Christian - Episode 2

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"So we gonna act about the Adolf Hitler revolution in drama, I wonder what was so thrilling about a man killing people for fun" Rosemary said as we carried our plates of food and looked for a seat in the cafeteria
"I guess that's the thrill" I said as we found seats
"And I have to master my script" she whined
"What are you playing?"
"The wife.."
"He had a wife?"
"He does'd help me with it right?"
"You know I have dance practice"
"You sure can be mean.." She said pouting, I chuckled amused as Tunde sat with us and looked at Rosemary before he leaned and pecked me
"Hey baby.."he paused " Hello Rose "
"Hey.." She looked away, I watched them, they were weird
"What were you girls up to?" he asked
"Nothing, just talking about the school play coming up" I said
"I'm playing Hitler" he said proudly
"Are you serious, Rosemary is the wife, maybe you guys can bond then" I smiled gleefully, While he stared at her passively
"Maybe when you stop staring down at me we can bond" she said
"Is that you or your insecurities talking?" he leaned forward and asked
"Tunde.." I held his arm and he looked away from her to me
"Why ain't you sitting with your friends?" I asked to break the tension
"I wana seat with you" he said with a duh
"Why, we d see after school" I said, he usually dropped me off when my driver couldn't come
"Are you driving me?"
"What no.." I met Rosemary's gaze and looked down
"You know there's something called girl time" she chirped in
"With my girlfriend there's not" he replied
"You guys are acting so prude" I said
Rosemary took her plate of rice and walked away, I gaped after her....
After school, I closed my locker and saw her..she looked forlorn
"I'm sorry I walked out" she said
"Why would you do that? Tunde can be sarcastic sometimes but he's my boyfriend, you should respect that.."
"I'm sorry, I was in a b.. mood"
"You know you guys have to try to get along, for me..

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. please"
"Sure" she fake-smiled at me then put her hand around my shoulder as we walked outside the school..
"What is a b..mood?" I asked wonderingly, she rolled her eyes
"Your so virgin"
"Well ain't you?"
"I mean your very innocent"
"I was brought up like that"
"What would it mean if someone like Christian was to spoil you uh" she asked scheming, what..
"What?!..Tunde is bad enough to spoil me" I said
"Nah he won't, because he's scared if he changes you, you ll leave him, you only like him because your a nice girl" she said adjusting my collar
"What are you even saying?"
"If you date someone like that's a whole new chapter"
"Are you high on rice?" I  wondered
"Think about it, besides you're very pretty, it won't be hard for him to like you back...." Christian walked past us and hit her shoulder as he walked passed without looking back, he looked zombie-like..
"Or not..." she said
"Are you trying to make me break up with Tunde, is that what this is about?"
"Nope, I'd just prefer you date someone like Christian" she said "because I think it'd be fun if you lived a little" she continued her b.s
I wetted my lipsn "Are you tryna make me break up with Tunde so you can have him for yourself?" was he even right, did she have a crush on him?

"What no. ".she chuckled "what would make you think that?"
I crossed my arms  "I think you and Christian would be perfect, you always talk about him and you're pretty too, Christian is not even my class, my father would easily fry me alive"
She looked taken aback as I just compared her social status with Christian who lived in the dungeons, her face paled as she looked down
"Don't mind my gossip, hey Noah" She called to one of our friends and walked away...I felt bad I hit her like that but she did start it first.
I got back home and thankfully my parents were home to eat dinner, I sat on the table and began eating as my father stared at me, we lived in an estate and though I felt lonely sometimes I had friends who usually came around the house.
I had since apologized to Rosemary and she promised not to bring up Christian again, I felt if she liked him she should just tell him, he would be glad someone like her wanted him anyway...
"you didn't say Grace and  you already eating?"
"What Mom, I'm starved" I said
"Didn't you eat at school?" my father asked
"You know I don't like the food outside" I usually just bought snacks
"So how was school today?" He asked
"It was alrii, the norm"I said blandly
"Any homework?".
" lots"
"Well when your lesson teacher Mr Lawson comes he ll put you through, I have to step out in a while" he checked his watch
"Where are you going?".
His wife asked
"Have to meet up with some friends ".
"Its late" she said
"Would be back in 2hrs, don't wait up" he said and left the table, I stared at my Mom who stared in thought before she stood up and went into the kitchen, I got a text on my phone, it was from Tunde
"What are you doing?" he asked
"Eating dinner, what about you?"
"I'm about going out to Kace's, wana meet up?" he asked
We usually hung out there with his friends and noticing the tension at home, I wanted to leave
"Uh sure, can I bring Rose?" I asked
 "Of course, be there in 10" he sent back after a while.

