Set me free - Episode 18

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"1,2, dock!" Rory, the blind guy who has been sneaking me out of bed for many months to coach me counts as I throw two punches at him then dock once.
"good. Again!"He calls. I take deep breaths and focus on his quiet intakes of breath, giving out where he is as I throw two quick punches which he dodges. Instead of docking as usual, I follow the second punch with a arc kick 

 . His surprised groan gives me enough thrill to throw another arc kick but the bastard catch my leg in time and hangs it in the air.
"playing a fast one on me huh?" He teases as I balance on one leg.
"you know my legs are the most dangerous part of my anatomy." I say smugly
"too bad then?" he says. I smirk as I throw my second leg only for him to catch it and throw me to the hard floor.
"such a princess." he tease as I lunge at him. He grabs my waist and lift me off the ground. Throwing me down again.
"still want more?"
"shut up." I pout which only amuses him the more.
"how are you so fast? Are you really blind like me?" I ask for the hundredth time since I've met him.
"no.I'm deaf as well"
"smart ass" I spit.
"come on. Its time to take you back." he says.
"I don't want to." I really don't want to go back home to be smothered by my father

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. Always trying to do everything for his invalid daughter. If he knew how i spend most of my nights, he'll get a brain seizure for sure. "Take me with you." I say when Rory remains quiet. "where do you know that I'm going little girl?" He asks, clearly annoyed but I'm not stopping now that I know. "to the underground fighting arena." I say smugly. I hear his sharp intake of breath showing his surprise. "I followed you two nights ago. You were being too secretive." "you shouldn't have." he snaps harshly. "but--" "no. You don't know what you have done." he sounds distraught. "They didn't let me in if that's why you are worried." "f*ck." he mutters under his breath. "what?" "This is over." "what do you mean over!" "I'm not teaching you anything anymore." he snaps again. What's his problem? He can't abandon me now. I'm gonna run out of my mind if I don't let out some steam every night. "look, I'm sorry for being nosy and following you." I desperately try to reason with him. "it's already done. I'll take you home." he tries to take my hand but I recoil. "you are not abandoning me!" I cry out. "Mara, don't try my patience!" "no! I'm not going, I'm never going to see you again. I know it." "listen to me, I never should have opted to teach you. I just--" "You just what?!" "I just felt sorry for you." I scoff. "And it comes to that. You felt sorry for the blind daughter of the man you stole from?! You expect me to believe that?!" "I don't care if you believe it or not. This training is over." he announces as he grabs me suddenly and throws me over his shoulder. "put me down you animal!" I snap as I slam my fist into his back. "stay still." "no!" "Goddamned princess." "i'll tell my father I found the thief" I say snottily "he'll be happy to catch you." I continue. Every bone in Rory's body freeze up at this and i smirk. I got him where I want him.

"You don't know what you are getting yourself into." he says resigned as he drops me to my feet.
"you wouldn't hurt me." I say, a little unsure.
"ofcourse not." he says as if offended.
"i can't hurt you but he will." he says.
"I've said too much." he says
"Please just go home and forget you met me okay?" he pleads
"you would have to tell me who would hurt me, Rory."
"I can't and you probably won't believe me anyways."
"who, Rory?"
"forget it."
"I said who!" I knock the breath out of him with my fist to his gut.
"sh*t Mara!" he growls
"tell me." I spit
"I'm telling my father then." I wait a few beats before shrugging.
"I guess you wouldn't mind then." I start walking away when he grabs me from behind.
"your father." he says quietly.
"my father what?" I ask, confused. When he goes silent, I read between the lines.
"You can't be serious." I scoff.
"you see what I said about you not believing me?"
"thats preposterous. Come on." I laugh drily.
"your mother knew this. That was why she ran away with you." he says
"what are you talking about?"
"your father is a very powerful man."
"thats because he's rich." I state the obvious.
"no, thats because he's associated with the Russian mob."
"have you been watching too much movies?" I snot.
"Your mother was one of the girls sold to him. She was used as a prostitute. I guess he thought he was in love with her so he kept her with him. He would beat her then apologize with gifts the next day." I gasp.
"when Michelle got pregnant with you my father helped her run away. Back to her country." he continues like i didn't say anything.
"how do you know my mother's name?"
"Do you know what your father did when he found out your mother got away?" he asks.
"He burned down our house. I was just five years old. I was the only one who fit through the hole in our backyard door. I stood outside crying for help while my family were burnt to death." The pain in his voice is palpable in the cold warehouse.
"your father's goons were outside. They saw me and chased me. A four years old child!" I gasp as I shake my head. Willing myself to not listen to him. He's a thief. He's lying to me. But do I really know my father? Was this why mother was running away when she heard he was in the country?
"I got hit by a bus while running away from them. That was how I became blind. They left me for dead. I was on that cold lonely road for days before somebody found me but I refused to die. I needed my revenge." he says bitterly.
"that was why you broke into the house?"
"when I heard he brought you back to the country I wanted so bad to use you to get to him. But--"
"but what?"
"I discovered you were just a pun in his hands, just like your mother."
"what are you talking about?"
"your eyes. A simple surgery can fit it. Your father lied to keep you with him without you getting in his way."
"Thats impossible!" I exclaim, my eyes watery with angry tears.
"a blind daughter would never suspect anything going on around her, would she?" he asks.
"This is stupid.

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. Why am I even listening to a thief like you." I snap. "Your father made me, Mara and I'll make sure to make him pay." "Take me home." "I have proof." he says instead. "Why are you so hellbent on making me believe you?" its suspicious. "I can't let what happened to your mother happen to you." he says casually. I'm not fooled. "Why else are you interested in me?" "Well, your mother had evidence of your father's illegal businesses." he says after a long pause. "and you think I can help you get it." I complete. "yeah." "Asking my father for his own side of this story wouldn't be a good idea would it?" I ask drily. "He'll probably lie to you or lock you up somewhere no one will hear you." "there's only one way for me to believe this farce." "I'll get you a surgeon. You just have to trust me." he says as if reading my mind. Can I really get my sight back? "How do I get surgery done without his knowing?" "Simple. I attack you in your room. He freaks and takes you to one of his safe house. We can do it there. Believe me." he holds my hand and squeeze it lightly. I release a long sigh then nod. If he really hurt my mother, he'll pay. But firstly, i have to try and get my sight back. That would mean my father is a lying beast and I'll bring him down. If this is something I can do for my mother after sending her to an early grave, I'll do it without thinking.

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