Christian - Episode 16

3 years later

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Many things had happened, Tunde had gotten admission into medical school and my father seemed to approve of our relationship because of that, he was proud to tell anyone that wanted to hear that his daughter was dating a medical doctor even though Tunde was just in 300lvl in Covenant University, I realised then that Christian had been right, we belonged in two different worlds and our relationship would never have worked in the long-term, the constant rollercoaster was an evidence, I didn't know where he was, I haven't heard from or seen him since we parted ways in secondary school, I had gone abroad severally to pursue my studies and was currently studying Law in University of Cambridge, England, I had no idea how my father pulled that off but I was trying to be serious so I wasn't thrown out. He was very proud of me and for once in my life my  father used me to boast to his friends about how I had achieved so much at my young age, I didn't feel I had achieved anything, I missed Christian and in the early years after our breakup I kept crying for no reason in the bathroom, it didn't help when  the tattoo was a constant reminder of what should have been but I soon healed  when I realised Christian wasn't coming back and Tunde wasn't going anywhere, I decided to give my Tunde another chance though I wasn't one to go back to my vomit

"We have to take things slow this time" I said

"I'm up for it, I'm up for anything I can get"he said and I was sceptical because Tunde wasn't one to just accept terms and conditions but he looked sincere enough and had been very dotting these past year since we got back together, though our relationship was a long distance one, I usually returned home during summer break and for Christmas, other than that I was based in London....

"So I've been thinking, that instead of coming home for the summer I could come over there and we spend it together"Tunde said on Skype, he was laid shirtless on his bed and I was trying my best to keep my focus on the conversation, he was a hot guy...

"Duh I already told my family I was coming home, besides I miss Nigeria"I said

"You miss Nigeria or you miss me, you better come and see me o before the girls here collect me"

"Tell them they have my blessing"

"Oh yeah?maybe I should call up Cynthia"he took up his phone

"I know you won't dare"I laughed and he chuckled

"They refused to believe I have a girlfriend"he said dropping it back

"You do? who's she" then burst into laughter at his facial expression"you just so easy to tease"

"Thats why you love me" he said and I was silent"I just have that feeling that you are going to leave me again" 


"It's not like you've not done that already"

"I  was young and ..a teenager, I know better now"

"You do?.he paused"so if Christian comes back you won't...."

"He's not coming back Tunde,  he's had his chance and we are over"

"That's hard to believe, seeing he laid a mark on you"he said, there was a day we got to the point of no return but he had seen my thigh tattoo and that was the end

"Can we not talk about Christian" I said

"Fine we won't talk about him...."he paused"when are you coming home"

"In two weeks time"I said

"That far, I can't wait to see you"he said "do things to you"

"What things"

"Well you just have to wait and find out"he said

"Hmm, so what were you doing before you called?"I asked 

"Reading and I swear I'm thinking of dropping out, its so damn stressful" 

"Please don't, that's the only reason I'm dating you"I said

"For real?"

"Hahaha, kidding though, what's stressful about it, you've always wanted to be a doctor maybe I should tell you about mine..."

He chuckled and we talked for long before he cut


My family were very happy to see me and we had a delicious dinner to celebrate my home coming, my father always did that whenever I came back home but it never got old,  I didn't know how much I missed them until I got home, my father's son Alex was 5 years old now and lived with us, he was a quiet boy and never really got in my way

I was in the kitchen with my mom after dinner

"You looking more beautiful by the day"she said "time really flies, soon you would be married and have your own kids"

"Mom"she was already building castles"that's such a long time away".

"What do you mean, in just a few years"she paused" are you and Tunde still together?"

I was silent, based on our breakup history I wasn't surprised at the question "Yes"I said

"When is he coming to Lag"

"I think weekend"

"Why don't you go visit him there instead"

"I've thought about it but...I prefer he comes here"

"It would be nice to pay him a surprise visit"

"It's no surprise if he knows I'm back"I said 

"Well I'm just trying to help your relationship, he's from a good family and your marriage to him would give your father a lot of contacts"

She too? I felt like I was a gift that my father would dash off to the highest bidder when it was time

"Mom, no one is talking marriage yet, we just seeing how it goes"I didn't even know if I loved him "Plus I also have David to worry about" that guy has been a pest this past year, though I didn't even think he was on the list

"Well it would be your choice in the end"she said

I didn't want to bother myself about that now, I just wanted to focus on my books and Ch..Tunde.

Tunde came over that weekend and we went to the mall, we sat in one of the restaurants  and ordered

"I just want fries"I said to the waiter who left after taking it down

"Who are you texting?"he asked

"Annabel"she was one of my friends in London and he knew about her

"It's funny how your friendship with Rosemary fizzled out".

"She actually said we deserved each other.."he laughed"I don't think she was my friend, she always wanted what I had"

"Which was me? I hate to think I came between you two", I asked, such arrogance

"Don't flatter yourself, I just noticed she was envious, I wouldn't want someone like that around me..."his phone rang

"Sorry I need to take this call, yeah hello, what..."I wondered as he stood up and walked away, I continued texting Annabel then looked around as I noticed other couples in deep conversation, I wonder what was so important that Tunde had to walk away, speaking of lone wolves, a guy walked to the bar and sat down, he was lean and tall, I noticed his arm tattoo and I felt it was quite familiar, it took me a while to realize I was looking straight at Christian, he got his drink and sipped, felt he was being stared at because he turned and looked straight at me, we stared at each other and my hands became moist, I looked away because there was no point looking at him when we would never be together

"What did I miss?"

"Nothing except my boredom"

"You want to get out of here, you said you preferred here"

"I ll just finish my fries" I tried not to show emotion as he talked about the call he had received, when I looked again Christian was gone, just as usual, we finished up and got up to leave, the waiter put something in my hand and I saw it was a piece of paper, looking up to him, he walked away with my plate, I walked with Tunde to the car but my mind was on the piece of paper, who dropped it, was it him, my heart thudded as I wondered what it said, before I entered the car I opened it and read, a number was written on it

"......If you want to talk"


. .

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