It was easy to sneak out of the house, my Mom was in the room with my Dad and they were talking, I got in his car and pecked him
"You smell good" he said
"Thanks, we have to pick up Rosemary" I said, he drove on "she is very sorry about what happened" I said
"Is she, would be glad if she said that herself"
"You too owe her an apology".I said
He sighed exasperated" gosh Jasmine, your too good "he roved my hair like a kid and I hit him, he laughed and put his hand on my thigh, I held on to it .
We got to the joint and got out, some of our rich school mates were already there.
 Rose and I sat together and we were glad Noah our childhood friend was there 
"what would you like?" Tunde asked me
"Something nonalcoholic" I replied
"As if I'd let you drink" he said
I pursed my lips, why wasn't he spoiling me, was Rose right
"on second thoughts, I want a beer, I need to get my mind off"
"Off what?" he asked
"Home?", he could relate as he looked at me
"But your not 18"
"Are you?"
"I ll be 18, next month" he said like an adult "besides I don't want you getting drunk "
"Who are you to tell me that?" he smirked and ordered for malt for me as the others watched us, the famous school couple
"so what's up about the school play?"Noah asked Rose
"I hear its happening same day as the dance"
"We actually dancing in the middle of the play, its a war themed dance" I supplied
"Who even came up with such an idea" Chris asked exasperated
"Mr Marshmallow did" Kevin said, we all laughed, he was one of the very difficult teachers who prided in punishing students, he was also head of drama club, he had a big head that was flat at the back hence his nickname.. 
"Phew" Jaden said looking at a girl walking past who was pretty looking
"Is there a night when you don't care about girls?" Rose asked him
"The night when you agree to date me, for now I'm single" he took out a cig and lit, the others owwed but the girls just rolled their eyes, Tunde took my hand and led me out 
"Where we going?"
"Somewhere" he said
We got to the side of the building
"I don't want you talking back at me especially in front of my friends" he said
"What you did in there it wasn't cool"
"You were the one who thought he could order me around and choose my drink"
"Why you so prisy"
"Why you so arrogant?"
"Well I just thought to tell you, I'm not mad" he said
I crossed my arms and chuckled "I don't care if your mad"
I walked away from him and went back inside
"Can we go?" I asked Rose, she looked up wonderingly
"Why what's wrong?"
It wasn't much of an argument but with what was going on at home I didn't need this added...
"Noah please just give us a ride" the others looked at us as Tunde walked in 
"Is everything fine?" He looked between me and Tunde, I took my bag as Rose stood up and we walked out with Noah
"Jasmine " Tunde called but I didn't reply
"What happened?" Rose asked
"You were right, he's a prude".I said
"Tunde's been calling me, he says you not picking his calls, now I don't want to impose but I want to know what exactly happened? "Rose said in class
I rolled my eyes "I will tell you later"
"How about now?" she asked as the lesson ended
"He just always tells me what to do, I'm already constricted at home, I don't need that "
She pursed her lips in thought
"So what do you want to do now"
"I don't know, I just need to think"
As we looked up, Tunde had walked into my class, Rose stood up
"I ll talk to you later" she took her bag and left
Tunde walked to me
"Jasmine let's talk"
I sighed "I'm listening "
"I'm just wondering about what I said and what was wrong about it"
I looked up at him "is that an apology ?"
"What am I apologising for..?" he asked, I stood up and took my bag, he held my hand so I looked at him
"Fine I'm sorry, I don't want us fighting" he took me in his arms
"I don't want you telling me what to do" I said
He sighed "fine, I won't, I love you Jas.."
I hugged him back as Christian walked into the class and saw us, Tunde gave him a look, they weren't friends at all, because Christian always beat him in sports, I didn't know why Tunde specialized in making enemies with everyone...
"Can I come in or isn't this a classroom?" he asked checking the door again
I pulled away from Tunde and Tunde squinted at him in a glare, I pulled him out the door before he started something
"Can I come over to your place after school?" he asked "or you over to mine?"
"I have homework" I said
"We can do it together"
"I'm sure you know nothing about Commerce" I said
"fine, we ll see tomorrow or maybe I ll just climb over the window and watch you study"
I chuckled gazing dreamingly at my boyfriend as Christian suddenly walked past....why was he always in my vision?
Next day during lunch...
"So you guys finally made up uh" Rose asked
"Yea , guess the drama makes it more fun" I looked up "how's your drama prep coming along, you got your lines?"
She shrugged "I guess"
"I could help you after school, I'm free today"
"Great, I ll come over." She said
I smiled at her.
It was the next day at dance practice...
"So like we all know we dancing to the Adolf Hitler inspired theme.."
"Why are we celebrating someone who killed people..." Noah whispered to me and I shrugged, he was on the dance team with me, and I was glad I had a friend there, the dance teacher, Mrs Balogun continued 
"So we have to start practising in earnest today, we got barely three weeks to the event...." The door opened and closed "arh, nice of you to join us Adewale..." I frowned as I turned and saw Christian with a bandana tied around his head walking in, he wasn't part of the dance club, he wasn't part of any club, he only did sports
"Christian would be joining us for the dance presentation to help with his failing grades..." Some of the guys laughed, Christian maintained a poker face as the girls gossiped, our eyes met briefly by chance but I looked away
"Now we gotta start with the arrangements"she said looking around
"Elona dear come stand here, Christian beside her, Charles here, Jasmine..behind Christian"
When the arrangement was finally over, we got to the dance steps, I couldn't focus on the steps because the person in front of me was doing nonsense, it was his first day though...
"Alright, you all can take five" Mrs Balogun finally said walking away
"Sh*t, after that hardwork, I need a smoke" Christian said out of breath
"Christian, language" she turned back and said

