Set me free - Episode 19

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"How's my baby doing?" Dad asks the next morning. My mind is still reeling from last night's turn of events. Rory might just be fooling me afterall.
"dad?" I call quietly. Using the dad card to soften him.
"yes, baby."
"Did you love my mother?"
"Ofcourse. When she left, I almost ran out of my mind."
Was that because of love or obsession, I'm tempted to ask.
"If you guys were so in love, why did she leave then?" I ask.
"oh, you know your mother 

 . Always overeacting. Pregnancy hormones and all that." he says casually and my brows shoot up in suspicion. I try not to let my doubt show on my face.
"You should rest now sweetheart." He says and I feel him rise from my bed.
 Thats not the answer I was expecting.
"I'm scared, father." I whine again before he reaches the door.
"what could you possibly be scared of? This place is one of the safest place in the country. I have the best security detail." He sounds exasperated but I go on.
"That thief did get in. And for the past few months I feel like I'm being watched. Here in this room."
"what?!" he's by my side in seconds.
"Did you see anythi-- I'm sorry I mean why would you think that?"
"I'm so sure someone was in here watching me last night. Where you in here last night?" I ask him.
"It was probably your help." he dismisses my fear outrightly so I shrug

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. What's taking Rory so long? Was he lying and now he can't show up? "Baby you need-- my God!" i feel dad jump slightly beside me as my door burst open and the subtle scent of Rory's perfume tells me he's here now. My door slams shut and I hear the keys land on the floor. This should be interesting. "Dad! What's going on? Who's there?" I exclaim as I start feeling around my bed blindly. "Finally got you both." Rory's deepened voice snarls. "What do you want? You can take whatever you want and leave." Dad growls. "But I've come to take your daughter." "You can't be serious. Security! Security! Damn those idiots!" dad snaps "daddy, I'm scared. Who's he?" I feign fear. "just a petty thief. Dont be scared. Security!" "ah they won't here you, old man." Rory chuckles. "What did you do to them?" dad grinds out. Something cold graze my leg and I startle. "Just give me the blind girl and we'll be even. I'll take your family just like you took mine." "You are talking nonsense." dad snaps. "What's--" I don't finish my statement when a sudden bang rent the air. Rory's scream filter into my ears next as another gunshot is fired. "evil old man." I hear Rory curse before I feel him close to me. "sh*t" I hear my father exclaim. "you will regret this." dad snarls again. "No, I won't." Rory says smugly before I feel cold metal slash my arm. "ouch!" I yell as I grab my arm. It doesn't even hurt that much. "good acting." Rory whispers in my ear before he's gone from my side. "I'll be back for her old man." He announces before everywhere goes silent. He must have gone out the window. "Michelle? Michelle are you okay?" dad is fawning over me in seconds.

"dad.." I sob as he hugs me.
"its okay, baby. You are safe now." he coos into my ear. I dont feel close to safe, with the cold metal of his gun grazing my ankle on the bed. What does he have a gun for?
"who-why would he want me?" I cry as he pats my back.
"probably a crazy thief. Don't worry about it. You are safe now."
"no!" I snap as I pull away.
"I can never feel safe in this house after this. God, I'm going to have nightmares every night."
"baby you-"
"no daddy. Let's get out of here. I never liked it here anyways. Too big and the noise of the traffic outside gives me panic attacks."
"I can't leave this place, baby. My work--"
"What about me, dad? You said you'll give me whatever I want. All I want is some peace and quiet. A small house by the beach maybe."
"I do have a beach house but i can't leave you alone."
"I'll have my help with me, dad. Then I'll be out of your hair. I don't like bothering you or getting in your way." I take his hand and place it against my warm cheek.
"you'll never be in my way." he says but I can feel him giving in. He most certainly wouldn't want me in the way.
"take me to the beach house, father. That would make me so happy. And safe."
"fine." he finally relents and I do a victory dance inside my head.
"but you take your help, a maid and one of the bodyguards." he adds
"I don't need a bodyguard. But I'll take it." I say as I hug him. 
"Thank you, daddy."
"I can't let anything happen to you under my watch. Now, lets get your arm treated." he says as he pulls away.


