Forgetting You - Episode 47

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The bright sun rays pierce my eyes and I groan blocking the rays with my hands but it's of no use.

I let out a frustrated groan as I try to go back to sleep.

I'm so tired.

"Good morning"

a deep voice says in my ear and that's when I remember

I had dozed off with Olivia by my side in the hospital.

"Ugh. Light.."

I say, my eyes still shut.

After a moment I hear the curtains closing and I sigh in relief opening my eyes to adjust to my surroundings.

"What time is it?"

I ask whoever was beside me.

"12 noon"

What? Twelve? Like twelve in the afternoon? Alert, I suddenly jump off the bed but stop when I feel tiny hands grasping my hand.

I turn.

"Hey good morning sweetie"

I flick Olivia's little nose and kiss her.

She squirms and smiles for the first time since yesterday.

Good sign.

I miss her chirpy voice already.

"Here, have some coffee"

I turn to see my dad offering me a cup of cappuccino.

My favorite.

I smile and take it.

"Thanks father"

I take a sip and he nods.

"Ugh dad,where are Alex and Tess?"

"She's with Alex."

I nod and get down,carrying Olivia.

"She's been discharged right?"

I ask

"Yes . I've filled the discharge forms already and paid the bills"

he tells me

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. Who's this man?

"Thanks dad"

I say and proceed to walk ignoring the pain in my back when he stops me.

"I reckon you're going to meet Hailey?"

I nod.

"Give Olivia to me while you go."

He says taking Olivia from me.

My eyes almost bulge.

He didn't call her brat like he always does.

He called her by her name.. Wow, that's new.

"Go on son. I'll take care of Livy here. Right sweetie?"

He smiles flicking her nose making her grin.

Again, my jaw drops.

What just happened? Did the almighty Gregory Michaels hit his head and his brain went into reset mode or what? I mean forgive me for thinking this way of my father but this new attitude is so not like the Gregory Michaels I knew.

I blink.

"Go son. And close your mouth,we don't want you swallowing flies"

he teases and I suddenly find the courage to shut my mouth.

"Wait. I got you new glasses since I haven't seen you wearing the other one since yesterday. Don't worry,it's the same lenses"

he says stretching his hand. I blink and blink as he pushes the case into my hand.

I open it to reveal a rather expensive looking glasses and put it on.

Hmm, feels nice. I bet the frame alone costs more than a 100CEDI's.

"Go on now"

he nudges me.

Still in shock, I nod slowly and find my way out of the children's ward to go to see my woman.


After finding the ward in which Hailey was, I stop behind ward number 20 and take a deep breath.

Slowly, I push the door open and peek in.

My heart drops when I see her laying on the bed in the middle of the room with several tubes attached to her and an oxygen mask over nose.

She looks so pale.


I almost jump out of my skin at the voice.

I turn.

It's Alex.

He has his arm bandaged with a sling around it.

Guilt plauges me instantly.


"Alex. Man I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to push you yesterday. I was mad and.."

"I understand. You had every right to be angry at that bastard. Really man, I could never get mad at you"

he cuts me off and I sigh in relief.

"thank you Alex"

"Now come on, let's go in"

he nudges me towards the room and I reluctantly step in.

How can I face her? I failed to protect her.

I let out a sigh as I step into the room cautiously.

The room was quiet except for the beeping noise coming from the heart monitor.

I take a seat on the chair and carefully lift a hand to hold her left one,intertwining our fingers.

I lean in to kiss her forehead.

" are you?"

I say softly then chuckle.

"I shouldn't be asking you that question especially in this condition right?"

I c*ress her pale yet beautiful face.

"Ugh... Well... This silence is killing me Hails and I don't even know what to say. Can you even hear me love?"

I sigh running my fingers through my hair.

"Wake up Hails. Please. Olivia needs you. I need you. Please Hails. Open your eyes. I want to tell you a lot of things. I want to tell you I was the same skinny nerdy boy who used to send you gift cards, flowers, letters, chocolates amd Whatnots in high school every weekend. But you never replied neither did you ever come to meet me under that big tree. I want to tell how much I've loved you since you stepped foot in valley view high and the teacher had introduced you as the new student. I remember how you took the empty seat beside me because no one wanted to sit by me. You smiled.. And then you waved and said hi to me. I've loved you since I was sixteen Hailey and if you wake up I'll love you till forever and a day more. Please love"

I shut my eyes and that's when a tear falls onto our intertwined fingers and I realise I'm crying.

F*ck! I pull off my glasses and wipe my eyes before wearing it again.


Alex calls from behind me.


I answer.

Even my voice feels hoarse.

"You are aware that when Hank recovers up he'll be taken to court right?"

He asks.

Of course I know that.

"I know"

"And you're aware that a man like Hank Anderson will never want to go down alone. If he's apprehended he might as well testify against everyone else including Hailey. You know?"

F*ck. I completely forgot about that.

"And you also know that in case Hank tells the judge that Hailey was with him in his business, she will be arrested for illegal usage and selling of c*caine. And the evidence can easily be found when her blood is drawn out for a test. You know right?"

He continues

"We can't let this happen"

I say rubbing my face in frustration.

"That's why we have to do something so that in case Hank pulls that trick in court, his words won't be taken serious."

I chew my bottom lip, thinking hard of a plan.

Something which will nullify all of Hank's claims against Hails.


"Phone Alex. Can I have your phone?"

I question and he immediately reaches into his pocket, pulls out the phone and hands it over.

