Forgetting You - Episode 41

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Olivia slaps my hand away and pouts.

I chuckle and drop the color pencil I had picked.

She was currently drawing something that looked like a human with sticks as arms and legs.

She immediately picks it up and runs to hide behind the couch with all her color pencils so I don't steal them again.

"Olivia come on!"

"No. I won't give you"

Olivia says from behind the couch.

"Fine . Mummy won't talk to you again"

I huff and lean back against the glass table from where I sat on the floor and sigh.

I really need something to do to distract me.

I cant be mopping around all night wondering how Jason and Alex are.


I lift my head to see Olivia in front of me, her lips quivering and her eyes shinning with unshed tears.

"Sorry" she whispers stretching her hand to give me back the color pencil.

"I was only joking Livy. Come here"

I pull her to myself rocking her slightly.

"Mummy will always talk to you. Always

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. Don't cry baby"

I kiss her and she smiles.

I collect the color pencil and she sits on my lap as we begin to draw.



Alex and I stare at the rather beautiful building before us as we sit In the car.


boldly written on top of the building in italics with several tiny lights illuminating each letter.

I sigh and check my time.

It's 8:45pm. Few more minutes to nine.

This is it. Time to go in.

Reaching into my pocket, I pull out two fake identity cards bearing mine and Alex's Nigerian names.

I hand one to Alex.

He stares at it and scowls at me.

"Really Jay? Why did you put married as my marital status?"

I scoff

"Come on. Don't act like a hormonal pregnant woman. This is just fake"

He rolls his eyes and alights from the car.

"Remember the plan Ikenna?"

I ask grinning.

He eyes my potbelly and huge hat on my head covering my hair and then smirks.

"Perfectly Chief. Ikenna the bodyguard at your service"

he mocks and I chuckle.

"Idiot. Now back to business. Let's go in"

I say and Alex's earlier smiley face suddenly turns into a hard expressions like most bodyguards.

He puts on the dark shades. Great.

We walk into the nightclub but not before we are thoroughly searched by the guards at the door.

Such security even in a nightclub.

I shake my head and follow Alex inside.. Alex secures us a place in a nice secluded corner and we sit.

I look around.. This place looks nothing like most normal clubs where there's music loud enough to destroy ones eardrums.

There are barely drunk people here.

Almost everyone looks sober,alert even if I'm not mistaken.

I look up to the stage and notice three scantily dressed ladies.

Did I say scanty? Scratch that.

They were naked, except for the thin clothing covering their bre*sts and private part.

I watch as they dance seductively on three poles each, showcasing every part if their oiled body while the men whistle.

I grimace and shake my head.

I'm not attracted to this. At all.

Maybe, I would have been if it were my Hails on that stage.

"Jay, look"

Alex nudges me out of my reverie and I look towards the entrance and notice men, dressed in expensive suits entering.

They just walk straight towards a particular door where I notice two heavily armed men guarding.

The door automatically opens and the men enter one by one as they file in.

So that's where they hold their meeting.

Nobody seems to notice the several men trooping in and they all seen to be wearing similar suits with identical wrist bands.

"Is this some sort of occultism? They're all dressed exactly the same"

Alex says voicing out my thoughts.

I wonder. I stare at the men who seem to be countless.

After what seened like eternity,one last man probably in his early sixties enter and the door finally closes.. He pauses to speak to a bartender and I turn to Alex.

Biding my time.

"It's time. Let's go"

Alex gets up and walks ahead of me towards the man.

Upon getting to him, Alex clears his throat to get the man's attention and he turns.


"My name is Ikenna Godsway and my boss here wants to have a word with you"

I almost laugh at the ridiculous surname but I compose myself as the man cranes his neck to have a look at me.

"I'm Chief Okoro Badmus"

I say walking to the front, twirling my pretty walking stick.

The man just nods and stares at me.

These people are way too alert for my liking.

"Err you see. I just come from Nigeria. Buhari land and I get business. Big company And I hear large investors here so I come. And I...look for... Sniff sniff to buy. I use a lot. Lot"

Oh Lord.

My dearest English teacher, please forgive me wherever you are for disgracing you.

I could hear Alex struggling not go laugh at my bad English.

The man stares at me in confusion.

"Pray tell me, what does your boss mean?"

"He just means to say we both are from Nigeria and we arrived not long ago. He's been looking a company to invest in and buy shares. He was told by someone that he could find what he was looking for since this club is meant for the high and mighty in society. And lastly, he would want to know where he can purchase powder. In other words, c*caine"

Alex explains and the man's eyes widen, I could see greed shinning in them.

"Ah yes. Yes. Ikenna he correct. He speak correct. I no know English well but I have money. Naira. Plenty. I speak Yoruba and igbo that's why"

I say and turn to Ikenna.

"Ikenna, show him"

I say and Alex pulls out a large briefcase.

He opens it to reveal several bundles of fresh cedi notes.

Don't ask me where I got the money from.

The Man's eyes widen as he stares at the money.


I can practically smell greed exuding off him.


"Yes.. See I want sniff sniff to buy. I buy plenty in Nigeria but I no know where i get some here. Just one. I'll pay. Anything. Anything"


"Yes anything. You heard my boss"

The man eyes me for a full minute before he gets up..

"Follow me"

he begins to walk towards the secret door.

When we get to the door, both bodyguards eyes us then pull out their guns.

"Relax. They're with me"

the man flashes them his wrist band and they put away their guns, opening the door for us.

Is the wristband some sort of secret password? Oh well.

I grin.

Just perfect.