"Hey. Hey!" My head snap back at the whispered calling.
"Lock the door." Rory whisper yells again. I quickly get off my bed and quietly lock the door.
"I've been waiting for you for almost a week now." I snap as soon as the door is locked.
"calm down princess. Your dad did shoot me, afterall. I had to get treated." I completely forgot about that.
"I can't blame him. He was just defending his daughter." I shrug.
"Don't tell me you still don't believe me." he groans, frustrated.
"I'm still blind, aren't I?" I smirk.
"oh, I'll love to remove that smirk off your face when you finally regain your sights and see how evil your father is."
"What are you waiting for then?"
"well, I like her." I startle as the strange voice in the room chuckle. I didn't even know he came with someone. A woman for that matter.
"who's that?" I ask.
"Mara meet Jessica, Jessica, Mara." Rory introduces. I wave selfconsciously.
"nice beach house." Jessica says as I feel her seat beside me.
"She's the daughter of the doctor who helped me when your father's goons left me for dead years ago. She can be trusted." Rory says.
"Rory gave me your hospital records which he stole from your dad's study months ago. I can't believe a father would decide to keep his own daughter blind and helpless." she says sympathetically.
"I don't believe it either." I say.
"well, it's true. A simple surgery and you'll be as good as new."
"seeing is believing doctor Jessica." I say snottily.
"ofcourse. I'll like to see your father's face when he finds out you got surgery without his knowledge." she says as she giggles. "you sound like you hate him as well. Did he kill your family as well?" I ask drily. "A man who trafficks women and children deserves to be hated on. Plus, a man who could have wanted to kill a four years old Rory is a monster for sure." she says and I can hear her fondness for Rory in her voice. "Enough of the chitchat. We don't have much time Jessie." Rory says impatiently. "Right. Help her out the window." "Hey, what bout my help and body guard? We can't have them report to my father that I'm missing." I protest as Rory lift me off the bed. "It's 11pm. They are all asleep. You'll be back before the break of dawn." He says as he drops me down to help me into my slippers. Adrenaline pumps through my veins at the thought of all these being true and me gaining my sight back.
"Are you ready?" Rory's excited voice does little to calm my nerves. "I don't know If I am. What If it didn't work? Rory I can't have my hopes risen to be dashed out." I say brokenly as I finger the huge bandages around my eyes. "Hey, something I've noticed in you in the past few months is you never quit. You can't stop now when it's within your grasp. Plus Jessica is the best at what she does." he says reassuringly. "Why are you still blind then?" I have to ask. "It may sound weird but this darkness reminds me of what I'm fighting for. You can't begin to understand it." he tells me and I nod slowly, understanding maybe a little. "You are pretty messed up." I joke. "And you aren't." he says right back and I grin. "So is she ready?" Jessica's voice alerts us to her presence in the room. "she's more than ready." Rory speaks for me as he takes my hand in his and squeeze lightly. My heart flutter a bit at the touch. It's probably nerves. I swallow my apprehension and just nod. "okay. Let's get this off then." her fingers graze my hair as she slowly unwrap the bandages. My heart is in my mouth. I feel the bandages coming off and I close my eyes tight. "Ta da." Jessica sings. "You have to open your eyes now, princess." Rory chuckles. "come on." Jessica puts in. I swallow hard then send a quick prayer to my mom before slowly letting my eyes flutter open. Bright light assault me and shut them back quickly. "I think something is wrong." I say. "come on. Open them. Your eyes would get use to the light." Jessica chuckles. Okay, here goes nothing. I let my eyes open again. "oh my God." I gasp. "what is it!" "It worked!" I exclaim. My eyes peruse the white room before moving to settle on Rory's face. "Rory!" I scream excitedly as I jump off the bed and hug him. "I can see you." "ofcourse, you can princess. Blindness never did suit you." he says and I blush.

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. "you didn't tell me you were black." I accuse "I'm an African American ofcourse. Wasn't it obvious in my voice?" he asks and I shrug. "Thank you so much, Jessica." I turn to see a stunning black American woman and I suddenly feel self conscious in my yoga pants and plain T-shirt. I stopped caring about what I wore just because I couldn't see anything but now,standing with these two beautiful people I feel inferior.
"You look beautiful." Rory says in my ear and I blush beet red.I guess the old Michelle is back with my sight.
"I guess you guys are right about my father." I say to change the topic.
"I wouldn't lie about something like that." Rory states.
"Now i know." I give Rory a shy smile.
"Good. Are you ready to face your father now?" Jessica says to break the interaction.
"No." I say as I bring my attention to her.
"Think about it. If he finds out, he'll know I know something about him and he would lock me up or something." I say.
"What do we do then?" Rory frowns.
"I want to help you guys catch him. I mean this man hurt my mother.he hurt your family. I'm the best way to get his secrets."
"Are you sure about this? I mean it could take a long time. I've been searching for almost a decade."
"Well now you have me.I'm willing to help no matter how long it takes"
"You saying you would play blind for as long as it takes to bring your father down?" Jessica asks.
"He hurt my mother. I should be able to do this for her." I say.
"You'll need so much training." Rory says and I grin.
"Thank God, I have the best then." I say.
"You do have the best." He smirks smugly.
"To catching bad guys." Jessica cheers as she place her hand in front. I place my hand on hers and pull Rory's to join in.
"To avenge mother."

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