Set me free - Episode 26

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"Everybody down!" A sudden commotion in the plane wakes me up from my sleep. People's screaming and panicking finally get my sleepy mind alert enough to notice the guns being shoved in people's faces. They are about five men.

"What's going on?" I whisper yell to the young woman standing beside me, shaking like crazy.


"The what?! Police?!"  I ask impatiently

"Didn't I just say get down from the plane!" A white man sneers as he points a big ass gun in the lady's face. The woman starts wailing.

"We-we are moving down." I stutter as I pull the girl down behind me.

 Outside the plane, all thirty passengers are being lined up in three groups . Men, women and then children.

"This way!" The woman behind me is dragged to the women's line while I obediently move to the men's.

"Now, if you know you are a goddamned virgin, indicate right now!" one of the gunmen announces. Everyone starts murmuring amongst themselves while I look around. I count four gunmen in all. They are all wearing clown masks. There's no exit in sight

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. It's like we are on a roof or something. The only way out is down and death. I can already feel panic setting in.

"I'm going to give you this sweet info. The virgins amongst you will surely get the best end from all these. Now if you'll just step forward. It's your only chance cause I'm still gonna check all the women."

 people start looking around for anyone who'll step forward first.

 Only one young woman from the line of women steps out. An older woman is trying to hold her back.

 I feel like I'm watching a movie or even dreaming. Please lord, let this be a dream. I promised my baby that I'll be back for her. I caress the A on the neckchain I'm wearing nervously.

"I-I'm one. A vir-gin." The girl announces.

"You think she's lying?" one of the gunmen asks his gang who just shrugs.

"smalling! Why don't you check her commodity?" The young woman's face pales at this.

"dawn! Don't listen to them! They're just going to r*pe you!" The woman who was trying to hold the lady back earlier burst out.

Dawn?! Jeez. This is not a dream. It's a nightmare. Just to torment me! The lady looks nothing like my wife, Dawn but It's just like four years ago when Dawn was taken out of the prison into an ambulance that was the last I saw of her. Tears sting the back of my eyes. What kind of situation have I gotten into?

"No! You can't take my daughter. Over my dead body." The older woman falls between her daughter and the man who has been asked to check her.

"Get out of the way woman!" The man snaps as he pushes her to the ground. My hands ball into fist and I nearly rush to help her. Nobody is moving to do just that. Common sense tells me to mind my business and try to get out of this alive.

"arrgghhh! Sh*t. The b*tch just bit me! Get away from me." my eyes snap up to see the older woman still clutching the man's arm. She has no fear even with him holding a gun. I'll surely do the same for my daughter. A sudden gunshot has all of us screaming and I watch in horror as the old woman falls to the ground.

"mom!" the young lady yells but they don't even give her a chance to touch her mother as she gets dragged out.

"now listen everyone of you! You have been either sold or abandoned so remove all stupid thoughts from your head. We say when you speak, eat, sleep and die." muffled sobs increase at this. I got to get out now. I have to atleast try! My scared mind can't conjure up a plan now though.

"I'll break it to you guys, your chances of getting out alive is slim to nothing. I mean the girls can be sold but you guys are worth more to us dead." a black man amongst them shrugs. "Your vital organs are good for business." another one laughs. Is this how you're going to die, William? On a roof hanger and without any of my internal organs?

"she's perfect." The gunman comes back with the lady who hasn't stopped sobbing.

"alright now. It's show time people. Get the women out of here!" The one who seems to be the ring leader calls. It's now or never William! Make a run for it. They'll still kill you anyways. Atleast you'll die trying. I start psyching myself up for a possible death. 

"There'll be no taking any woman out of here." one of the gunman who has been quiet ever since says.

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. Or should I say woman? Her voice is definitely a woman's.

"what the-" the woman turn her gun on the leader as she pulls her mask off. A surgical mask still covers her nose and mouth but her long hair is let loose to the wind.

"An imposter! Shoot--"

"Nah hah! You can't do that." she slips out of her coverall to reveal wires stringed to her chest.

"I'm all wired up boys. You shoot and it's bye bye all of these. Boom! The bomb goes off and we all die." she burst into laughter as all three men stare at her.

"Drop your guns, now. And slowly." she says casually. She starts talking into her phone will removing the guns from the ground.

 Okay William its now or never. She's most certainly the police and you can't get deported now that you are in the states. The police won't shoot you. You are an innocent civilian. Not too innocent but f*ck this!

 I just up and start running towards the door the lady was taking out to earlier. Please be an exit!

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