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I kept dialling Christians number but he refused to pick up, I didn't even know why he was angry with me, it's not like I cheated with Tunde, Tunde and I were never getting back together, i don't know why he didn't want to give up but I was too in love with Christian to care, besides Rose liked Tunde and I had given her my blessings, things hadn't worked out between Rose and Daniel, and I knew she always liked Tunde that was why she kept pushing me to Christian and it had worked but  now I was dating him we couldn't stay with each for two days without something coming to break us up, I sent him text messages upon text messages saying how I missed him and was sorry but he didn't respond or call back, I got  very worried, I knew how he was whenever we broke up and my worse fear was confirmed when I went to his uncle's house...

Racheal was very happy to see me, she looked taller and prettier too, I hadn't really seen her ever since her mother died because she was mostly in Port Harcourt with her aunt

"Where's Christian, is he home?" I asked

"No, he went out with friends"she said

"Oh, has he been gone for long?"

"Yes,he left this morning, he didn't follow us to church said he had somewhere to be, when I returned he wasn't home but the gateman said he went out with two guys"

Possibly Sean and Olu, i decided to wait for him not bothering to call him again because I knew he wouldn't pick up 

"Do you want anything?"Racheal asked

"No thanks"

"I ll get you water at least"she insisted, I nodded to indulge her as she went in but I looked around the house, it was pretty average compared to mine but was so much better than the former house they used to live in.

Racheal brought me a bottle of malt and I wondered where she got the money to buy it from but I just thanked her and sipped on it, she sat down and was giving me funny looks but I decided to ignore it

"Are you and my brother still dating?"I didn't know why she asked that but I decided to reply

"We fine, I just didn't see him at school on Friday"I paused" he's kinda avoiding me"

"Wow, what did you do?", Why did she think I did something and not her brother

"Nothing"I replied

"Hmm", she said and nothing else as she focused on the television, I had no idea why I was telling her about our relationship, she was barely 13 but I guess she was the only one in his circle who liked me enough, Christian came in through the door after a while, he looked at his sister then at me

"She's been waiting for you"she said, he stared at me from the door

"Can we talk?"I asked, he ignored me and went inside the house without a word, Perfect, he was really pissed, I thought as he came out and waved me outside away from his sister, I took my bag and went out with him, he leaned on the balcony...I didn't know why he didn't send his sister away instead but this felt like a breakup...

"Umm...I wanted to say I was sorry, you haven't been picking my calls"

"I was busy"he said 

"Too busy for me uh"he didn't reply "you avoid me at school too"

"Because there's nothing to talk about"he looked at me

"What do you mean?"

"This is not going to work Jas, I've thought about it and we are always gonna just go on in circles....Tunde is always gonna be in the picture",he said, I knew he was right because Tunde has been coming between us almost every time

"Well it's not as if it's on purpose, what do you want us to do about it?"

"That's the thing, nothing..."he sighed exasperated" I think we should..."

 "No don't say that Christian" I protested as the tears fell knowing what he was about to say" I love you"

"No you don't, your reaction to Tunde kissing your bestfriend said it all, you want him and just...pity me, but it's no bother I ll be fine, my sister and I would be fine, we don't need you or your charity"

Is that what he thought this was"where is all this coming from Christian, I did nothing wrong to you, I didn't cheat or..."

"I think we should break up Jasmine, this is clearly not working, I'm tired of the ups and downs, I'm tired of the constant hate on me because I'm dating a rich girl, I have too much on my plate"

I gawked at him unable to speak"you just gonna give up on us because of a small quarell"

"I'm seeing someone else"he said and my heart shattered in pieces"someone more my type, I'm sorry but....I just can't do this anymore"

He made to go but I held his hand"Christian please don't do us"how did this even start