Pushing the phone into my pocket I get up but then I wince at the pain shooting up my entire body.

"You okay?"

Alex asks me and I nod.

"Yh yh. I'll be back. Do you know in which ward Hank is?"

"Ward number thirty"

he answers and I nod looking down at myself.

I really need to shower and change clothes.

I turn to stare at Hailey's sleeping form one more time before exiting.


Once I reach my destination, I sight two policemen guarding the door.

Taking in a deep breath, I walk over to them.

"Ugh. Good morning"

I Greet. They turn to me, eye me for a moment before they nod in response.

"Ugh I would like to see Mr Hank"

"He's a criminal. A fugitive of the law so no visitors are allowed"

one of them answers.

"I won't take long. Just for two minutes. Please. You can search me for any weapons if you like. Just two minutes, I promise I'll be quick"

I tell him hoping their convinced.

They stare at each other then back at me.

"Two minutes. Just two minutes"

they reply simultaneously and I nod.

"Thank you"

They step aside for me and I eagerly enter.

Hank lay on the bed, several plasters on his face, his right arm in a cast and both his legs were hang up in a sling attached to the ceiling making his legs dangle in the air.

I hope his legs never function again. Amen.

"You sick bastard. Son of a bitch. You did this to me!"

Hank scowls at me and that's when I realise he's awake.

Wow, he's awake so soon after receiving four bullets? Hmm.

I grin.

"Well hello there Hank. Nice meeting you"

I walk over to the bed,not bothering to sit.

"What the f*ck are you doing here? Leave else I'll scream you twat!"

"Tsk tsk. Actually the policemen guarding your room let me in. So scream all you want"

I say and he grows quiet. Good.

"Now back to business. I'm here for a tiny weeny little favour"


"Yep. Actually I want us to do a little rehearsal. A rehearsal on what you're going to say at the court in case you're asked about the people who were involved with you"

I explain and I watch as he smirks despite his badly battered up ugly face.

The idiot! I wish I could punch him.

"Ah I see. Try'na save your lovers skin huh? You don't want me telling on Hailey because you know she can be arrested for the illegal usage and selling of drugs. You know, she sold quite a lot for me. A lot"

he Snickers. The fool.

"You're going to do exactly as I say. In case you're asked, you'll tell the court that Hailey was your slave and you never made her use or sell any drugs. She was just your slave"

I sneer.

"What if I don't?"

Oh he's daring me.

Fuming I grab one of his legs and press it hard.

He groans loudly

"You wanna know what else I can do Hank? I can finish off what I started. I can shoot you right here in the hear and run. Dont f*ck with me!" I warn. "Will you do as I say?"

I press his legs harder

"Y..yes.. Yes..yes"

"Good. Now, imagine I were the judge and I asked you about all your associates. What will you say? I need you to answer me clearly. Got it?"

He nods, wincing in pain. I smile.

"It's true Hailey was my slave.

Read " The Emerald Chase " by the same author ( eliza )

. For ten years but she wasn't amongst the girls I had forced to sell cocaine for me."

"So you're saying you enslaved Hailey?"

I ask, pressing his legs much harder.

"Yes. I enslaved her but she never used drugs or sell them. I had Special girls for that job"

I smile and release his legs.

"Good job Hank. Good. See you soon"

I wink and turn to leave but then I hear him laugh cynically.

"You're stupid young man. You think I'll say all that in court? No way! If I go down, everyone single person goes down as well including Hailey. I will make sure she gets arrested for using drugs. You idiot, I just said what you wanted to hear but in the court, I'll make sure she goes down"

I turn swiftly, a smile on my face

"And I recorded everything I wanted to hear. You may be older than me, but you're stupid. I'm always one step ahead of you"

I smirk triumphantly waving the phone so he can see i recorded it.

His expression is priceless.

"See you in court Hank Anderson. Kisses!"

I wink at him and step out of the room whistling.

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  • Cutedreamer picture
    Hahaha.. Jason is one smart ass. Nice episode dear
  • Cutedreamer picture
    Hahaha.. Jason is one smart ass. Nice episode dear
  • Mavis Siaw picture
    Mavis Siaw
    Jason the smart guy, nyc one
  • Ukbaby picture
    Clever Jason
  • eliza picture
    thanks cutedreamer
  • eliza picture
    ikr thanks Mavis
  • eliza picture
    he sure is @ Ukbaby
  • Benedicta Osei Arhin picture
    Benedicta Osei Arhin
    Good one there Jason, that's very smart of you
  • Godiya Wisdom picture
    Godiya Wisdom
    Jason is a smart lover
  • lydy mbuh picture
    lydy mbuh
    a keeper lol, thumps up Liz
  • eliza picture
    ikr Bennie
  • eliza picture
    he sure is @ Godiya
  • eliza picture
    lol. thanks lydy hun
  • John titus picture
    John titus
    Hmmm let me get my ghana must go... This story is the bomb am coming down to ghana
  • eliza picture
    lol thanks.@ John. please come fast. I'm waiting for you at the airport already
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    wow nice muaaahhhh next pls
  • eliza picture
    thanks Rosellaglory. next episode is up
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    Pamela cube
    Smart move.....nice one dear
  • eliza picture
    thanks Pamela
  • chijay picture
    Thanks eliza for saving a soul ; mother n daughter r sound. still wondering what happened to Jason's father.
  • eliza picture
    @ chijay. it'll all be explained be in the last episode
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