Set me free - Episode 24

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"Willie! My man!" Nelson slap my back goodnaturedly.
"I made it out alive." I chuckle. Nelson is the only friend i made in prison. He's a little rough around the edges but he'd saved me from numerous fights and has gotten beat up for me so many times. He got out a year before me though.
"damn right you did, man . I doubted that it really was you for a split second." he says as he sits his bulky frame on the plastic chair opposite mine. He produces a cigarette out of his pocket then looks up to me.
"I don't suppose you've got a lighter." he jokes. He brings out a lighter then lights the cigarette.
"it's going to kill me, I know but it's hard to stop." he says after blowing out smoke from his nostril.
"I don't judge." I assure him and he laughs.
"That's why I like you Willie! You are good people. Too bad life threw you a bad hand. But you are free now huh. Could be with that pretty girl whose picture you always stared out everyday while we were in there." I don't try to correct him about Dawn, I call for a waiter instead.
"Goldberg for me." Nelson says as he inhale more of the cigarette's smoke.
"Make that two for him and I'll have a coke." The waiter nods and leaves while Nelson chuckles.
"He wants to get me drunk." He chuckles and I shrug.
"Would you rather have my coke?"
"God knows I'm not drinking that. Too much sugar for this old man." I shake my head mildly on a chuckle.
 The waiter comes back with our order and I wait for him to leave before I speak again.
"I need a favour." Nelson's brows shoots up before he throws his cigarette out the bar's window.
"I'm all ears."
"You said you have a way out the country that wouldn't require a passport and too much money." I watch his head bob up and down slowly before he gulps down almost half of his drink.
"I don't think it's for you, Willie

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. You should go back home to the woman you've always longed for. Thanks for the drink." he gulps down the remaining content of his drink then stands up.
"it was nice catching up with you, Willie." he starts to leave before I speak.
"she's dead." I say. This makes him turn back to face me.
"She died while I was in there. Because I was too young and broke to do anything. I was put in there because i was dead poor and now that I'm out, I can't let the same thing happen to our daughter." Nelson sighs deeply before settling back in his chair.
"it's dangerous. You will be a stowaway on a private plane but if you get caught, I'm not responsible for that." he says and I nod.
"I'll succeed." I say as I drop a wad of cash on the table. My savings before I got locked up. Nelson pushes the cash back to me.
"You'll need that when you get there. You see, it's not as easy as people say it is over there especially if you're an illegal immigrant with no qualification."
"I'll make it there, but thanks for the advice." He studies me for a long moment before draining the last drink in a long gulp.
"The plane leaves this weekend."

"I already arranged for your bodyguard's accident. According to Jessica. He leaves the beach house every Thursday to report to your father. That is tomorrow." Rory informs me as I shut my room's door to make sure no one comes in during the night to find me missing.
"you are sure he won't die." I can't have a dead man on my conscience. Afterall I ain't God to play judge.
"he won't. Just an accident to keep him down long enough for your father to find someone else." he assures me and I nod.
"How about the guy we got from our last escapade?" The smile on Rory's lips tells me I'm going to love this.
"sit down." he takes my hand and pull me to a sitting position on the bed.
"I think we've finally gotten a breakthrough." he announces.
"Really? Don't get my hopes up Rory."
"I'm dead serious. That man we took, he used to work for your father."
"why was he beaten and tied up like that then?" I had to ask.
"He said he stole from your father. According to him, that's one thing the boss doesn't forgive. Betrayal" a shiver runs down my spine at the thought of my father finding out about my own betrayal. Would the fact that I'm his daughter stop him?
"They were going to kill him when we stopped the lory. He's a bit more helpful to us because of that. I promised to help him get out of the country for an information that would end your father."
"He doesn't know too much but he said there will be a plane coming in this weekend."
"Stop pausing.

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. Spit it out."
"You see, according to him, this plane would be carrying drugs but not just that. It will be carrying people."
"people?" my brow wrinkle in confusion.
"people who want to enter the country illegally." Rory explains.
"why would my father help illegal immigrants?"
"They pay a lot of money but that is not the spice in the story."
"there's more?"
"oh yes. Your father take their money but does he let them go when they get here?"
"I'm guessing no." I say drily.
"What does he do with them then?" I ask
"He sells their vital organs." Rory drop the bomb on me and I gasp in horror.
"That's probably how he met your mother."
"Jesus Christ." My eyes sting with tears.
"The ones who aren't healthy enough or who are worth more alive, he sells them into prostitution or drug pushing. They have to do his bidding or they die horribly."
"We have to stop him Rory. This is horrible!"
"Shhhh." Rory shush me when my voice begin to rise in hysterics.
"How could a man be so heartless?." I whisper.
"He's demented. We are going to get him this time. I'll search all the private planes coming in on Saturday to that location. We'll find it and get your father imprisoned for life."
"I can't wait to be free from him, Rory. This has to end soon." I say.
"come Saturday, you'll be free. I promise you."
"and then you'll be able to get surgery and fix your eyes. There's a lot of beautiful things to see in this world."
"You are the only one I'm looking forward to seeing, Mara." he says as his hand come to caress my cheeks.

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