  date, he just wants to hang out with me....maybe see ...
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    • The Bet - Episode 6

    • Jessica finished shopping at the supermarket, entered her mother's car and drove off, she had gone home that weekend and had decided to help her mother with groceries, glancing...
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    • The Bet - Episode 7

    • It was weekend, Jessica had made chin chin and was in the house with Mariam as they watched TV,  it was an interview with Beyonce, they were engrossed in it when the doorbell ...
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    • The Bet - Episode 8

    • "Mom? "Jessica called shocked,  her mother had been making out with a man,  her mother wasn't that kind of woman and she couldn't remember the last time...
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    • The Bet - Episode 9

    • "My mom's dating"Jessica told Gina at her house who had come visiting  "what? " Gina said "yes,  there's a man always comin...
      • Views (10,458)
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    • The Bet - Episode 10

    • Raymond pulled into his crib in minutes,  he hadn't argued about it but had seemed uncomfortable about the idea "come on right out " he said "...
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    • The Bet - Episode 11

    • "I'm the second of three kids, my brother is based in Lagos, married with two kids" he sipped his wine" my Dads a business man, into Real Estate,  my Mom...
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    • The Bet - Episode 12

    • "So your father wants to see you" Christy said Jessica turned and looked at her mother "Mom I do not have time for this now,  as far as I'm co...
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    • The Bet - Episode 13

    • Jessica stood up from the bed and wore her robe,  looking back at Raymond she tied the sash and made her way to the bathroom,  he had returned nights ago looking distraug...
      • Views (8,661)
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    • The Bet - Episode 14

    • Raymond got to the family house and drove in, he got out and slammed the door not expecting anyone to come welcome him home as was typical in his family, everyone was busy with the...
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    • The Bet - Episode 15

    • Raymond found himself at a bar that Sunday night, he and Richmond had  planned to hangout but work took Richmond away and he had to cancel last  minute, Raymond still dec...
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    • The Bet - Episode 16

    • Episode 16 "I warned you girl, I told you not to fall for a guy like him"Mariam said "Last i checked you introduced them, this should have all been avo...
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    • The Bet - Episode 17

    • Can't imagine the long wait, so sorry all, know you all must hate me now, lol, well back to the story. **** *********** Jessica rolled the trolley around the s...
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    • The Bet - Episode 18

    • "Doctor please do everything you can to make sure you save the mother and baby" Donald said in the private hospital she had been rushed to  "Sir we ar...
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  • Godiya Wisdom picture
    Godiya Wisdom
    Waiting for new episodes!!
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    Joseph Daramola
    This is a wonderful story. Its so spectacular. Why ve stopped writing? Pls, continue dis unique story pls
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    Angel Chinedu
    Waiting for new episodes!!!
  • Iriruagua Bridget picture
    Iriruagua Bridget
    Wonderful story, pls you stop writing for a while now, pls upload the next episode
  • Jennifer Aboagyewaa picture
    Jennifer Aboagyewaa
    Interesting. It's a shame Raymond's pals want to tell on him. Poor Jess. I hope their love for each other will with stand the storm.
  • JOY ARIBO picture
    when will update be ready
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