I walked to the chair to get my water bottle, thinking that he didn't even try to put in  effort into anything...
"Great addition to the group, we need some hot male around here" Chioma said
"Yeah, I'd jump that in a minute" Elona said as they looked back at Christian,  they finally turned and noticed me then walked away with their gossip, I proceeded to get my water bottle and drink it when something hit me and I almost choked
"Oh sorry..." I turned and met the eyes of Christian, we held gazes as he looked at my wet top which was now soaked in 
"I swear someone pushed me" he said as I looked and saw Jade who he had been goofing around with moving away
"Yeah whatever" I said and keeping the can walked away.
When I looked again he was talking with those girls,  l turned away and texted on my phone waiting for the next round of practice...

After it ended, I took my bag and walked out
"Need a ride?" Noah asked me
"No, Tunde's coming" I said
"So you guys settled uh"
"ok, see you tomorrow "
"Yea thanks" I waited outside as Christian walked past with Jade and they got in Jades car, I felt he was looking at me through the windshield but I could be wrong, he never looked at girls.  
I checked my watch, where the hell was Tunde, he finally drove in
"Your late" I said when I got in the car
"Sorry, had to drop off something for my mom" he reversed and drove off" how was practice ?"
"Fine, just the norm".
"I heard Christian joined you guys"
"Yeah, today, to help his grades"
"It was rather that or expulsion, he doesn't even care about loosing his scholarship"
"Maybe he has problems at home"
He was silent then looked at me "its none of your business, you should stay away from him" he suddenly got defensive and I was dazed..
"We don't even talk".
"good, I'm not comfortable with both of you in the same room even"
"He's my classmate" I said bitterly
"Just hope after this year ends you ll change classes" he said, I stared and wondered why he was so worried, I' d never even talk to a low life like Christian.


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    Betty Orah
    Go on, you are doing great!
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    I'm afraid the seed Rose has planted in Jasmine's head will soon start germinating... nice work
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    Nice work, I think Rose is interested in Tunde
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