Jasmine Folashade Olugbenga had it all, rich parents, check, rich boyfriend, check.... but love, the bridge between the rich and the poor

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    • Christian - Episode 1

    • My hand stretched out to Rosemary which she held on to as we hurried to catch the moving bus to school, it was Monday morning and my typical parents had gone off to the airport lea...
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    • Christian - Episode 2

    • Lunch "So we gonna act about the Adolf Hitler revolution in drama, I wonder what was so thrilling about a man killing people for fun" Rosemary said as we carried o...
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    • Christian - Episode 3

    • I went to my aunties house that weekend hoping I ll get some time away from home, she was my fathers junior sister and favorite auntie, she treated me like her own sister as we alw...
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    • Christian - Episode 4

    • Tunde and I met up after school and he told me he had to go with his father for a meeting that Monday, he was sorry and it just came up, I really didn't give him much BS becaus...
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    • Christian - Episode 5

    • After dance practice ended for the day, I texted on my phone as Rose asked me to meet up after school with the other members of my crew, but I told her I had other plans as I kept ...
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    • Christian - Episode 6

    • My parents were arguing, apparently there was another woman, I stayed in my room as I heard them yell at each other, my father was always known to cheat on my mother and I wondered...
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    • Christian - Episode 7

    • Today was Tunde's birthday party which he hosted in his house, everyone who was important in school was there, his parents had gone on a trip to Calabar leaving us the opportun...
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    • Christian - Episode 8

    • Episode 8 I wondered again what I was doing here as I looked around, but then I remembered I was with my boyfriend as he pulled me along through the crowd of bodies and smok...
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    • Christian - Episode 9

    • I sat beside Tunde in class during break as I knew he normally stayed back to study, he glanced at me then continued writing, I swallowed and kept my bag beside me, cleaning my swe...
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    • Christian - Episode 10

    • I looked back at Christian in class and met his gaze, then smiled and turned back around as he smiled and turned ahead, this usually happened in class and it was very distracting b...
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    • Christian - Episode 11

    • I looked across the table at the guy Daniel who had ear piercings and hair dyed gold, his wrist-watch spoke of wealth though and I knew he wasn't middle class or poor, he was f...
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    • Christian - Episode 12

    • "I can't believe.. I can't.." I sobbed and hiccuped as Rosemary stared at me"him and Theresa, how?" She was silent then "but if you think ab...
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    • Christian - Episode 13

    • I know everyone is hating on me right now, why Iv been awol and why I don't finish my stories bla bla bla, was even afraid to come back because of the hate comments I would get...
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    • Christian - Episode 14

    • Rosemary saw us and moved away from him but he held her to him from behind, I still stared shocked at them, when did this happen, how...?! "You don't have to see...
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    • Christian - Episode 15

    • I kept dialling Christians number but he refused to pick up, I didn't even know why he was angry with me, it's not like I cheated with Tunde, Tunde and I were never getting...
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    • Christian - Episode 16

    • Many things had happened, Tunde had gotten admission into medical school and my father seemed to approve of our relationship because of that, he was proud to tell anyone that wante...
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    • Christian - Episode 17

    • Tunde pushed me against the door and kissed me immediately we got into his room, he was anxious as he took off his shirt in a flip "Gosh I missed you"he said ta...
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    • Christian - Episode 18

    • I listened to the lecturer drone on and on as I glanced at my phone which kept lighting up with text messages, it then began to vibrate, I still had no idea how he got my number...
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    • Christian - Episode 19

    • I walked on the treadmill as Kim did her crunches, my eyes on Kwame who was on the other side of the room staring at me, we happened to be members of the same gym located on campus...
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    • Christian - Episode 20

    • Everything I'm doing with him I should be doing it with Christian but I had no idea where he was, nor how to find him, I thought as Kwame moved over me and covered us both with...
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    • Christian - Episode 21

    • Sorry about the previous episode, it posted before I could edit, this is the continuation.. *** "Do you still love me?"I asked, that's what I want...
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    • Christian - Episode 22

    • We arrived at the house the next day, My Father's's son, Alex was in the boarding house, I had earlier Informed my parents that I was coming home and they were excited abou...
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