We step through the door and right before me was something that looked like a boardroom.

In the middle was a long table with one seat at the far end with several other sophisticated looking chairs.

Fifteen chairs on each side of the table.


Thirty one men? Each man had a glass of wine before them and they all stopped talking as soon as we entered.

"Who's this Mr Johnson? Why interrupt our discussion?"

A voice asks and I turn my head to the man who spoke.

Seated on the seat at the far end, was none other than Hank.

I frown.

It takes all in me to hold myself back from punching his disgusting face.

"He's a Nigerian business tycoon boss and he wants a company to invest and.."

The man trails off as he trudges towards Hank and whispers something into his ears.

Hank suddenly smirks cynically and I can imagine what the man is telling him.

He's probably telling him of how they can dupe me since I'm an illiterate.

Hank lifts his head to stare at me.

"Is that so Chief? Because I have exactly what you need"

"Really? Oh thank you. Mr..."

"Hank. Hank Anderson"

he nods and I nod back.

"So I heard, you're fond of this?"

He lifts a tiny bottle and I immediately know what it is. I grin

"is that sniff sniff? Oh yes. Yes. I want. How much. I pay. I pay. I want"

I turn and snatch the briefcase from Alex and open it to reveal several bundles of fresh crisp cedi notes.

Hank's eyes buldge. Greed.

So much greed is plastered on his face.

"Here. Take all. And give me the sniff sniff."

I push the briefcase full of money to Hank as I grab the bottle and take a sniff.

Jesus! This stuff stings.

I feel like choking.

My eyes burn as it waters but I blink it away.

How does Hailey take this stuff.

God! I plaster a fake smile on my face and sniff more.

"Hmm. Nice. This. Original stuff. Chai!, Chinekeme ooo...I no buy from Nigeria again. Tufiakwa! I buy more. Give me more biko"

"But.. The money is too much.."

One of the men seated around the table tries to say but Hank glares at him making him shut up.

I knew he was going to say the money I paid for this tiny cocaine was five times it's worth but as greedy as Hank is, he takes the money.

He didn't have the decency to tell me I was paying extra.

Of course I wasn't stupid.

I knew the money in that briefcase could as well buy a plot of land but I need to make them think I'm just an old rich man who knows not how to spend money.

I'm gonna make sure they get trapped in their own game.

I nod at Alex who's taking his bodyguarding too seriously.

Alex gets the memo and walks up to me.

"Yes Chief"

he squats near me where I'm seated.

"Go to my car. Bring my briefcase.

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. The one full of plenty money. Bring. I buy more. More of good stuff"

I say loud enough and I hear the men mumbling amongst themselves.

"You have more right? More?"

I ask Hank and he nods eagerly.

"Okay. Go Ikenna. Go bring money from car"

"But boss. The money you're paying is too much and..."

I see Hank frown at that.

"Shut up! F*ck you. I your boss. I pay you! Go bring money!! Or I fire you now now!"

I scream.

Oh dear lord, I hope this bad English doesn't get stuck up forever.

"I'm sorry Chief. Forgive me....I."

As Alex continues to rant about, I see him discreetly attach the tiny spy camera to the chair where it can video everybody's face, especially Hank.

Alex smirks at me and gets up after he's done.

I smirk, glancing at the tiny camera. First task, check!

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  • Maryann Maureen picture
    Maryann Maureen
    Smart move from Chief Okoro and Ikenna. Nice one Eliza
  • Maryann Maureen picture
    Maryann Maureen
    Chief Okoro's English weak me oo. I die here
  • Ameh juliet picture
    Ameh juliet
    Lol@ maureen. I swearing d english is sweet well well
  • Pamela cube picture
    Pamela cube
    Lol chief Okoro's English sha,the plan is going well so far all thanks to their GREED....Lizzy you're the best!
  • eliza picture
    hehe @ Maryann ikr. thanks
  • eliza picture
    Lol Juliet. you were his English teacher have you forgotten?
  • eliza picture
    awww thanks Pamela. kisses
  • Benedicta Osei Arhin picture
    Benedicta Osei Arhin
    Haha, Eliza, you go kill us shy. Nice write up dear
  • Confy-Dencie picture
    Hahaha ..episode ,me I laugh. Jason English speak, me I weak gan....oya ,Eliza episode more
  • Confy-Dencie picture
    Hank greedy but sense yaff none... Alex and Jason finish they will do him
  • Mavis Siaw picture
    Mavis Siaw
    Hahahaha I laugh enter washroom ooo chief okoro nd lkenne won't kill me with their English, well done dear
  • Ukbaby picture
    Lol... Confy?
  • Favour Abhatue picture
    Favour Abhatue
    The grammar e sweet well well, me I want buy sniff sniff plenty, money e plenty for my hand. My dear you did a great job in this your grammar ooh. Ride on ooh
  • eliza picture
    lol. thanks Benedicta
  • eliza picture
    @Confy,you just murdered the English for Everyone
  • eliza picture
    thanks Mavis
  • eliza picture
    hehe. thanks Favour
  • eliza picture
    Lol. UKbaby don't mind Confy
  • Oluwakemi Oluwatoyin picture
    Oluwakemi Oluwatoyin
    Lols dis English bad oo I wan buy sniff sniff God!!!!! Nawa o Well next episode Eliza
  • eliza picture
    lol kemi. soon honey
  • Onyinyechi Ulagu picture
    Onyinyechi Ulagu
    I laughed all through while reading this episode...good job.
  • eliza picture
    aww thanks onyinyechi
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