"Why, it's not like you not gonna run back to him, even your father doesn't want us together, I'm sorry Jasmine but I've realized we do not belong together, we only exist in fantasies"he walked away and I stood there inwin agony while my tears fell, I saw Rachel looking at me through the window with pity but she closed it back when I saw her, I turned around and cried, dazely walked out to the gate when I realised he wasn't coming back, I still looked back hoping he would come out and  tell me he was joking but he didn't come back to say bo....this was real.. Christian just broke up with me, I got back home that day and sat on my bed zombie-like

"I'm seeing someone, someone more my type"I knew he didn't mean that, he just said it so I would leave him alone, I couldn't believe it was over, he wouldn't just give up on us like that, did he ever love me at all, I then decided he could go to hell, I wasn't going to date him or Tunde or anybody else, I wasn't going to beg either, if he didn't know and appreciate my worth, I wasn't the one that would  keep begging him for attention, as the tears fell, my phone rang and I prayed and hoped it was him but it wasn't, it was Tunde, I flung the phone and laid on the bed, I felt cheap and stupid, I decided then that my father was right, boys were a huge distraction, and I loweredIlowered myself dating Christianr and hoping it would work, I just needed to focus and get my SAT then I was leaving the country.....yes I was, I didn't want to remain here possibly see him and remember...

Looking at the tattoo on my thigh while having my bath that night got me crying again...why did he think I had feelings for Tunde, how did that even come about?

We sat for our WAEC and Jamb exams and Rosemary noticed the tension

"What happened again?"she asked beside me while we read together for our next paper, I thought that no matter what had happened between her and Tunde, she was still my bestfriend

"He's not speaking to me"I said 

"What why?!"

I was silent then"He thinks I'm still hung up on my ex"I hated that our relationship was such a rollercoaster

"Well are you?"she asked,I looked at her, even she?


"Well Tunde is not giving up, he told me he only used me to get to you"she said sadly

"He said that?, that arrogant bastard" reason why I broke up with him

"Well are you going to get back with him"she asked

"I'm not sure,  for now he's not speaking to me, I hope to keep trying though" I said

"I mean Tunde, you guys were together for long"

I glared at her"not after you kissed him, no"

"So it did get to you"she said

"No it didn't, just surprised my bestfriend could be so interested in my remains"I said then immediately regretted it"I'm sorry, wow I didn't mean for it to come out like that..."I said but Rosemary had  already stood up and packed her books 

"You and Tunde deserve each other"she said and walked away,  that's how I ended up writing my SAT without a bestfriend or boyfriend.....

Tunde was leaned against my car waiting for me after school, I rolled my eyes

"Move T,  I'm not in the mood"

"T, can't remember the last time you called me that"

"What the hell do you want"I snapped, he stared at me

"We should go somewhere to talk, somewhere private"

"We are not attached in whatever way Tunde, leave me alone, there are so many other girls who want you"

"I see my little game worked, you and Christian broke up"he said with a smirk

I ignored him and tried to get into my car but he pinned me against it

"I have so many girls at my beck and call including your bestfriend Jas, but they are not you..."I rolled my eyes and tried to pull away"I am in love with you Jasmine, doesn't that even mean a thing"

I stared at him shocked


"Yes, I am in love with you and do want you back"he put his hand around my neck"I have missed you Jas"he said and next I knew his lips were on mine, it took me a second to  come to my senses and when I did, I saw Christian behind him, he had been coming towards us maybe wanting to talk and had seen it all,  a clear confirmation of his worst fear, Tunde kissed down my neck and I knew in my heart then that we would never be together.


Does anyone have an ex that just wouldn't let go??

Comments please

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  • Homoh Benita picture
    Homoh Benita
    tunde is really desprate to be wit jas.chris went too far.
  • Ronke Adetula picture
    Ronke Adetula
    Hhmmmmm, Jasmine just lost the chance of coming together with Christian.
  • Ronke Adetula picture
    Ronke Adetula
    Hhmmmmm, Jasmine just lost the chance of coming together with Christian.
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