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I listened to the lecturer drone on and on as I glanced at my phone which kept lighting up with text messages, it then began to vibrate, I still had no idea how he got my number

"Somehow you would have to pick up"Annabel said beside me, I sighed and closed my face, I was so unfortunate in having loser guys all over me, guys my parents chose, I hadn't heard from Tunde in weeks so I guess it was safe to officially say we were over and yes I was back in London. The lecture finally ended and  we packed our stuff and walked out of the hall, I went through my phone and rolled my eyes at the messages, he was such a douchebag

"Though if you ask me David is a cool catch"Annabel said

"No I prefer she dates Kwame"Kimberly my other friend said, Kwame was the hot Ghanian in my class who have been giving me the eye

"Guys I'm not looking for a guy now"

"Then please hand me one, I want David the one who is loaded"Annabel said

"You can have him, I'm sure you both would be well suited together" I said

"He doesn't like white girls"Kim said"but I'd totally do him"

"He's a racist amongst other things" I said with a sigh, then stopped in my tracks, David was waiting beside his car, arms crossed, wearing shades

"Talk of the devil"Annabel said taking him in, he drove a black Mercedes car and was suited up with a tie, he looked like he just came out from a board meeting, I saw my friends drooling

He removed his shades and looked me up

"Smoking hot as usual"

"What are you doing here?"I asked angry

"I don't know anyone else here, I came for you of course"

I rolled my eyes as I pulled them away

"Can we just talk?"

"There's nothing to talk about"

"Gosh you're the highest level of Shrew"

I turned to look at him"What?"

"Lunch, lest I think you're the highest snub in the world"

"I don't care what you think of me"

"I'm sure your father does, your mother too"

He didn't just say that, I hated him and his rich black shoes

"Can we just get this over with, you like me and I like you back, you playing hard to get is just shifting the wedding" he said with puppy dog eyes

I gaped at him and Annabel started laughing "I like him..."she said, I looked at her"what, it's just lunch"

"Are you scared I would bite you or you can't handle me"he said, I bit my tongue

"Fine, lunch"I said and he fist bumped, Kim winked at him as  I got into his car and he drove off to a posh restaurant, I didn't indulge him in any conversation during the drive there

After we ordered he stared at me across the table

"You didn't return my calls or text messages"

I gave him a look then looked out the window

"Can we not like do this, I thought we were friends"

"Well you thought wrong"

"Our parents want us to get married"

"And you would indulge them?, I'm sure you have many willing girls throwing themselves at you"

"Is that your way of asking if I have a girlfriend, well I don't, besides those girls are not you"

I stared at him unimpressed"I want to know why you're wasting your time with me"

"I don't believe I am"he said"I know you liked someone....Christian, I heard of him" he said cutting into his salad

I looked at him shocked

"What, I did my homework on ya"he said the waiter came back with my own order and I asked

"Did you, stalk me?"

"What no, just had to keep an eye on my future bride"

I had an headache, I really thought I had gotten rid of him that night"I'm not, gonna marry you" I said calmly

"You still think you both are gonna work?"he asked


"When was the last time you talked to him"

"That's none of your business"

"Why, scared to embarrass yourself"

I bit my lip"Let's not talk about this"

"Let's talk about us then"

"There is no us"I bit out"see you're a great guy and a good catch...but I'm not interested"

"Let me make you interested then"he leaned backwards"let's make a deal, I ll woe you for a month and see if you don't fall for me"

"You're really so full of yourself, this isn't a stupid game"

"Why, are you scared you ll forget about him"

"I won't"

"What's so special about him?"

I thought and I didn't genuinely have a reply, I just love him

"See? He's just like any other guy and you closed up your options"

"I'm not gonna play your little game"

"Okay, then I guess I ll move on to the next"I stared at him, was he even right, was I closing up my options on dating because of Christian,  I had no idea where he was and I might never even see him again, plus my father would never allow us be together

"You have two weeks"

"One month"he bit his lips"let's see if you won't forget him"


"So how did it go?"Kim asked, she was my roommate

I rolled my eyes"Kim we're supposed to be looking up evidence for the case"

"Aww forgive me if I'm interested in my friends non existent love life"

"I have a love life thank you very much, you're just jealous"

"Yes I am, I'm wondering why you get all the hot guys when you're clearly not interested"

"Maybe that is the attraction"I said" and back to the case.."I said

Her eyes brightened"bingo, that's it, I'm showing too much interest"

I looked  at her, I had no idea what she was on about, I genuinely wasn't interested in the guys but they all thought I was playing hard to get, the doorbell rang and I kept the paper and went to get it, Kwame stood there

"Hey, um,"he glanced back towards the waiting car"we were um hanging out, thought maybe you could join us, you and your friends"

"That would be great but we studying at the moment..." I began, Kim pushed me aside"we would love to Kwame" she said then she gave me the stink eye

"Okay, we would just wait for you guys to get ready"he said

"Yes of course"she pulled me back in"gosh he's so hot"she fanned herself

"What happened to showing too much interest?" I asked arms crossed

"Come on, loosen up a bit, the case can wait, let's go have some fun"she went in and I sighed.

We ended up going to a party, Kwame got me a drink and bobbed his head to the music

"Do you wanna dance?"

"Um, not really my thing"I said hating Kim for dragging me here

"Um, I don't know if you've noticed but I stare at you in class a lot"

"Yeah, its quite embarrassing"I said 

"I think you're very beautiful"

I blushed"I've been told"

"Do you uh, are you dating anyone?"

"Why you asking?"we held gazes, and I looked down"would you be disappointed if I said I was"

He laughed"no I won't, I'd be shocked"he said then he took my hand"I really like you Jas, I think we should go out sometime"I looked at our hands then up at him

"I have a boyfriend"I said, David had asked for a month and I had given him my word

"Oh, I'm sorry"he said embarassed

"No I am" I said, the music played on and I listened in silence, I didn't know if I ll see Christian again but I knew now he had to fight for me.

. .

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