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"There he is!" I point to my bodyguard who's in a hurry, pushing past people on the beach to get through. He's been coming in and out of sight for some minutes now.

"You think he knows we are following him?" Rory asks from the back seat of the car.

"I don't think so. I'm careful not to drive so close." Jessica says and I nod.

"It sucks not being able to see." Rory bites out and I try not to chuckle.

"You could just fix your eyes blind bat." I throw at him.

"Not blinder than you were before I had pity on you though." Rory smirks.


"quit it you guys! He just walked away from the street." I look to see that the bodyguard we were trailing is gone.

"He went through that tight spot . Mara, get out of the car" Jessica commands and I frown.

"Why? Someone could see me walking around."

"It's deserted out here. I have a bad feeling about this." she nervously bite her nails.

"what's up with you Jess?" Rory asks.

"I thought someone was following us but turns out we weren't the one being followed." my eyes study her quietly.

"look." Jessica point her finger to the other side of the street where she said the bodyguard went through. A tattooed man is standing by the entrance looking around without trying to make it obvious.

"Duck!" Jessica whisper yells as the strange man's eyes lock on our car

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. My breathing pick pace as he starts to walk over.

"no no no no no no." Jessica chants quietly while I reach for the small knife in my boot.

"several feets away." I notify Rory silently. He also looks alert. Ready to jump the strange man if he discovers there are people in the car.

"sh*t" I jump slightly at the sudden sound of an obviously China phone. Please let the phone not be in this car, I pray.

"He's walking away. I can hear his foot falls. He's actually running now. Come on." Rory push open the car's door and flies out in seconds.

"double sh*t. Leave the engine running incase we have to make a quick exit. " I instruct Jessica as I get out of the car and follow Rory.

"Rory wait! They m--" Rory's hands suddenly clamp over mine as he pushes me to a wall covered in graffiti. My eyes go wide and I'm about to yell at him when he shushes me.

"listen." he whispers and that's when I hear the cocky voice of my bodyguard.

"I told the boss. hundred thousand dollars or he won't get the juicy info I have about his precious daughter." I hear him gloat and I gasp. I push Rory's hand away and try to spy the two men talking on the other side of the wall we were standing. I see both men pointing guns at each other so casually.

"Calm down." Rory whispers into my ear as my breathing starts going ragged.

"The boss sent me to get the information. The money comes after you give it to me." The strange man from earlier says as he smirk.

"you think I'm stupid? The boss only sends you when someone has to die." my bodyguard spits.

"atleast you know you are going to die one way or another so lets not waste my time. Spit it out." the man's finger press slowly down on the trigger.

“if you kill me, you go back to the boss without what I know." my body guard gloats and the sudden movement of the other man stuns both me and my bodyguard. In seconds the man has my bodyguard's bulky frame pinned to the wall, my body shakes on the other side with the impact as the gun falls from my bodyguard's grip and slam on the ground. A sudden shot goes off and I squeal, taking too long to clamp my hand over my mouth. Rory has to press his body into me to hold me up. I take the support he gives as I hope i wasn't heard over the loud bang of the gunshot.

"I told you not to waste my time." The man says menacingly as he grabs my bodyguard's gullet.

"f-f*ck y-"

"Wrong answer." the man snaps. His fist connects with the back of my bodyguard's neck and suddenly he's gasping for breath. Like actually fighting to get air into his lungs.

"In thirty seconds you will be too dead to ask for money." The man says as my bodyguard tries in vain to breath. I'm shaking like a leaf in a storm. Fear gripping me harder I think I can't breath as well. We should leave but I can't seem to make the step.

"Make it stop." my bodyguard coughs out.

"9 seconds." The man says instead.

"f*ck! The boss's daughter isn't blind for f*ck sake. Make it stop!" my bodyguard spills as he falls to the ground.

"Goodbye." Another gunshot goes off and my bodyguard's body go limp. The strange man's ears perk and I see him slowly turn till our eyes meet. My heart nearly drops to my feet. This is enough to get me moving. I grab Rory as I run as fast as my heavy feet will take me.

"No no no no no no no." I cry as we quickly take the bend to separate us from the evil maniac with the gun. Still, various gunshots goes off close to us. Too close.

"Rory!" Jessica yells and I'm so relieved to see the car parked close with the back door open for us.

"Get in!" Jessica yells again and I push Rory into the backseat before I fall inside as well.

"go go go go go!" I scream as I see the man come out, his gun aimed at us.

"Duck!" Jessica yells as she reverse the car instead and drives straight at the man. Glasses fly everywhere as bullets hit the windows.

"Mara, Damn it!" Rory comes up to cover me as the car crash into someone and everything goes quiet. Rory slowly pulls away from me but I'm still wrapped around myself in fright. For years I've been training for this. Getting into a few fights and all but never in all my life have I been shot at.

"Did you kill him?" Rory finally speaks before I raise my head up to see Jessica biting nervously into her nails.

"I-I-I don't know. The. He was- I mean I just hit him with the car." she stutter.

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. Police sirens starts to get so close, i can hear them.

"We have to leave." Rory says firmly.

"We can't get arrested. Tomorrow would be a busy day and we have to do our best to finally catch this man." He continues and I can clearly hear his distress. Jessica pulls the car into reverse and we fly out of the scene just before the police comes in.

"I'm sorry" Rory tells me as he’s hand grab unto mine tightly. I’m too shaken to assure him that I’m fine. I just squeeze nod numbly.

“I shouldn’t have brought you into this. I couldn’t even protect you because I couldn’t even see, myself!” He berates himself and I sigh. I wanted this too much for him to stop me plus after the danger of today, I’m determined to finish this tomorrow so I can have a normal life again. Hell I couldn’t even go to a normal college like a normal woman. I had to take lessons online. Damn this life. I’m ready for it to be over and for that monster to be locked up.

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